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Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks

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Table of contents

Part I. Applications

1. Snowcloud: A Complete Data Gathering System for Snow Hydrology Research
Christian Skalka, Jeffrey Frolik

2. The Big Night Out: Experiences from Tracking Flying Foxes with Delay-Tolerant Wireless Networking
Philipp Sommer, Branislav Kusy, Adam McKeown, Raja Jurdak

3. On Rendezvous in Mobile Sensing Networks
Olga Saukh, David Hasenfratz, Christoph Walser, Lothar Thiele

4. Real-Life Deployment of Bluetooth Scatternets for Wireless Sensor Networks
Michael Methfessel, Stefan Lange, Rolf Kraemer, Mario Zessack, Peter Kollermann, Steffen Peter

Part II. Poster and Demo Abstracts

5. Poster Abstract: Velux-Lab—Monitoring a Nearly Zero Energy Building
Alessandro Sivieri

6. Poster Abstract: Visualization and Monitoring Tool for Sensor Devices
Lubomir Mraz, Milan Simek

7. Demo Abstract: MakeSense—Managing Reproducible WSNs Experiments
Rémy Léone, Jérémie Leguay, Paolo Medagliani, Claude Chaudet

8. Demo Abstract: Cross Layer Design for Low Power, Low Delay, High Reliability Radio Duty-Cycled Multi-hop WSNs
Eoin O’Connell, Brendan O’Flynn

9. Poster Abstract: Outdoors Range Measurements with Zolertia Z1 Motes and Contiki
Marie-Paule Uwase, Nguyen Thanh Long, Jacques Tiberghien, Kris Steenhaut, Jean-Michel Dricot

10. Poster Abstract: iBAST—Instantaneous Bridge Assessment Based on Sensor Network Technology
Richard Mietz, Carsten Buschmann, Dennis Boldt, Kay Römer, Stefan Fischer

11. Demo Abstract: SmartSync; When Toys Meet Wireless Sensor Networks
Fiona Edwards-Murphy, Michele Magno, Aidan Frost, Amy Long, Naomi Corbett, Emanuel Popovici

12. Poster Abstract: Link Quality Estimation—A Case Study for On-line Supervised Learning in Wireless Sensor Networks
Eduardo Feo-Flushing, Michal Kudelski, Jawad Nagi, Luca M. Gambardella, Gianni A. Di Caro

13. Poster Abstract: An Experimental Study of Attacks on the Availability of Glossy
Kasun Hewage, Thiemo Voigt

Part III. Low-level Components

14. Node Identification Using Clock Skew
Ibrahim Ethem Bagci, Utz Roedig

15. MagoNode: Advantages of RF Front-ends in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mario Paoli, Antonio Lo Russo, Ugo Maria Colesanti, Andrea Vitaletti

16. MIMOSA, a Highly Sensitive and Accurate Power Measurement Technique for Low-Power Systems
Markus Buschhoff, Christian Günter, Olaf Spinczyk

17. A Remotely Programmable Modular Testbed for Backscatter Sensor Network Research
Eleftherios Kampianakis , John Kimionis, Konstantinos Tountas, Aggelos Bletsas

Part IV. Networking

18. A Scalable Redundant TDMA Protocol for High-Density WSNs Inside an Aircraft
Johannes Blanckenstein, Javier Garcia-Jimenez, Jirka Klaue, Holger Karl

19. Do We Really Need a Priori Link Quality Estimation?
Vasilis Vasilopoulos, Daniele Puccinelli, Marco Zúñiga

20. Redundant Border Routers for Mission-Critical 6LoWPAN Networks
Laurent Deru, Sébastien Dawans, Mathieu Ocaña, Bruno Quoitin, Olivier Bonaventure

21. Using Directional Transmissions and Receptions to Reduce Contention in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ambuj Varshney, Thiemo Voigt, Luca Mottola

Part V. Energy

22. Energy Parameter Estimation in Solar Powered Wireless Sensor Networks
Mustafa Mousa, Christian Claudel

23. Experiences with Sensors for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings
Branislav Kusy, Rajib Rana, Phil Valencia, Raja Jurdak, Josh Wall

24. Wireless Sensor Networks for Building Monitoring Deployment Challenges, Tools and Experience
Alan McGibney, Suzanne Lesecq, Claire Guyon-Gardeux, Safietou R. Thior, Davide Pusceddu, Laurent-Frederic Ducreux, François Pacull, Dirk Pesch

25. Long Term WSN Monitoring for Energy Efficiency in EU Cultural Heritage Buildings
Femi Aderohunmu, Domenico Balsamo, Giacomo Paci, Davide Brunelli

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computer Communication Networks

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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