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Current Trends in Eye Tracking Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Eye Tracking and the Visual System

1. The Active Eye: Perspectives on Eye Movement Research
Benjamin W. Tatler, Clare Kirtley, Ross G Macdonald, Katy M. A Mitchell, Steven W Savage

2. Eye Movements from Laboratory to Life
Benjamin W. Tatler

3. Guidance of Attention by Feature Relationships: The End of the Road for Feature Map Theories?
Stefanie I. Becker

4. Gaze and Speech: Pointing Device and Text Entry Modality
T. R. Beelders, P. J. Blignaut

5. Improving the Accuracy of Video-Based Eye Tracking in Real Time through Post-Calibration Regression
Pieter Blignaut, Kenneth Holmqvist, Marcus Nyström, Richard Dewhurst

6. Gaze Shifts and Pen Velocity Minima During Line Copying with Consideration to Signature Simulation
Avni Pepe, Jodi Sita

7. Degree of Subject’s Indecisiveness Characterized by Eye Movement Patterns in Increasingly Difficult Tasks
Yannick Lufimpu-Luviya, Djamel Merad, Bernard Fertil, Véronique Drai-Zerbib, Thierry Baccino

8. The Use of an Infrared Eye Tracker in Evaluating the Reading Performance in a Congenital Nystagmus Patient Fitted with Soft Contact Lens: A Case Report
M. M. Shahimin, Z. Mohammed, N. H. Saliman, N. Mohamad-Fadzil, N. A. Razali, H. A. Mutalib, N. Mennie

Part II. Aligning Eye Tracking and EEG Data

9. Triangulating the Reading Brain: Eye Movements, Computational Models, and EEG
Ronan Reilly

10. Oculomotor Control, Brain Potentials, and Timelines of Word Recognition During Natural Reading
Reinhold Kliegl, Michael Dambacher, Olaf Dimigen, Werner Sommer

11. Measuring Neuronal Correlates of Reading with Novel Spread-Spectrum Protocols
Ronan Reilly

12. The Quest for Integrating Data in Mixed Research: User Experience Research Revisited
Annika Wiklund-Engblom, Joachim Högväg

Part III. Eye Tracking and Marketing and Social Applications

13. Eye Tracking as a Research Method in Social and Marketing Applications
Mike Horsley

14. Mobile Eye-Tracking in Retail Research
Tracy Harwood, Martin Jones

15. Private and Public: Eye Movement and Eye Tracking in Marketing
En Li, James Breeze, Mike Horsley, Donnel A. Briely

16. Eye Movement Evaluation of Signature Forgeries: Insights to Forensic Expert Evidence
Adrian G. Dyer, Bryan Found, Mara L. Merlino, Avni L. Pepe, Doug Rogers, Jodi C. Sita

17. A Role for Eye-Tracking Research in Accounting and Financial Reporting?
Lyn Grigg, Amy L. Griffin

18. Eye Tracking During a Psychosocial Stress Simulation: Insights into Social Anxiety Disorder
Nigel T. M. Chen, Adam J. Guastella

19. Using Saccadic Eye Movements to Assess Cognitive Decline with Ageing
Alison Bowling, Anja Draper

20. Comparing Personally Tailored Video- and Text-Delivered Web-Based Physical Activity Interventions—The Medium and the Message: An Eye-Tracking Study
Corneel Vandelanotte, Stephanie Alley, Nayadin Persaud, Mike Horsley

21. Benefits of Complementing Eye-Tracking Analysis with Think-Aloud Protocol in a Multilingual Country with High Power Distance
Ashok Sivaji, Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad

Part IV. Eye Tracking and Education

22. Eye Tracking and the Learning System: An Overview
Bruce Allen Knight, Mike Horsley, Matt Eliot

23. A New Approach to Cognitive Metrics: Analysing the Visual Mechanics of Comprehension using Eye-Tracking Data in Student Completion of High-Stakes Testing Evaluation
Bruce Allen Knight, Mike Horsley

24. Comparing Novice and Expert Nurses in Analysing Electrocardiographs (ECGs) Containing Critical Diagnostic Information: An Eye Tracking Study of the Development of Complex Nursing Visual Cognitive Skills
Marc Broadbent, Mike Horsley, Melanie Birks, Nayadin Persaud

25. The Development and Refinement of Student Self-Regulatory Strategies in Online Learning Environments
Nayadin Persaud, Matt Eliot

Keywords: Education, Learning & Instruction, Cognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Market Research

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