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Complex Systems Design & Management

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Table of contents

1. Foundations for Model-Based Engineering of Systems of Systems
John Fitzgerald, Peter Gorm Larsen, Jim Woodcock

2. Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems – iCyPhy
Amit Fisher, Clas A. Jacobson, Edward A. Lee, Richard M. Murray, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Eelco Scholte

3. SoS and Large-Scale Complex Systems Architecting
Dominique Luzeaux

4. Policy Design: A New Area of Design Research and Practice
Jeffrey Johnson, Matthew Cook

5. A Virtual Web Net to Eco-manage Food Packaging Waste
Clara Ceppa, Gian Paolo Marino

6. Open Architecture for Naval Combat Direction System
Denis Janer, Chauk-Mean Proum

7. Application of an MBSE Approach for the Integration of Multidisciplinary Design Processes
Nicolas Albarello, Hongman Kim

8. A Hybrid Event-B Study of Lane Centering
Richard Banach, Michael Butler

9. A Method for Managing Uncertainty Levels in Design Variables during Complex Product Development
João Fernandes, Elsa Henriques, Arlindo Silva

10. Capturing Variability in Model Based Systems Engineering
Cosmin Dumitrescu, Patrick Tessier, Camille Salinesi, Sebastien Gérard, Alain Dauron, Raul Mazo

11. Simulation Methods in the Healthcare Systems
Andrey Khudyakov, Camille Jean, Marija Jankovic, Julie Stal-Le Cardinal, Jean-Claude Bocquet

12. Unifying Human Centered Design and Systems Engineering for Human Systems Integration
Guy A. Boy, Jennifer McGovern Narkevicius

13. A Product Development Architecture with an Engineering Execution Representation of the Development Process
Gregory L. Neugebauer

14. Passenger’s Transport between Platform and Train within the Metro in Paris
Jérôme Amory

15. Specifying Some Key SE Training Artifacts
David Gouyon, Fabien Bouffaron, Gérard Morel

16. An Engineering Systems Model for the Quantitative Analysis of the Energy-Water Nexus
William Naggaga Lubega, Amro M. Farid

17. A Visual Logic for the Description of Highway Traffic Scenarios
Stephanie Kemper, Christoph Etzien

18. Early Stage Verification and Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems through Requirements Driven Probabilistic Certificate of Correctness Metric
Alex Velden, David Fox, Jeff Haan

19. Re-using SysML System Architectures
Andreas Korff

20. Water Saving in a Complex Industrial System – Evaluation of the Sustainability of Options with System Dynamics
Katharina M. Tarnacki, Thomas Melin, Sabina Jeschke

21. Handling Complexity in System of Systems Projects – Lessons Learned from MBSE Efforts in Border Security Projects
Emrah Asan, Oliver Albrecht, Semih Bilgen

22. The Multidimensional Hierarchically Integrated Framework (MHIF) for Modeling Complex Engineering Systems
Ahmad Alabdulkareem, Anas Alfaris, Vivek Sakhrani, Adnan Alsaati, Olivier Weck

23. Natural Systems Engineering
Derek Hitchins

24. Integrated Product Team in Large Scale and Complex Systems
Sorin Aungurenci, Aurel Chiriac

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Engineering Design, Complexity

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21 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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