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Direction of Time

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Table of contents

1. Is Time Real?
Marcello Cini

2. A Simple Model for Decoherence
Alessandro Teta

3. On the Different Aspects of Time in the Fundamental Theories of Physics
Thomas Görnitz

4. Quantum Events and Irreversibility
Rudolf Haag

5. Physics and Our Intuitive Outlook on Time
Christoph Malsburg

6. The Direction of Time in Quantum Mechanics
Roland Omnès

7. Two Arrows of Time in Nonlocal Particle Dynamics
Roderich Tumulka

8. Boundary Conditions, Time Reversal and Measurements
J. C. Zambrini

9. On Abuse of Time-Metaphors
Anindita Niyog Balslev

10. The Direction of Time Ensured by Cosmology
Hervé Barreau

11. Asymmetries, Irreversibility, and Dynamics of Time
Luciano Boi

12. Is Time Directed?
Michael Drieschner

13. Time in Modern Philosophy of Physics—A Survey
Holger Lyre

14. The Direction of Time in Dynamical Systems
Klaus Mainzer

15. The Philosophical Significance of the Relativistic Conception of Time
Fabio Minazzi

16. Geometry of Psychological Time
Metod Saniga

17. Where to Put It? The Direction of Time Between Axioms and Supplementary Conditions
Michael Stöltzner

18. Models of Time
Luigi Accardi

19. The Arrow of Time and Information Theory
Vieri Benci

20. Two-Way Thermodynamics: Could It Really Happen?
L. S. Schulman

21. Remarks on the Compatibility of Opposite Arrows of Time
H. D. Zeh

22. A Computer’s Arrow of Time
L. S. Schulman

23. Remarks on the Compatibility of Opposite Arrows of Time II
H. D. Zeh

Keywords: Science, general, History of Science, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Philosophy of Science

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32 pages
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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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