Lahiri, Soumendra

Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory

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Table of contents

1. Professor Hira Lal Koul’s Contribution to Statistics
Soumendra Lahiri, Anton Schick, Ashis SenGupta, T.N. Sriram

2. Martingale Estimating Functions for Stochastic Processes: A Review Toward a Unifying Tool
S. Y. Hwang, I. V. Basawa

3. Asymptotics of L_lambda-Norms of ARCH(p) Innovation Density Estimators
Fuxia Cheng

4. Asymptotic Risk and Bayes Risk of Thresholding and Superefficient Estimates and Optimal Thresholding
Anirban DasGupta, Iain M. Johnstone

5. A Note on Nonparametric Estimation of a Bivariate Survival Function Under Right Censoring
Haitao Zheng, Guiping Yang, Sotmnath Data

6. On Equality in Distribution of Ratios X!/(X+Y)andY!/(X+Y)
Sunil K. Dhar, Manish C. Bhattacharjee

7. Nonparametric Distribution-Free Model Checks for Multivariate Dynamic Regressions
Miguel A. Delgado, J. Carlos Escanciano

8. Ridge Autoregression R-Estimation: Subspace Restriction
A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh

9. On Hodges and Lehmann’s “6/π Result”
Marc Hallin, Yvik Swan, Thomas Verdebout

10. Fiducial Theory for Free-Knot Splines
Derek L. Sonderegger, Jan Hannig

11. An Empirical Characteristic Function Approach to Selecting a Transformation to Symmetry
In-Kwon Yeo, Richard A. Johnson

12. Averaged Regression Quantiles
Jana Jurečková, Jan Picek

13. A Study of One Null Array of Random Variables
Estate Khmaladze

14. Frailty, Profile Likelihood, and Medfly Mortality
Roger Koenker, Jiaying Gu

15. Comparison of Autoregressive Curves Through Partial Sums of Quasi-Residuals
Fang Li

16. Testing for Long Memory Using Penalized Splines and Adaptive Neyman Methods
Linyuan Li, Kewei Lu

17. On the Computation of R-Estimators
Kanchan Mukherjee, Yuankun Wang

18. Multiple Change-Point Detection in Piecewise Exponential Hazard Regression Models with Long-Term Survivors and Right Censoring
Lianfen Qian, Wei Zhang

19. How to Choose the Number of Gradient Directions for Estimation Problems from Noisy Diffusion Tensor Data
Lyudmila Sakhanenko

20. Efficient Estimation in Two-Sided Truncated Location Models
Weixing Song

21. Semiparametric Analysis of Treatment Effect viaFailure Probability Ratio and the Ratio ofCumulative Hazards
Song Yang

22. Inference for the Standardized Median
Robert G. Staudte

23. Efficient Quantile Regression with Auxiliary Information
Ursula U. Müller, Ingrid Keilegom

24. Nonuniform Approximations for Sums of Discrete m-Dependent Random Variables
P. Vellaisamy, V. Čekanavičius

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Applications of Mathematics, Statistics, general

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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11 pages
Natural Sciences

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