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Table of contents

1. Infranomics: A Discipline-of-Disciplines for the XXIst Century
Adrian V. Gheorghe, Marcelo Masera

Part I. Infrastructure and Sustainability

2. Sustainable Procurement for Port Infrastructure Projects
Emile Broesterhuizen, Tiedo Vellinga, Poonam Taneja, Linda Docters van Leeuwen

3. Open Water Ports: Possibilities and Challenges for Container Terminals
Martijn P. C. Jong, Otto M. Weiler, Jan-Joost Schouten

4. Role of Flexibility in Sustainable Port Development
Poonam Taneja, Tiedo Vellinga, Robin Ros

Part II. Asset Management

5. An Integrated Approach to Strategic Asset Management
Kerry Brown, Martin Laue, Javier Tafur, Muhammad Nateque Mahmood, Pascal Scherrer, Robyn Keast

6. Integrated Strategic Asset Management: Frameworks and Dimensions
Martin Laue, Kerry Brown, Pascal Scherrer, Robyn Keast

7. Real Estate Portfolio Decision Making
Monique H. Arkesteijn, Ruud Binnekamp

Part III. Safety, Renewable Energy and Management

8. Design for Safety: A New Service for Alarming and Informing the Population in Case of Emergency
Helena M. Jagtman

9. Optimal Policy Design for Disaster-Hit Area of Japan: Bottom-Up Systems Analysis of Special Zone for Reconstruction by the Isdm
Masaki Nishimori, Motoshi Kanke, Akiko Tsutsuki, Naohiko Kohtake, Seiko Shirasaka, Toshiyuki Yasui

10. Transportation Energy Consumption and Energy Security in China
Sai-ni Yang, Dan Wu, Ming Wang

Part IV. Equity, Ethic, and Infrastructures

11. Equity and the Ethics of Water Governance
Neelke Doorn

12. Alternative Urban Technology for Future Low-Carbon Cities: A Demonstration Project Review and Discussion
Kien To, John E. Fernández

13. Complex Socio-Technical Problems for Engineers: Pedagogical Motivation and Experience at the Undergraduate Level
Afreen Siddiqi, Regina R. Clewlow, Joseph M. Sussman

Part V. Modeling and Simulation

14. Infranomics Simulation: Supporting System of Systems Understanding by Gaming
Andreas Tolk

15. Speeding Up Energy Transitions: Gaming Towards Sustainability in the Dutch Built Environment
Iman Mohammed, Erik Pruyt

16. Boats and Bridges in the Sandbox: Using Role Play Simulation Exercises to Help Infrastructure Planners Prepare for the Risks and Uncertainties Associated with Climate Change
Todd Schenk

17. Game-Like Characteristic of Engineering Design
Sertaç Oruç, Scott W. Cunningham

Part VI. Governance

18. System Governance: Emergence of Practical Perspectives Across the Disciplines
Behnido Y. Calida, Charles B. Keating

19. Capacities and Governance in Kenya: Lessons in Technology Transfer
J. Otto Kroesen, David J. Ndegwah

20. The Structural Dimensions in the Security of Power Transmission Systems
Tao Huang, Ettore Bompard, Marcelo Masera, Fei Xue

21. Investigating the Surrogate Worth Trade-off Method to Facilitate Technology Selection for New Systems
Aria Iwasawa, Naohiko Kohtake, Nobuaki Minato, William Crossley

Part VII. Engineering Design and Sociotechnical Systems

22. The Historical Roots of the Field of Engineering Systems: Results from an In-Class Assignment
Christopher L. Magee, Rebecca K. Saari, G. Thomas Heaps-Nelson, Stephen M. Zoepf, Joseph M. Sussman

23. Complexity Induced Vulnerability Assessment: How Resilient are Our Academic Programs?
Behnido Y. Calida, Adrian V. Gheorghe, Resit Unal, Dan V. Vamanu, Corneliu V. Radu

24. Managing the Risks of a Large-Scale Infrastructure Project: The Case of Spoorzone Delft
Hugo Priemus

25. The Actor-Option Framework: A General Framework for Modelling Socio-Technical Systems in Transition
Gönenç Yücel

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Sustainable Development, Industrial Organization

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Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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