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Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and Industry

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Table of contents

Part I. Discussion Document and Study Report

1. Discussion Document
Alain Damlamian, José Francisco Rodrigues, Rudolf Sträßer

2. Report on the Study
Alain Damlamian, José Francisco Rodrigues, Rudolf Sträßer

Part II. Plenary and Invited Lectures

3. Getting Math off the Ground: Applied Mathematics at Boeing
Stephen P. Keeler, Thomas A. Grandine

4. Mathematics in the Workplace: Issues and Challenges
Celia Hoyles, Richard Noss, Phillip Kent, Arthur Bakker

5. Mathematical Modeling Education is the Most Important Educational Interface Between Mathematics and Industry
Tatsien Li

6. Models for Industrial Problems: How to Find and How to Use them—in Industry and in Education
Helmut Neunzert

7. Interfacing Education and Research with Mathematics for Industry: The Endeavor in Japan
Masato Wakayama

Part III. WG Education/Training with Industry Participation

8. Education/Training with Industry Participation
Gail FitzSimons, Tom Mitsui

9. How it is Possible to Make Real-World Mathematics More Visible: Some Results from Two Italian Projects
Cinzia Bonotto

10. The Project “Ways to More MINT-Graduates” of the Bavarian Business Association (vbw) with Focus on the M (=Mathematics) at the University of Augsburg, Germany
Matthias Brandl

11. Mathematics in a Safety–Critical Work Context: The Case of Numeracy for Nursing
Diana Coben, Meriel Hutton

12. Linking Professional Experiences with Academic Knowledge: The Construction of Statistical Concepts by Sale Manager Apprentices
Corinne Hahn

13. Learning Conversation in Mathematics Practice School–Industry Partnerships as Arena for Teacher Education
Gert Monstad Hana, Ragnhild Hansen, Marit Johnsen-Høines, Inger Elin Lilland, Toril Eskeland Rangnes

14. The Threefold Dilemma of Missing Coherence: Bridging the Artificial Reef Between the Mainland and Some Isolated Islands
Guenter Törner, Volker Grotensohn, Bettina Roesken

15. The Project “Mathe-Meister”: A Mathematical Self Assessment Centre with Diagnostic Feedback for Vocational Trainees
Kathrin Winter

Part IV. WG University and Academic Technical/Vocational Education

16. University and Academic Technical/Vocational Education
Nilima Nigam, José Francisco Rodrigues

17. Mathematics for Engineering and Engineering for Mathematics
Miquel Albertí Palmer, Sergio Amat, Sonia Busquier, Pilar Romero, Juan Tejada

18. Laboratory for Computational Mathematics: An Interface Between Academia and Industry
A. Araújo, S. Barbeiro, J. A. Ferreira

19. Improving the Industrial/Mathematics Interface
Jean P. F. Charpin, Stephen B. G. O’Brien

20. Two Masters on ‘Mathematics for Industry’ at the Universities of Paris and of Pau
Edwige Godlewski, M. Madaune-Tort, S. Dossou-Gbete

21. Mathematics in Industry and Teachers’ Training
Matti Heilio

22. Interfaces Between Mathematics and Industry and the Use of Technology in Mathematics Education in India
Ajit Kumar

23. Modeling Modeling: Developing Habits of Mathematical Minds
John A. Pelesko, Jinfa Cai, Louis F. Rossi

24. The Evolution of Graduate Applied Math Courses in the Institute of Mathematics, University of the Philippines
Carlene P. C. Pilar-Arceo, Jose Maria L. Escaner

25. The Vertical Integration of Industrial Mathematics, the WPI Experience
Bogdan Vernescu

Part V. WG Education in Schools

26. Educational Interfaces Between Mathematics and Industry at School Level
Gabriele Kaiser, Henk Kooij, Geoff Wake

27. Mathematical Applications, Modelling and Technology as Windows into Industry Based Mathematical Practice
Vince Geiger

28. Mathematics Education and the Information Society
Koeno Gravemeijer

29. Authentic Complex Modelling Problems in Mathematics Education
Gabriele Kaiser, Martin Bracke, Simone Göttlich, Christine Kaland

30. Embedding Authentic Real World Tasks into Secondary Mathematics Curricula
Gloria Stillman, K. E. D. Ng

31. Drawing on Understanding of Workplace Practice to Inform Design of General Mathematics Curricula
Geoff Wake

Part VI. WG Mathematics-Industry Communication

32. Communication and Collaboration
Solomon Garfunkel, Rolf Jeltsch, Nilima Nigam

33. Engineering, Mathematics Communication, and Education: Reflections on a Personal Experience
Jorge Buescu

34. A View on Mathematical Discourse in Research and Development
Vasco Alexander Schmidt

35. Using Popular Science in a Mathematical Modeling Course
Burt S. Tilley

Part VII. WG Technology Issues

36. Technology Issues
Helmer Aslaksen, Fadil Santosa

37. Tackling the Challenges of Computational Mathematics Education of Engineers
France Caron, André Garon

38. Integrating Computational Modelling in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education
Rui Gomes Neves, Jorge Carvalho Silva, Vítor Duarte Teodoro

39. Incorporating the Ideas and Methods of Mathematical Modeling into Calculus Teaching
Qixiao Ye

Part VIII. WG the Mathematics-Industry Interface

40. The Mathematics–Industry Interface
Jofré Alejandro, Lutz-Westphal Brigitte

Part IX. Selected Papers Linked to More than One Working Group

41. Inappropriate Use of Spreadsheets in the Finance Industry
Djordje M. Kadijevich

42. MITACS Accelerate: A Case Study of a Successful Industrial Research Internship Program
Sarah Petersen, Marsh Rebeccah

43. A Meta-Analysis by Mathematics Teachers of the GIFT Program Using Success Case Methodology
Richard Millman, Meltem Alemdar, Bonnie Harris

44. Cultivating an Interface Through Collaborative Research Between Engineers in Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal and Mathematicians in University
Junichi Nakagawa, Masahiro Yamamoto

45. An Introduction to CUMCM: China/Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Jinxing Xie

Part X. Conclusion

46. Conclusion on Educational Interfaces Between Mathematics and Industry
Alain Damlamian, José Francisco Rodrigues, Rudolf Sträßer

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education

Publication year
New ICMI Study Series
Upbringing, Education

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