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High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering ‘13

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Table of contents

Part I. Physics

1. A Dissipative-Particle-Dynamics Model for Simulating Dynamics of Charged Colloids
Jiajia Zhou, Friederike Schmid

2. Phase Separation of Colloid Polymer Mixtures Under Confinement
Antonia Statt, Alexander Winkler, Peter Virnau, Kurt Binder

3. Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Crystallization of Soft Spheres in Suspension
Dominic Roehm, Kai Kratzer, Axel Arnold

4. Simplified Models for Coarse-Grained Hemodynamics Simulations
J. Harting, F. Janoschek, B. Kaoui, T. Krüger, F. Toschi

5. Report: Thermodynamics with 2 + 1 + 1 Dynamical Quark Flavors
Stefan Krieg

6. Unconventional Fractionalization of Strongly Correlated Electrons
A. Moreno, J. M. P. Carmelo, A. Muramatsu

7. Numerically-Exact Schrödinger Dynamics of Closed and Open Many-Boson Systems with the MCTDHB Package
Axel U. J. Lode, Kaspar Sakmann, Rostislav A. Doganov, Julian Grond, Ofir E. Alon, Alexej I. Streltsov, Lorenz S. Cederbaum

8. Lithium Niobate Dielectric Function and Second-Order Polarizability Tensor From Massively Parallel Ab Initio Calculations
A. Riefer, M. Rohrmüller, M. Landmann, S. Sanna, E. Rauls, N. J. Vollmers, R. Hölscher, M. Witte, Y. Li, U. Gerstmann, A. Schindlmayr, W. G. Schmidt

9. Acoustic and Elastic Full Waveform Tomography
A. Kurzmann, S. Butzer, S. Jetschny, A. Przebindowska, L. Groos, M. Schäfer, S. Heider, T. Bohlen

10. Particle Simulation in Turbulent Plasmas with Amplified Wavemodes
Sebastian Lange, Felix Spanier

Part II. Solid State Physics

11. Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Long-Range Interactions
Johannes Roth, Philipp Beck, Peter Brommer, Andreas Chatzopoulos, Franz Gähler, Stephen Hocker, Siegfried Schmauder, Hans-Rainer Trebin

12. Polarization Dependent Water Adsorption on the Lithium Niobate Z-Cut Surfaces
S. Sanna, A. Riefer, M. Rohrmüller, M. Landmann, E. Rauls, N. J. Vollmers, R. Hölscher, M. Witte, Y. Li, U. Gerstmann, W. G. Schmidt

13. Ab-Initio Calculations of the Vibrational Properties of Nanostructures
Gabriel Bester, Peng Han

Part III. Chemistry

14. From Molecules to Thin Films: GaP Nucleation on Si Substrates
Andreas Stegmüller, Ralf Tonner

15. Numerical Studies of the Tunneling Splitting of Malonaldehyde and the Eigenstates of Hydrated Hydroxide Anion Using MCTDH
Markus Schröder, Daniel Peláez, Hans-Dieter Meyer

16. Efficient Calculation of Multi-dimensional Potential Energy Surfaces of Molecules and Molecular Clusters
Michael Neff, Dominik Oschetzki, Yuriy Yudin, Yevgen Dorozhko, Natalia Currle-Linde, Michael Resch, Guntram Rauhut

Part IV. Reactive Flows

17. Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation of a Rotationally Symmetric Supersonic Jet
Markus Kindler, Markus Lempke, Peter Gerlinger, Manfred Aigner

18. DNS of Lean Premixed Flames
Jordan A. Denev, Henning Bockhorn

19. Impact of Grid Refinement on Turbulent Combustion and Combustion Noise Modeling with Large Eddy Simulation
Feichi Zhang, Henning Bonart, Peter Habisreuther, Henning Bockhorn

Part V. Computational Fluid Dynamics

20. Discontinuous Galerkin for High Performance Computational Fluid Dynamics
Andrea Beck, Thomas Bolemann, Hannes Frank, Florian Hindenlang, Marc Staudenmaier, Gregor Gassner, Claus-Dieter Munz

21. Industrial Turbulence Simulations at Large Scale
Daniel F. Harlacher, Sabine Roller, Florian Hindenlang, Claus-Dieter Munz, Tim Kraus, Martin Fischer, Koen Geurts, Matthias Meinke, Tobias Klühspies, Yevgeniya Kovalenko, Uwe Küster

22. Direct Numerical Simulation of Inelastic Non-Newtonian Jet Breakup
Chengxiang Zhu, Moritz Ertl, Christian Meister, Philipp Rauschenberger, Andreas Birkefeld, Bernhard Weigand

23. Direct Numerical Simulation of Boundary Layer Transition in Streamwise Corner-Flow
Oliver Schmidt, Björn Selent, Ulrich Rist

24. LES of Turbulent Cavitating Shear Layers
Christian Egerer, Stefan Hickel, Steffen Schmidt, Nikolaus A. Adams

25. Large Eddy Simulation of Cavitating Flows Using a Novel Stochastic Field Formulation
F. Magagnato, J. Dumond

26. Large-Eddy Simulation of the Particle-Laden Turbulent Flow in a Cyclone Separator
Michael Alletto, Michael Breuer

27. Efficient Coupling of an Eulerian Flow Solver with a Lagrangian Particle Solver for the Investigation of Particle Clustering in Turbulence
Christoph Siewert, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

28. Lagrangian Simulation of a Fluid with Solid Particle Loading Performed on Supercomputers
Florian Beck, Florian Fleissner, Peter Eberhard

29. Computation of Helicopter Phenomena Using a Higher Order Method
Ulrich Kowarsch, Constantin Oehrle, Martin Hollands, Manuel Keßler, Ewald Krämer

30. Unsteady CFD Simulation of the NASA Common Research Model in Low Speed Stall
Philipp P. Gansel, Sebastian A. Illi, Stephan Krimmer, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

31. Flow Simulation of a Francis Turbine Using the SAS Turbulence Model
Timo Krappel, Albert Ruprecht, Stefan Riedelbauch

32. 3D CFD Simulation of Twin Entry Turbochargers in an Engine Environment
Benjamin Boose

33. Numerical Simulation of Flow with Volume Condensation in a Model Containment
Jing Zhang, Eckart Laurien

34. Highly Efficient Integrated Simulation of Electro-membrane Processes for Desalination of Sea Water
Kannan Masilamani, Harald Klimach, Sabine Roller

Part VI. Transport and Climate

35. High Resolution Climate Modeling with the CCLM Regional Model
H.-J. Panitz, G. Fosser, R. Sasse, K. Sedlmeier, S. Mieruch, M. Breil, H. Feldmann, G. Schädler

36. High-Resolution Climate Predictions and Short-Range Forecasts to Improve the Process Understanding and the Representation of Land-Surface Interactions in the WRF Model in Southwest Germany (WRFCLIM)
Kirsten Warrach-Sagi, Hans-Stefan Bauer, Oliver Branch, Josipa Milovac, Thomas Schwitalla, Volker Wulfmeyer

37. High Resolution Climate Change Information for the Lower Mekong River Basin of Southeast Asia
Patrick Laux, Van Tan Phan, Tran Thuc, Harald Kunstmann

38. Reducing the Uncertainties of Climate Projections: High-Resolution Climate Modeling of Aerosol and Climate Interactions on the Regional Scale Using COSMO-ART
Bernhard Vogel, Andrew Ferrone, Tobias Schad

39. Global Long-Term MIPAS Data Processing
M. Kiefer, F. Friederich, B. Funke, A. Linden, M. López-Puertas, T. Clarmann

40. The Agulhas System in a Global Context
Jonathan V. Durgadoo, Christina Roth, Arne Biastoch

Part VII. Miscellaneous Topics

41. Optimal Versus Alternative Economic Capital Allocation in Banking
H.-P. Burghof, J. Müller

42. Geodynamic Mantle Modeling and Its Relation to Origin and Preservation of Life
Uwe Walzer, Roland Hendel

43. Magma Ocean Cumulate Overturn and Its Implications for the Thermo-chemical Evolution of Mars
Ana-Catalina Plesa, Nicola Tosi, Doris Breuer

44. Surface Tension, Large Scale Thermodynamic Data Generation and Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of Real Compounds
Stefan Eckelsbach, Svetlana Miroshnichenko, Gabor Rutkai, Jadran Vrabec

45. Molecular Modelling and Simulation of Electrolyte Solutions, Biomolecules, and Wetting of Component Surfaces
M. Horsch, S. Becker, J. M. Castillo, S. Deublein, A. Fröscher, S. Reiser, S. Werth, J. Vrabec, H. Hasse

46. Focal Adhesion Kinase as a Cellular Mechano-Sensor
Jing Zhou, Agnieszka Bronowska, Bogdan Costescu, Frauke Graeter

47. A Highly Scalable Multigrid Method with Parallel Direct Coarse Grid Solver for Maxwell’s Equations
Daniel Maurer, Christian Wieners

48. Reduction of Numerical Sensitivities in Crash Simulations on HPC-Computers (HPC-10)
Christiana Eck, Yevgeniya Kovalenko, Oliver Mangold, Raphael Prohl, Anton Tkachuk, Vladimir Trickov

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

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