Carretero-González, Ricardo

Localized Excitations in Nonlinear Complex Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Nonlinear Schrödinger Models: Continuum and Discrete

1. Solitons and Their Ghosts in PT -Symmetric Systems with Defocusing Nonlinearities
V. Achilleos, P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis, R. Carretero-González

2. Coding of Nonlinear States for NLS-Type Equations with Periodic Potential
G. L. Alfimov, A. I. Avramenko

3. Nonreciprocal Wave Propagation Through Open, Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Dimers
Stefano Lepri, Giulio Casati

4. Breather Solutions of the Discrete p-Schrödinger Equation
Guillaume James, Yuli Starosvetsky

Part II. Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) and Nonlinear Optics

5. Fragmentation of a Bose-Einstein Condensate Through Periodic Modulation of the Scattering Length
Antun Balaž, Alexandru I. Nicolin

6. Contact Intensity and Extended Hydrodynamics in the BCS-BEC Crossover
Luca Salasnich

N-Soliton Interactions for the Manakov System: Effects of External Potentials
V. S. Gerdjikov, M. D. Todorov

8. Wave Modes Trapped in Rotating Nonlinear Potentials
Yongyao Li, Wei Pang, Boris A. Malomed

9. Light Propagation in Two Dimensional Plasmonic Arrays
Danhua Wang, Alejandro B. Aceves

Part III. Nonlinear Dynamical Lattices

10. Localized Excitations and Anisotropic Directional Ordering in a Two-Dimensional Morse Lattice Model of Cuprate Layers
Manuel G. Velarde, Werner Ebeling, Alexander P. Chetverikov

11. Variational Approximation to Electron Trapping by Soliton-Like Localized Excitations in One-Dimensional Anharmonic Lattices
Luis A. Cisneros-Ake, Antonmaria A. Minzoni, Manuel G. Velarde

12. Stability of Mode-Locked Kinks in the AC Driven and Damped Sine-Gordon Lattice
Yaroslav Zolotaryuk

13. Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in a Ring of Coupled Pendula: Analogy with Bubbles
V. J. Sánchez-Morcillo, N. Jiménez, J. Chaline, A. Bouakaz, S. Dos Santos

Part IV. Quodons and Muscovite Mica

14. Theory of a Quodon Gas with Application to Precipitation Kinetics in Solids Under Irradiation
V. Dubinko, R. Shapovalov

15. Energy Gain by Discrete Particle Non-linear Lattice Excitations
F. M. Russell

16. Supersonic Kinks in Coulomb Lattices
Juan F. R. Archilla, Yuriy A. Kosevich, Noé Jiménez, Víctor J. Sánchez-Morcillo, Luís M. García-Raffi

Part V. Magnetic Metamaterials

17. Travelling Waves in Nonlinear Magnetic Metamaterials
J. Diblík, M. Fečkan, M. Pospíšil, V. M. Rothos, H. Susanto

18. Stability of Discrete Breathers in Magnetic Metamaterials
Dmitry Pelinovsky, Vassilis Rothos

Part VI. Other Nonlinear Models

19. Checking the Validity of Truncating the Cumulant Hierarchy Description of a Small System
Manuel Morillo, José Gómez-Ordóñez, José M. Casado

20. Shape-Invariant Solitons in Nematic Liquid Crystals: The Influence of Noise
Milivoj R. Belić, Milan S. Petrović, Aleksandra I. Strinić, Najdan B. Aleksić

21. Conservation Laws of a Family of Reaction-Diffusion-Convection Equations
M. S. Bruzón, M. L. Gandarias, R. Rosa

22. Effects Induced in Complex Biological Systems by High Density Green Photons
Sorin Comorosan, Silviu Polosan, Marian Apostol, Irinel Popescu, Ileana Farcasanu, Liliana Paslaru, Elena Ionescu

Keywords: Physics, Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Complexity, Solid State Physics, Complexity, Complex Systems, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Nonlinear Systems and Complexity
Page amount
20 pages
Natural Sciences

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