Zaeh, Michael F.

Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability

Zaeh, Michael F. - Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Variety, Complexity and Value Creation
Hoda A. ElMaraghy, Waguih H. ElMaraghy

2. Cycle Management for Continuous Manufacturing Planning
Jonas Koch, Christian Plehn, Gunther Reinhart, Michael F. Zäh

3. Morgenstadt – Urban Production in the City of the Future
Dominik Tobias Matt, Dieter Spath, Steffen Braun, Sebastian Schlund, Daniel Krause

4. Tools and Methods for SMEs to Introduce Mutability in Special Purpose Machines
Hendrik Rentzsch, Marcel Tisztl, Tino Langer, Dieter Fischer

5. A Three Level Model for the Design, Planning and Operation of Changeable Production Systems in Distributed Manufacturing
Dominik Tobias Matt, Erwin Rauch, Daniel Fraccaroli

6. SMART Reconfigurability Approach in Manufacture of Steel and Façade Constructions
Dominik Tobias Matt, Erwin Rauch, Vittorio Franzellin

7. A First Step towards Cross-Platform Integration in Modular Micro-assembly Systems – Concept for a Process Module Construction Kit
Raphael Adamietz, Tobias Iseringhausen, Steffen Gerstenberg, Alexander Verl

8. Statistical Study for Micro Forming Technologies Used for Linked Parts Production
Florian Weikert, Jessica Weyhausen, Kirsten Tracht

9. Specification Technique for the Consistent Description of Manufacturing Operations and Resources
Gerald Rehage, Frank Bauer, Jürgen Gausemeier

10. Developing Modular Manufacturing Architectures – An Industrial Case Report
Steffen Nordahl Joergensen, Casper Schou, Ole Madsen

11. An Approach Framework Supporting Manufacturing System Design for a Range of Products
Emmanuel Francalanza, Jonathan C. Borg, Carmen L. Constantinescu

12. A Generic Control Concept for the Simulation-Based Verification of Reconfigurable Transport System Models
Roland Wischnewski, Juergen Rossmann, Oliver Stern

13. Forming Plastic Shields on a Reconfigurable Tooling System
Dominik Simon, Sabine Zitzlsberger, Julia Wagner, Lisa Kern, Christoph Maurer, Dieter Haller, Gunther Reinhart

14. Developing a Vision for Multi-site Manufacturing System of Systems
Ursula Rauschecker, Simon J. Ford, Nikoletta Athanssopoulou

15. Classification, Modelling and Mapping of Skills in Automated Production Systems
Julian Backhaus, Marco Ulrich, Gunther Reinhart

16. Transient Analysis of a Re-entrant Manufacturing System
Abdulrahman Seleim, Hoda A. ElMaraghy

17. Role of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems in Minimizing Import Dependency in the South African Press Tool Enterprise
Simon Phuluwa, Khumbulani Mpofu, Boitumelo Ramatsetse, Chris Tshawe

18. Reconfigurable Production Systems - An Appraisal of Applied Production Breakdown Solution Strategies
André Ullrich, Sander Lass, Thomas Hein

19. Implementing Virtual Assembly and Disassembly into the Product Development Process
Fredrik Ore, Magnus Wiktorsson, Lars Hanson, Yvonne Eriksson

20. The Contribution of Virtual Production Intelligence to Laser Cutting Planning Processes
Rudolf Reinhard, Toufik Al Khawli, Urs Eppelt, Tobias Meisen, Daniel Schilberg, Wolfgang Schulz, Sabina Jeschke

21. Immersive Presentations: Enabling Engaging Virtual Reality Based Training and Teaching by Merging Slide-Based and VR-Based Elements
Volker Wittstock, Mario Lorenz, Franziska Pürzel, Tino Riedel

22. A Vagueness Measure for Concurrent Engineering of Manual Assembly Lines
Martin Manns, Nestor Andres Arteaga Martin

23. A Multi-Period Changeable Modular Product Assembly Model
Mohmmad Hanafy, Hoda A. ElMaraghy

24. Reducing the Development Time of Flexible Metal Forming Tools Using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
Markus Birkhold, Alexander Verl

25. Assessment and Configuration of a Product Production System
Achim Kampker, Peter Burggräf, Mateusz Swist, Christoph Nowacki

26. Optimized Factory Planning and Process Chain Formation Using Virtual Production Intelligence
Max Hoffmann, Kai Kreisköther, Christian Büscher, Tobias Meisen, Achim Kampker, Daniel Schilberg, Sabina Jeschke

27. Developing a Self-optimizing Robotic Excavator System with Virtual Prototyping Technology
Hong-Seok Park, Ngoc-Tran Le

28. Mass Customisation Assessment and Measurement Framework
Kjeld Nielsen, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe

29. Formal Modelling of Process Planning in Combined Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing
Behnood Afsharizand, Aydin Nassehi, Vimal Dhokia, Stephen T. Newman

30. Dynamic Reaction to Fluctuations in Demand through Line Balancing in Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing
Markus Pröpster, Gunther Reinhart

31. Meeting New Challenges and Possibilities with Modern Robot Safety Technologies
Timo Salmi, Otso Väätäinen, Timo Malm, Jari Montonen, Ilari Marstio

32. Toolpath Generation for CNC Milled Parts Using Genetic Algorithms
Wesley P. Essink, Aydin Nassehi, Stephen T. Newman

33. Human-Robot-Collaboration System for a Universal Packaging Cell for Heavy Electronic Consumer Goods
Carola Zwicker, Gunther Reinhart

34. Singularity Analysis for a 6 DOF Family of Robots
Ana Djuric, Mirjana Filipovic, Ljubinko Kevac, Jill Urbanic

35. Effective Work Region Visualization for Serial 6 DOF Robots
Ana Djuric, Jill Urbanic, Mirjana Filipovic, Ljubinko Kevac

36. A Stepped Conveyor Singulator Design for Reconfigurable Assembly
Karel Kruger, Anton H. Basson

37. Systematic Development of Mobile AR-Applications Supporting Production Planning
Christian Weidig, Nicole Menck, Jan C. Aurich

38. Approaches for Integration of Agile Procedures into Mechatronic Engineering of Manufacturing Systems
Thorsten P. Klein, Gunther Reinhart

39. Control of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Using Object-Oriented Programming
Rainer Graefe, Anton H. Basson

40. Towards Alternatives for Agent Based Control in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Kobus Hoffman, Anton H. Basson, Anro Roux

41. Performance Assessment of Heterogeneous Engineering Tools along the Development Process of Mechatronic Manufacturing Systems
Benny Drescher, Peter Stich, Gunther Reinhart

42. A New Approach to Interpolation of Tool Path Trajectories with Piecewise Defined Clothoids
Caren Dripke, Friedemann Groh, Matthias Keinert, Alexander Verl

43. Systematic Procedure for Handling Complexity in the Automotive Production
Florian Schöttl, Nils Herrmann, Maik Maurer, Udo Lindemann

44. Generating Master Assembly Sequence Using Consensus Trees
Mohamed Kashkoush, Hoda A. ElMaraghy

45. Optimal Design Concept of a Reconfigurable Haptic Device
Akos Csiszar, Catalin Boanta, Simon Hoher, Cornel Brisan, Alexander Verl

46. Energy Monitoring for Investigating the Sustainability of Extrusion Process
Eugenia Marilungo, Andrea Luzi, Michele Germani

47. Employee Participation for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Factory Operations
Uwe Dombrowski, Stefan Ernst, Maren Evers

48. Energy Value-Stream Mapping - A Method to Optimize Value-Streams in Respect of Time and Energy Consumption
Egon Müller, Timo Stock, Rainer Schillig

49. Increasing Competitiveness of Egyptian Industrial SMEs via Technology Transfer
Mohamed T. Salem, Ahmed M. Deif

50. Planning Approach for Designing and Evaluating Product and Production Adaptations to Local Market Conditions
Gisela Lanza, Stefan Ruhrmann, Emanuel Moser

51. A Petri-net Based Approach for Evaluating Energy Flexibility of Production Machines
Markus Graßl, Erik Vikdahl, Gunther Reinhart

52. Introduction of a Quality Oriented Production Theory for Product Realization Processes
Robert Schmitt, Sebastian Stiller, Björn Falk

53. A Mathematical Model for Supply Chain Planning in a Build-to-Order Environment
Morteza Lalmazloumian, Kuan Yew Wong, Majid Ahmadi

54. Strategic Screening of Manufacturing Technologies
Josef Greitemann, Christian Plehn, Jonas Koch, Gunther Reinhart

55. Key Success Factors for Production Network Coordination
Robert Moch, Ralph Riedel, Egon Müller

56. Agility Enablers in Manufacturing Systems - Contributions of the Production Network Perspective
Max Monauni, Stefan Foschiani

57. End-of-Life Indices to Manage the Demanufacturing Phase during the Product Design Process
Michele Germani, Andrea Luzi, Marco Mandolini, Marco Marconi

58. Data Interface Concept for the Connection of Applications to Web-Based Systems
Marc Oellrich, Frank Mantwill

59. Approach for Reducing Data Inconsistencies in Production Control
Guenther Schuh, Till Potente, Christina Thomas, Felix Brambring

60. Concept and Data Model for Assembly Work Content Determination
Rulhoff Stefan, Jalali Sousanabady Reza, Deuse Jochen, Emmer Christian

61. Prioritisation of Influence Variables for a Flexible and Efficient Production
Simon Berger, Martin Schmid, Gunther Reinhart

62. Managing Complexity in Remanufacturing Focusing on Production Organisation
Steffen Butzer, Sebastian Schötz, Andreas Kruse, Rolf Steinhilper

63. Knowledge Based Configuration of Re-configurable Transfer Centres
Alexander Bader, Michael Rauscher, Uwe Heisel, Peter Göhner

64. Multi-Criteria Decision-Support for Manufacturing Process Chain Selection in the Context of Functionally Graded Components
Marcus Petersen, Vinzent Rudtsch, Jürgen Gausemeier

65. Model for a Decision Theory Based Inspection Planning
Robert Schmitt, Christian Janßen, Isabel Basse, Sebastian Schmitt

66. Hamburg Model of Knowledge Management
Pascal Krenz, Sissy-Ve Basmer, Sonja Buxbaum-Conradi, Jens Peter Wulfsberg

67. Change Management through Learning Factories
Max Dinkelmann, Jörg Siegert, Thomas Bauernhansl

68. Pricing Policies of Excess Capacity in Make to Order Production Systems
Paolo Renna, Giovanni Perrone

69. Dealing with Seasonalities - An Observation of Different Branches in a Seasonal Environment
Hanna Theuer

70. The Concept of Viral Engineering
Daniel Neumann, Reinhard Erfurth

71. Reconfigurable Strategic Guidelines for Successful Co-operative Value Creation
Patrick Philipp Grames, Tobias Redlich, Jens Peter Wulfsberg

72. Towards Real-Time Computation of Cost of Poor Quality for Discrete Manufacturing Processes
Sachin Karadgi, Daniel Metz, Manfred Grauer

73. Tool for Life Cycle Costing of Electric Motors during the Early Design Phases
Paolo Cicconi, Michele Germani, Marco Mandolini, Marco Marconi

74. Design of Production Systems for Large Maritime Structures
Jan Sender, Martin-Christoph Wanner, Jens Meißner

75. Development of Lightweight Designs for the Production of Wind Turbine Towers
Mona Goudarzi, Malte Stonis, Bernd-Arno Behrens

76. Method for Planning a Changeable Press Plant
Annika Schneider

77. Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Design and Implementation - An Industrial Application at a Manufacturer of Consumer Goods
Ronen Hadar, Arne Bilberg

78. Energy-Efficient Manufacturing on Machine Tools by Machining Process Improvement
Makoto Fujishima, Masahiko Mori, Yohei Oda

79. The Impact of E-mobility on Automotive Supply Chain
Filippo Emanuele Ciarapica, Dominik Tobias Matt, Matteo Rossini, Pasquale Russo Spena

80. Configuration of a Multi-use Battery Production
Gisela Lanza, Anna Sauer, Adrian Kölmel

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Control, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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