Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa

Phenomenology of Space and Time

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Table of contents

1. Communicative Virtues of A-T. Tymieniecka’s Phenomenology of Life
Daniela Verducci

2. Towards a Phenomenology of Life and the Invisible: Generativity and Sonship in the Thought of Michel Henry
Giovanna Costanzo

3. Intentionnalité, Telos, Transcendentalité en tant que Forces Ontopoiétiques du Cosmos
Francesco Totaro

4. Pythagoras in the Sacred Cosmos of Chartres Cathedral
Patricia Trutty-Coohill

5. Le chaos du monde sensible et la quête du sens rudimentaire (à partir de Plotin)
Róbert Karul

6. Intentionality of Time and Quantum – Phenomenological Sense of Space
Mamuka Dolidze

7. Duality and the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics
Tsung-I Dow

8. Ontopoietic Process of Life in Kierkegaard’s Books: Zoe and Bios
Elodie Gontier

9. Edıfıces
Semıha Akinci

10. The Cave, the Lifeworld and the Tradition: The Transcendence-Immanence Contrast Perspective
Abdul Rahim Afaki

11. Wahdat Al-Wujud and Logos of Life: The Philosophical Comparison
Konul Bunyadzade

12. Consciousness of the Cosmos: A Thought Experiment Through Philosophy and Science Fiction
Sibel Oktar

13. The Open Void – Embodiment and Experience – In Film/Video/Numeric-Computer Art and Immersive Environments
Marguerite Harris

14. Ontopoiesis of Eidolon and Transcendental Schematism in Cassirer and the Concept of Ontology in Meinong and Quine
Giuseppina Sgueglia

15. Dia–Log(os): The Genesis of Communicological Virtues in the Phenomenology of Life, with the Reference to the Advaita Vedānta of Ādi Śaṅkara
Olga Louchakova-Schwartz

16. The Cosmos and Bodily Life on Earth Elucidated Within the Historicity of Human Existence
Konrad Rokstad

17. Evolution of Matter and Spirit, Rediscovering Slowacki’s Mysticism and Teilhard de Chardin’s Theology
Piotr Popiołek

18. Novel as a Path: Mamardashvili’s Lectures on Proust
Mara Stafecka

19. Artist’s Personal Cosmogony: Andre Gide and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz’s Concept of Cosmos, Experience of Artist and Origin of Art
Daria Iwona Gosek

20. Phenomenological Elucidation of Any Self Demonstrative Form of Expression
Erkut Sezgin

21. Comment on Max Scheler’s Thought and Philosophical Counseling
Lucrezia Piraino

22. RETRACTED CHAPTER: Hyper Klein Bottle Logophysics Ontopoiesis of the Cosmos and Life
Diego Lucio Rapoport

23. Retraction Note to: Hyper Klein Bottle Logophysics Ontopoiesis of the Cosmos and Life
Diego Lucio Rapoport

Keywords: Philosophy, Metaphysics, Cosmology, Philosophy of Science, Phenomenology

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Analecta Husserliana
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367 pages
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