Han, Weihua

Toward Quantum FinFET

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Table of contents

1. Simulation of Quantum Ballistic Transport in FinFETs
Yasser M. Sabry, Mohammed M. El-Banna, Tarek M. Abdolkader, Wael Fikry

2. Model for Quantum Confinement in Nanowires and the Application of This Model to the Study of Carrier Mobility in Nanowire FinFETs
Arif Khan, Saeed Ganji, S. Noor Mohammad

3. Understanding the FinFET Mobility by Systematic Experiments
Kerem Akarvardar, Chadwin D. Young, Mehmet O. Baykan, Christopher C. Hobbs

4. Quantum Mechanical Potential Modeling of FinFET
Balwinder Raj

5. Physical Insight and Correlation Analysis of Finshape Fluctuations and Work-Function Variability in FinFET Devices
Emanuele Baravelli

6. Characteristic and Fluctuation of Multi-fin FinFETs
Hui-Wen Cheng, Yiming Li

7. Variability in Nanoscale FinFET Technologies
Greg Leung, Chi On Chui

8. Random Telegraph Noise in Multi-gate FinFET/Nanowire Devices and the Impact of Quantum Confinement
Runsheng Wang, Changze Liu, Ru Huang

9. Investigations on Transport Properties of Poly-silicon Nanowire Transistors Featuring Independent Double-Gated Configuration Under Cryogenic Ambient
Wei-Chen Chen, Horng-Chih Lin

10. Towards Drain Extended FinFETs for SoC Applications
Mayank Shrivastava, Harald Gossner, V. Ramgopal Rao

11. Modeling FinFETs for CMOS Applications
Lining Zhang, Chenyue Ma, Xinnan Lin, Jin He, Mansun Chan

12. Enhanced Quantum Effects in Room-Temperature Coulomb Blockade Devices Based on Ultrascaled finFET Structure
Jung B. Choi

13. Single-Electron Tunneling Transistors Utilizing Individual Dopant Potentials
Daniel Moraru, Michiharu Tabe

14. Single-Electron Transistor and Quantum Dots on Graphene
Lin-Jun Wang, Tao Tu, Li Wang, Cheng Zhou, Guo-Ping Guo

15. Terahertz Response in Schottky Warp-Gate Controlled Single Electron Transistors
Weihua Han, Seiya Kasai

Keywords: Physics, Nanoscale Science and Technology, Nanotechnology and Microengineering, Optical and Electronic Materials, Semiconductors, Nanotechnology

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology
Natural Sciences

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