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New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

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Table of contents

1. High Performance Turning of High Temperature Alloys on Multi-Tasking Machine Tools
Umut Karagüzel, Utku Olgun, Emre Uysal, Erhan Budak, Mustafa Bakkal

2. Impact of Clamping Technology on Horizontal and Vertical Process Chain Performance
Roman Kalocsay, Thomas Bergs, Fritz Klocke

3. Simulation of the NC Milling Process for the Prediction and Prevention of Chatter
S. Odendahl, R. Joliet, E. Ungemach, A. Zabel, P. Kersting, D. Biermann

4. Improved Quality of Drilled Holes in Laminated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics via Laser-Preprocessing
F. Schneider, B. Kirsch, M. Gurka, T. Hermann, J. A. L’huiller, J. C. Aurich

5. Flexible Production of Small Lot Sizes by Incremental Sheet Metal Forming with Two Moving Tools
Christian Magnus, Bolko Buff, Horst Meier

6. Dedicated Machine Tool Development for Blisk Milling
B. Bringmann, R. Bacon, B. Güntert

7. Surface Characterization of Components Subjected to Deep Rolling for Cyclic Loading Applications
A. M. Abrão, B. Breidenstein, T. Mörke, B. Denkena

8. Small-Scaled Modular Design for Aircraft Wings
L. Overmeyer, A. Bentlage

9. Development of Machining Strategies for Aerospace Components, Using Virtual Machining Tools
L. Estman, D. Merdol, K.-G. Brask, V. Kalhori, Y. Altintas

10. Influence of 5-axes-kinematics Geometrical Accuracy in Riblet Manufacturing Processes
Berend Denkena, Jens Köhler, Thomas Krawczyk

11. New Technology for High Speed Cutting of Titanium Alloys
Eberhard Abele, Roland Hölscher

12. Cutting Lightweight Materials with Surface Modified Tools
Frank Barthelmä, Heiko Frank

13. Process Force and Stability Prediction of End Mills with Unequal Helix Angles
R. Grabowski, B. Denkena, J. Köhler

14. High Rate Production of Laminar Wing Covers With Modular “Shoe Box” Tooling
Markus Kleineberg, Matthias Grote

15. Simulation of Residual Stress Related Part Distortion
Berend Denkena, Steven Dreier

16. Increasing Accuracy of Industrial Robots in Machining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
Martin Freising, Simon Kothe, Markus Rott, Hendrik Susemihl, Wolfgang Hintze

17. Production of Customized Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Components Using Laser-Assisted Tape Placement
C. Brecher, M. Emonts, J. Stimpfl, A. Kermer-Meyer

18. Efficient Production of CFRP Lightweight Structures on the Basis of Manufacturing Considerations at an Early Design Stage
B. Denkena, P. Horst, C. Schmidt, M. Behr, J. Krieglsteiner

19. Influence of the Fiber Cutting Angle on Work Piece Temperature in Drilling of Unidirectional CFRP
Wolfgang Hintze, Christoph Schütte, Stefan Steinbach

20. Increase of Process Stability with Innovative Spindle Drives
Wladimir Bickel, Kai M. Litwinski, Berend Denkena

21. Towards a Cax-Framework for Adaptive Programming Using Generic Process Blocks for Manufacturing
Gunter Spöcker, Thomas Bobek, Lothar Glasmacher, Fritz Klocke

22. The Initial Analysis of Ethernet Bus for Monitoring HSM Process in Aerospace Industry
Piotr Szulewski

23. Producing Better Turbines by Using Process Monitoring and Documentation Technologies
Jan Brinkhaus, Martin Eckstein, Joachim Imiela

24. From Fuzzy Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Data to Reliable Capacity Planning
Steffen C. Eickemeyer, Simon Steinkamp, Bernhardt Schuster, Sebastian Schäfer

25. Machine Tool Thermal Errors Reduction for 5-axis Machining of Aircraft Parts
Jerzy Jedrzejewski, Wojciech Kwasny

26. Recycling of Aluminum Chips by Hot Extrusion
Matthias Haase, Andreas Jäger, A. Erman Tekkaya

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Energy Efficiency (incl. Buildings), Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Production Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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