Galavotti, Maria Carla

European Philosophy of Science – Philosophy of Science in Europe and the Viennese Heritage

Galavotti, Maria Carla - European Philosophy of Science – Philosophy of Science in Europe and the Viennese Heritage, ebook


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Table of contents

1. From the Vienna Circle to the Institute Vienna Circle: On the Viennese Heritage in Contemporary Philosophy of Science
Friedrich Stadler

2. A Matter of substance? Gaston Bachelard on chemistry’s philosophical lessons
Cristina Chimisso

3. Carnap’s Aufbau and Physicalism: What Does the “Mutual Reducibility” of Psychological and Physical Objects Amount to?
Thomas Uebel

4. On the Relationship between Neuroscience and Philosophy: the Case of Sleep and Dreaming
Claude Debru

5. (Anti-)Metaphysics in the Thirties And Why Should Anyone Care Now?
Richard Creath

6. Probabilistic Epistemology: A European Tradition
Maria Carla Galavotti

7. Reductionism Today
Michael Esfeld

8. Betting Interpretation and the Problem of Interference
Wlodek Rabinowicz, Lina Eriksson

9. Mathematics and Experience
Ladislav Kvasz

10. GÖdel and Carnap Platonism Versus Conventionalism?
Eckehart Köhler

11. What is the Status of the Hardy-Weinberg Law within Population Genetics?
Pablo Lorenzano

12. Kazimierz Twardowski and the Development of Philosophy of Science in Poland
Jan WoleŃski

13. Vienna Circle on Determinism
Tomasz Placek

14. Infinite Idealizations
John D. Norton

15. Political Polyphony Otto Neurath and Politics reconsidered
Günther Sandner

16. Kelsen’s Legal Positivism and the Challenge of Nazi Law
Herlinde Pauer-Studer

17. Biased Coins A model for higher-order probabilities
Jeanne Peijnenburg, David Atkinson

18. Is Logical Empiricism Compatible With Scientific Realism?
Matthias Neuber

19. Does the Unity of Science have a Future?
Jan Faye

20. Is There a European Philosophy Science? A Wake-up Call
Gereon Wolters

21. Vienna Circle Historiographies
Veronika Hofer, Michael Stöltzner

22. Husserl and Gödel on Mathematical Objects and our Access to them
Dagfinn Føllesdal

23. Logical Empiricism in Historical Perspective. Recent Works on Moritz Schlick
Massimo Ferrari

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy, Modern Philosophy

Publication year
Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook
Page amount
417 pages

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