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Sustainable Automotive Technologies 2013

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Table of contents

Part I. Fuel Transportation and Storage

1. Energy Flux Simulation on a Vehicle Test Bed for Validating the Efficiency of Different Driving and Assistance Systems
S. Geneder, F. Pfister, C. Wilhelm, A. Arnold, P. Scherrmann, H.-P. Dohmen

2. Assessment of the Viability of Vegetable Oil Based Fuels
I. F. Thomas, N. A. Porter, P. Lappas

3. High Pressure Hydrogen Storage System Based on New Hybrid Concept
D. Duschek, J. Wellnitz

4. Risk Optimisation of an Automobile Hydrogen System
J. Meyer

Part II. Material Recycling

5. Finite Element Analysis of Three-Point Bending Test of a Porous Beam Emulating Bone Structure for the Development of Vehicle Side Instrusion Bars
Y. Rui, A. Subic, M. Takla, C. Wang

6. Structural Composite Elements with Special Behaviour
H. Bansemir

7. Patents of Nature
T. Brodbeck

8. Structural Health Monitoring for Carbon Fiber Resin Composite Car Body Structures
S. Herrmann, J. Wellnitz, S. Jahn, S. Leonhardt

9. Material Composition and Revenue Potential of Australian End of Life Vehicles Using Machine-Based Dismantling
E. El Halabi, M. Third, M. Doolan

10. The Usage of Lightweight Materials in Hazardous Areas: Flex-Metal-Mesh
E. Wilhelm, J. Wellnitz

11. A Dynamical Life Cycle Inventory of Steel, Aluminium, and Composite Car Bodies-in-White
P. Stasinopoulos, P. Compston

12. How New Things Come Into The World
T. Brodbeck

Part III. Manufacturing and Management Costs

13. Laser-Assisted Tape Placement of Thermoplastic Composites: The Effect of Process Parameters on Bond Strength
C. M. Stokes-Griffin, P. Compston

14. Sustainability in Automotive Pricing
T. Ruhnau, W. M. Bunzel

15. Conceptual Design Evaluation of Lightweight Load Bearing Structural Assembly for an Automotive Seat Adjuster Mechanism
M. Kajtaz, A. Subic, M. Takla

16. Towards Sustainable Individual Mobility: Challenges and Solutions
W.- P. Schmidt, T. J. Wallington

Part IV. Engines

17. BARM: Bi-Angular Rotation Machine as an External Combustion Machine
B. Schapiro, S. Dunin

18. Audi Future Energies: Balancing Business and Environmental Concerns
P. F. Tropschuh, E. Pham

19. Efficient Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Electro-Thermal Simulation
L. Kostetzer

20. Increasing Sustainability of Road Transport in European Cities and Metropolitan Areas by Facilitating Autonomic Road Transport Systems (ARTS)
J. Schlingensiepen, R. Mehmood, F. C. Nemtanu, M. Niculescu

21. Effect of Heat Treatment on Cylinder Block Bore Distortion
S. K. Akkaladevi

Part V. CO2 Emission Reduction

22. CO2 Emission Reduction: Green Heat Treatment of Engine Components (Cylinder Heads)
M. Belte, D. Dragulin

23. Holistic Approach to Reducing CO2 Emissions Along the Energy-Chain (E-Chain)
M. Bornschlegl, M. Drechsel, S. Kreitlein, J. Franke

24. Battery Second Use: Sustainable Life Cycle Design Through the Extension of Tools Used in the Vehicle Development Process
M. Bowler, J. Weber, D. Bodde, J. Taiber, T. R. Kurfess

25. Novel Latent Heat Storage Devices for Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
Ch. Huber, A. Jossen, R. Kuhn

26. Total Cost of Ownership and Willingness-to-Pay for Private Mobility in Singapore
R. Kochhan, J. Lim, S. Knackfuß, D. Gleyzes, M. Lienkamp

27. Performance Evaluation of Two-Speed Electric Vehicles
P. D. Walker, H. M. Roser, N. Zhang

28. The Project: Sustainability Racing—The Vision: Mobility of the Future
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Josef Endres, C. Habermann

29. The Innotruck Case Study on A Holistic Approach to Electric Mobility
L. Mercep, C. Buitkamp, H. Stähle, G. Spiegelberg, A. Knoll, M. Lienkamp

30. A Literature Review in Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles: Technology and Infrastructure Integration Challenges
A. Gil, J. Taiber

31. Virtual Mock-Up Hybrid Electric Vehicle Development
V. Croitorescu, M. Oprean, J. Anthonis

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Sustainable Development, Transportation, Mechatronics, Engine Technology

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Mobility
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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