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New Trends in Databases and Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. New Trends in Databases and Information Systems: Contributions from ADBIS 2013
Yamine Ait Ameur, Witold Andrzejewski, Ladjel Bellatreche, Barbara Catania, Tania Cerquitelli, Silvia Chiusano, Matteo Golfarelli, Giovanna Guerrini, Krzysztof Kaczmarski, Mirko Kämpf, Alfons Kemper, Tobias Lauer, Boris Novikov, Themis Palpanas, Jaroslav Pokorný, Stefano Rizzi, Athena Vakali

Part I. ADBIS Short Contributions

2. New Ontological Alignment System Based on a Non-monotonic Description Logic
Ratiba Guebaili-Djider, Aicha Mokhtari, Farid Nouioua, Narhimene Boustia, Karima Akli Astouati

3. Spatiotemporal Co-occurrence Rules
Karthik Ganesan Pillai, Rafal A. Angryk, Juan M. Banda, Tim Wylie, Michael A. Schuh

4. R + + -Tree: An Efficient Spatial Access Method for Highly Redundant Point Data
Martin Šumák, Peter Gurský

5. Labeling Association Rule Clustering through a Genetic Algorithm Approach
Renan Padua, Veronica Oliveira Carvalho, Adriane Beatriz Souza Serapião

6. Time Series Queries Processing with GPU Support
Piotr Przymus, Krzysztof Kaczmarski

7. Rule-Based Multi-dialect Infrastructure for Conceptual Problem Solving over Heterogeneous Distributed Information Resources
Leonid Kalinichenko, Sergey Stupnikov, Alexey Vovchenko, Dmitry Kovalev

8. Distributed Processing of XPath Queries Using MapReduce
Matthew Damigos, Manolis Gergatsoulis, Stathis Plitsos

9. A Query Language for Workflow Instance Data
Philipp Baumgärtel, Johannes Tenschert, Richard Lenz

10. When Too Similar Is Bad: A Practical Example of the Solar Dynamics Observatory Content-Based Image-Retrieval System
Juan M. Banda, Michael A. Schuh, Tim Wylie, Patrick McInerney, Rafal A. Angryk

11. Viable Systems Model Based Information Flows
Marite Kirikova, Mara Pudane

12. On Materializing Paths for Faster Recursive Querying
Aleksandra Boniewicz, Piotr Wiśniewski, Krzysztof Stencel

XSLTMark II – A Simple, Extensible and Portable XSLT Benchmark
Viktor Mašíček, Irena Holubová (Mlýnková)

14. ReMoSSA: Reference Model for Specification of Self-adaptive Service-Oriented-Architecture
Sihem Cherif, Raoudha Ben Djemaa, Ikram Amous

15. DSD: A DaaS Service Discovery Method in P2P Environments
Riad Mokadem, Franck Morvan, Chirine Ghedira Guegan, Djamal Benslimane

Part II. Special Session on Big Data: New Trends and Applications

16. Designing Parallel Relational Data Warehouses: A Global, Comprehensive Approach
Soumia Benkrid, Ladjel Bellatreche, Alfredo Cuzzocrea

17. Big Data New Frontiers: Mining, Search and Management of Massive Repositories of Solar Image Data and Solar Events
Juan M. Banda, Michael A. Schuh, Rafal A. Angryk, Karthik Ganesan Pillai, Patrick McInerney

18. Extraction, Sentiment Analysis and Visualization of Massive Public Messages
Jacopo Farina, Mirjana Mazuran, Elisa Quintarelli

19. Desidoo, a Big-Data Application to Join the Online and Real-World Marketplaces
Daniele Apiletti, Fabio Forno

20. GraphDB – Storing Large Graphs on Secondary Memory
Lucas Fonseca Navarro, Ana Paula Appel, Estevam Rafael Hruschka Junior

21. Hadoop on a Low-Budget General Purpose HPC Cluster in Academia
Paolo Garza, Paolo Margara, Nicolò Nepote, Luigi Grimaudo, Elio Piccolo

22. Discovering Contextual Association Rules in Relational Databases
Elisa Quintarelli, Emanuele Rabosio

23. Challenges and Issues on Collecting and Analyzing Large Volumes of Network Data Measurements
Enrico Masala, Antonio Servetti, Simone Basso, Juan Carlos Martin

Part III. Second International Workshop on GPUs in Databases

24. GPU-Accelerated Query Selectivity Estimation Based on Data Clustering and Monte Carlo Integration Method Developed in CUDA Environment
Dariusz Rafal Augustyn, Lukasz Warchal

25. Exploring the Design Space of a GPU-Aware Database Architecture
Sebastian Breß, Max Heimel, Norbert Siegmund, Ladjel Bellatreche, Gunter Saake

26. Dynamic Compression Strategy for Time Series Database Using GPU
Piotr Przymus, Krzysztof Kaczmarski

27. Online Document Clustering Using GPUs
Benjamin E. Teitler, Jagan Sankaranarayanan, Hanan Samet, Marco D. Adelfio

Part IV. Second International Workshop on Ontologies Meet Advanced Information Systems

28. Using the Semantics of Texts for Information Retrieval: A Concept- and Domain Relation-Based Approach
Davide Buscaldi, Marie-Noëlle Bessagnet, Albert Royer, Christian Sallaberry

29. A Latent Semantic Indexing-Based Approach to Determine Similar Clusters in Large-scale Schema Matching
Seham Moawed, Alsayed Algergawy, Amany Sarhan, Ali Eldosouky, Gunter Saake

Poss-SROIQ(D): Possibilistic Description Logic Extension toward an Uncertain Geographic Ontology
Safia Bal Bourai, Aicha Mokhtari, Faiza Khellaf

31. Ontology-Based Context-Aware Social Networks
Maha Maalej, Achraf Mtibaa, Faïez Gargouri

32. Diversity in a Semantic Recommender System
Latifa Baba-Hamed, Magloire Namber

33. Ontology - Driven Observer Pattern
Amrita Chaturvedi, Prabhakar T.V.

Part V. First International Workshop on Social Business Intelligence: Integrating Social Content in Decision Making

34. Towards a Semantic Data Infrastructure for Social Business Intelligence
Rafael Berlanga, María José Aramburu, Dolores M. Llidó, Lisette García-Moya

35. Subjective Business Polarization: Sentiment Analysis Meets Predictive Modeling
Caterina Liberati, Furio Camillo

36. Sentiment Analysis and City Branding
Roberto Grandi, Federico Neri

37. A Case Study for a Collaborative Business Environment in Real Estate
Nicoletta Dessì, Gianfranco Garau

38. OLAP on Information Networks: A New Framework for Dealing with Bibliographic Data
Wararat Jakawat, Cécile Favre, Sabine Loudcher

Part VI. Doctoral Consortium

39. Spatial Indexes for Simplicial and Cellular Meshes
Riccardo Fellegara

40. Mathematical Methods of Tensor Factorization Applied to Recommender Systems
Giuseppe Ricci, Marco Gemmis, Giovanni Semeraro

41. Extended Dynamic Weighted Majority Using Diversity to Handle Drifts
Parneeta Sidhu, M. P. S Bhatia

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Database Management, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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