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Progress in Turbulence V

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Table of contents

1. Statistical Description of Turbulent Flows
Oliver Kamps, Michael Wilczek

2. Extreme Events for Two-Particles Separations in Turbulent Flows
Luca Biferale, A. S. Lanotte, R. Scatamacchia, F. Toschi

3. Higher Order Moments of Velocity Fluctuations and Their Gradients in Turbulent Wall-Jets
Zeinab Pouransari, Luca Biferale, Arne V. Johansson

4. Local and Non-local Interactions in the Batchelor Regime of the Passive Scalar
Robert Rubinstein, Wouter J. T. Bos

5. The KOSL Scaling, Invariant Measure and PDF of Turbulence
Björn Birnir

6. Depression of Nonlinearity and Advection in Isotropic Turbulence
Wouter J. T. Bos, Robert Rubinstein

7. “Symmetries and Conservation Laws” in the Closure Problem of Turbulence
Tomomasa Tatsumi

8. Lie Symmetries of the Lundgren−Monin−Novikov Hierarchy
N. Staffolani, M. Waclawczyk, Martin Oberlack, R. Friedrich, Michael Wilczek

9. An Investigation into Non-linear Growth Rate of 2D and 3D Single-Mode Richtmyer–Meshkov Instability
M. G. Probyn, B. J. R. Thornber

10. DNS of Turbulent By-Pass Transition at the Entrance of a Plane Channel
A. Cadiou, M. Buffat, L. Penven, J. Montagnier

11. Numerical Investigation of the AFRODITE Transition Control Strategy
S. Camarri, J. H. M. Fransson, A. Talamelli

12. Transition to Turbulence Delay Using Miniature Vortex Generators – AFRODITE –
J. H. M. Fransson, S. Shahinfar, S. S. Sattarzadeh, A. Talamelli

13. Large-Scale Structures in High Reynolds Number Wall-Bounded Turbulence
Nicholas Hutchins

14. Study of the Outer Self-regeneration of Turbulence in Wall Flows
A. Cimarelli, Elisabetta Angelis, A. Talamelli, C. M. Casciola

15. Turbulent Boundary Layers in Long Computational Domains
Philipp Schlatter, Qiang Li

16. The Streamwise Turbulence Intensity – A Comparison between Smooth and Rough Wall Turbulent Boundary Layers
A. Segalini, R. Örlü, Ian P. Castro, P. Henrik Alfredsson

17. Influence of Tripping on Spatiotemporal Correlation between Velocity and Wall Pressure in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Masaharu Matsubara, Yasuyuki Sendai, Kounosuke Matsumoto, Taiki Mishiba

18. Turbulent Production and Subgrid Dynamics in Wall Flows
A. Cimarelli, Elisabetta Angelis

19. Revisiting the Near-Wall Scaling of the Streamwise Variance in Turbulent Pipe Flows
S. S. Sattarzadeh, M. Ferro, R. Örlü, P. Henrik Alfredsson

20. Turbulence Control in Plane Couette Flow by Spanwise Reflection Symmetry Breaking
George Khujadze, George Chagelishvili, Martin Oberlack

21. The “Long Pipe” in CICLoPE: A Design for Detailed Turbulence Measurements
A. Talamelli, G. Bellani, A. Rossetti

22. Large Eddy Simulation of Accidental Releases
Bernd Leitl, Denise Hertwig, Frank Harms, Michael Schatzmann, Gopal Patnaik, Jay Boris, Keith Obenschain, Susanne Fischer, Peer Rechenbach

23. Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in Air: How Uniform Is the Local Wall Heat Flux at Finite Aspect Ratio?
Ronald Puits, Robert Kaiser, Johannes Rilk, André Thess

24. A Gas Discharge Normal to a Wake: Experimental Investigation of the Plasma-Flow Interaction
Marco Belan

25. Mixing due Pulsating Turbulent Jets
Holger Grosshans, Alexander Nygård, Laszlo Fuchs

26. DNS of Stable Spatially-Developing Turbulent Thermal Boundary Layers under Weak Stratification
Guillermo Araya, Luciano Castillo, Kenneth Jansen

27. An Experimental Study of a Rotating-Disk Turbulent Boundary-Layer Flow
Shintaro Imayama, R. J. Lingwood, P. Henrik Alfredsson

28. DNS of Rotating Turbulent Plane Poiseuille Flow in Low Reynolds- and Rotation-Number Ranges
Takahiro Ishida, Takahiro Tsukahara, Yasuo Kawaguchi

29. The Characteristics of Turbulence in Curved Pipes under Highly Pulsatile Flow Conditions
A. Kalpakli, R. Örlü, N. Tillmark, P. Henrik Alfredsson

30. Nonlinear Development of Unstable Modes and Formation of Coherent Vortex Structures in Weakly Supercritical Zonal Shear Flows
S. V. Shagalov, G. V. Rybushkina

31. Reactive Continuum Mixtures under the Influence of Electromagnetic Fields
Martina Costa Reis, Adalberto Bono Maurizio Sacchi Bassi

32. Sound Generating Flow Structures in a Thick Orifice Plate Jet
Emma Alenius

33. Sound Generation in Plane Couette Flow: A Failure of Lighthill’s Analogy
Jan-Niklas Hau, George Chagelishvili, George Khujadze, Martin Oberlack, Alexander Tevzadze

34. Using an Inflow Turbulence Generator for Leading Edge Noise Predictions
Thomas P. Lloyd, Mathieu Gruber, Stephen R. Turnock, Victor F. Humphrey

35. A Mixed RANS/LES Model Applied to the Channel Flow
Antonella Abbà, Massimo Germano

36. Model Reduction Based on a Numerical Length Scale Analysis
Niklas Winkler, Laszlo Fuchs

37. A Quasi-optimal Spectral Method for Turbulent Flows in Non-periodic Geometries
Franco Auteri

38. On Subgrid-Scale Model Implementation for a Lee-Wave Turbulent Patch in a Stratified Flow above an Obstacle
Sergey N. Yakovenko, T. Glyn Thomas, Ian P. Castro

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Partial Differential Equations

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Physics
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12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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