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Organized Crime, Corruption and Crime Prevention

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Table of contents

Part I. Crime Prevention

1. Bullying and Juvenile Delinquency: Common Risks, Different Outcomes: How to Prevent Recidivism
Anna Costanza Baldry

2. Script Analysis for Crime Controllers: Extending the Reach of Situational Crime Prevention
Benoit Leclerc

3. The Future of Crime Statistics
Chris Lewis

4. Preventing Crime in the United Arab Emirates
Gloria Laycock

5. Providing Opportunities: A Sixth Column for the Techniques of Situational Crime Prevention
Joshua D. Freilich, Graeme R. Newman

6. Preventing Crime and Evoking Altruism
Ken Pease

7. Policing and the Problem of Trust
Roberto Cornelli

8. Social Capital and Crime
Uberto Gatti

Part II. Measuring, Accessing and Estimating Crime and its Cost

9. Women Victimization Risk of Violence in Poland
Beata Z. Gruszczyńska

10. Criticising Social Indicators
David Nelken

11. Self-Reports as a Measure of Crime? A Theoretical Approach to Understanding its Strengths and Weaknesses
Ineke Haen Marshall

12. How to Record Data on Community Sanctions and Measures and the Work of Probation Agencies across Europe: The Approach of the European Sourcebook
Jörg-Martin Jehle, Stefan Harrendorf

13. Old and New Criminality: Territory, Society and Immigration in Italy
Luigi M. Solivetti

14. Analyzing Bank Robbery in Italy
Marco Dugato

15. Patterns of Theft and Fraud by Employees Against the Commercial Sector in Switzerland and in Italy
Giulia Mugellini, Giang Ly Isenring, Martin Killias

16. Immigrants as Victims of Crime
William F. McDonald

Part III. Corruption, Money Laundering & Economic Crime

17. Prevention of Corruption: Slovenian Perspective
Gorazd Meško, Bojan Dobovšek, Branko Ažman

18. An International Approach Towards Corruption
Hans de Doelder

19. Corruption Dutch style
Hans Nelen

20. Psychology and Psychopathology of White collar crime
Isabella Merzagora, Ambrogio Pennati, Guido Vittorio Travaini

21. Crime, Development and Corruption: Cultural Dynamic—Global Challenge?
Mark Findlay

22. A Review of the Causes and Effects of Corruption in the Economic Analysis
Maurizio Lisciandra

23. When Criminals Invest in Businesses: Are We Looking in the Right Direction? An Exploratory Analysis of Companies Controlled by Mafias
Michele Riccardi

24. A Sociological and Juridical Redefinition of Usury
Sonia Stefanizzi

Part IV. Mafia & Organized Crime

25. Guns and Violence: In Search of Evidence
Anna Alvazzi del Frate

26. Internet Mafias? The Dis-Organisation of Crime on the Internet
David S. Wall

27. Measuring the Presence of the Mafias in Italy
Francesco Calderoni

28. Underground Banking in the Netherlands
Dina Siegel, Henk van de Bunt

29. Choosing a Micro or Macro Perspective for Understanding Organized Crime: The Contributions of Ernesto Savona
Jay S. Albanese

30. The Business of Terrorism
Louise Shelley

31. A Bird’s Eye View on Chinese Organized Crime in North America
Sheldon X. Zhang

32. The Paradoxes of Social Research: Immigration and Criminality in Italy
Stefano Becucci

33. Italian Mafias, Public Procurement and Public Works in Southern Italy
Stefano Caneppele, Sara Martocchia

Part V. Evolution of Criminology

34. Understanding Crime Trends in Italy and Elsewhere
Michael Tonry

35. Evolution of Criminology
Roberto Catanesi, Giovanna Punzi

36. International Collaboration in Criminology
Rosemary Barberet, Tom Ellis

37. The Changing Face of Organised Crime: Can Europol keep up?
Rob Wainwright, Ben Waites

Keywords: Social Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice

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