García-Prada, Juan Carlos

New Trends in Educational Activity in the Field of Mechanism and Machine Theory

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Table of contents

Part I. Mechanism and Machine Science in the Mechanical Engineer Curricula

1. Historical Accounts on the Figure of Engineers and Academic Mission for their Formation
Marco Ceccarelli, Roberto Bragastini

2. Toward a Curriculum in Mechatronics: Two Experiences in Italy and Spain
F. Bonsignorio, L. Bruzzone, P. Fanghella

3. Mechanical Engineering at a Distance: A Review
M. Artés, J. López

4. Basic Projects of Knowledge Integration in the Bachelors’ Degree in Industrial Technology
S. Cardona Foix, L. Jordi Nebot, R. Pàmies-Vilà, P. Català Calderon

5. Content and Realization of Education inMechanism Theory at RWTH Aachen University
S. Kurtenbach, T. Mannheim, M. Hüsing, B. Corves

6. Integration Processes in Engineering Education
V. V. Kuzlyakina

Part II. Mechanism and Machine Science in the Engineer Program: Methodology

7. Learning Through Competitive Environments: Use of Robotic Simulation Environments Combined with Economic Considerations
J. L. Suñer Martínez, F. J. Rubio

8. Service-Learning Projects Based on Dynamic Documentation in Engineering Colleges
J. M. García-Alonso, E. Soriano, I. García-Vicario, H. Rubio

9. Modern Means and Technologies of Training onCourse Theory of Mechanisms and Machines
V. V. Kuzlyakina

10. An Example of Inquiry-Based Learning for Undergraduate Mechanical Vibrations
J. M. Chicharro, A. L. Morales, A. J. Nieto, P. Pintado

11. Application of Techniques Based on Reliability for the Improvement of the Teaching of Mechanisms in Industrial Design
Justo García Sanz-Calcedo, D. Rodríguez Salgado, I. Cambero, J. M. Herrera

Part III. Mechanism and Machine Science in the Engineer Program: Applications and Research

12. Optomechatronics Applications of the Theory of Mechanisms with Active Student Involvement in Research
V.-F. Duma, A. Schitea, M. Tuef, O. Cira, C. Mnerie, Gh. Hutiu, D. Demian, I. Kaposta

13. Teaching Shaft Balancing as a Parameter Estimation Problem
J. Aginaga, X. Iriarte, J. Ros

14. Paradox in the Mechanism Science
K. S. Ivanov, K. Jilisbaeva

15. Modern View on “History of Science” Teachingat Technical Universities
Olga Egorova, Alexander Evgrafov, Valeria Rayushkina

16. Research Lead Student Projects on Multi-Disciplinary Optomechatronics with Applications in Biomedical Imaging
V.-F. Duma, M. L. Negrutiu, C. Sinescu, I. Voiculescu, E. Miutescu, A. Burlea, M. Vlascici, Adrian Gh. Podoleanu

17. Analysis of Dynamic Systems Using Bond Graph and SIMULINK
José Antonio Calvo, Carolina Álvarez-Caldas, José Luis San Román

18. Teaching Machines Tools Operation in Virtual Laboratories of Engineering Faculties
M. J. Martín, F. Martín, C. Bermudo, L. Sevilla

19. Virtual Laboratory Works on Theory ofMechanism and Machine
V. B. Tarabarin, Z. I. Tarabarina, A. G. Feygina

20. Interactive Application for Technical Drawing Learning
C. Álvarez-Caldas, J. A. Calvo, A. Quesada, J. L. San Román

Part IV. Mechanical Engineering Education: New Trends

21. Comparison of Geometry Software for the Analysis in Mechanism Theory
S. Kurtenbach, I. Prause, C. Weigel, B. Corves

22. Kinematic Analysis of Planar Mechanisms byMeans of Examples
M. Urízar, O. Altuzarra, M. Diez, F. J. Campa, E. Macho

23. Teaching Mechanism and Machine Theory with GeoGebra
X. Iriarte, J. Aginaga, J. Ros

24. Enhancing Mechanism and Machine Science Learning by Creating Virtual Labs with ADAMS
J. L. Suñer Martínez, J. Carballeira

25. Using the ThinkMOTION Project Resources for the Teaching of Mechanism and Machine Theory
V. Petuya, C. Pinto, J. Corral, E. Amezua, A. Hernández

26. Experience of Modernization of the Curriculum TMM in St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Alexander Evgrafov, Andrey Khisamov, Olga Egorova

Part V. Mechanical Engineering Education: Experiences

27. The Experience of the University of Oviedo in the Motostudent Competition
A. Noriega, R. Fernández, J. L. Cortizo

28. Application of a Inter-University Competition on the Enhancement of Engineering Degrees
A. Fernández del Rincón, A. de Juan, P. García, M. Iglesias, F. Viadero

29. Making Videos to Engineer Students During the Norwegian Higher Education Reform
E. Villacorta

30. Mechanism Theory in Architecture Education
M. Barej, S. Hoffmann, G. Della Puppa, M. Hüsing, B. Corves, M. Trautz

31. Interdisciplinary Factory Planning in the Education of Mechanical Engineers and Architects
A. Kampker, M. Trautz, S. Kamp, I. Leufgens

32. Knowledge Pills for Teaching of Mechanism and Machine Theory
C. Casqueiro, R. Maceiras, A. Suárez

33. Evolution of the Supervised Work in Machine and Mechanism Theory at ETSEIB
S. Cardona Foix, L. Jordi Nebot, R. Pàmies-Vilà, P. Català Calderón

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Science Education

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Mechanisms and Machine Science
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12 pages
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