Mowatt-Larssen, Eric

Phlebology, Vein Surgery and Ultrasonography

Mowatt-Larssen, Eric - Phlebology, Vein Surgery and Ultrasonography, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Basic Sciences

1. Anatomy
Brian S. Knipp, David L. Gillespie

2. Pathophysiology of Reflux
Sergio Gianesini, Paolo Zamboni

3. Presentation of Chronic Venous Disease
Michael A. Vasquez, Cary Munschauer

4. Reflux Management
Daniel F. Geersen, Eric Mowatt-Larssen

Part II. Vein Testing

5. Ultrasound Physics
Frank R. Miele

6. Ultrasound for Reflux
Joseph A. Zygmunt

7. Ultrasound for Phlebology Procedures
Diana L. Neuhardt

8. Physiologic Testing
Julianne Stoughton

9. Conventional and Cross-Sectional Venography
Charles Y. Kim, Carlos J. Guevara

Part III. Superficial Vein Therapy

10. Endovenous Thermal Ablation
Mark N. Isaacs

11. Chemical Superficial Vein Ablation
Nick Morrison

12. Surgical Techniques
Marc A. Passman

13. Transcutaneous Laser Vein Ablation
Joyce Jackson, Craig F. Feied

Part IV. Non-Superficial Veins

14. Perforator Veins
Elna M. Masuda, Darcy M. Kessler

15. Upper Deep Vein Disease
Sapan S. Desai, Eric Mowatt-Larssen, Mitchell Cox

16. Lower Deep Vein Disease
Jovan N. Markovic, Mitchell Cox

17. Low-Flow Vascular Malformations
Jovan N. Markovic, Cynthia K. Shortell

Part V. Thrombosis

18. Ultrasound for Thrombosis
Jennifer Heller

19. Superficial Venous Thrombophlebitis
Marlin W. Schul

20. Deep Vein Thrombosis
Sapan S. Desai, Eric Mowatt-Larssen, Ali Azizzadeh

21. Anticoagulation for Venous Thromboembolism
Thomas L. Ortel

22. Thrombophilias
Stephanie M. Dentoni

Part VI. Special Topics

23. Lymphedema
James Laredo, Byung Boong Lee

24. Venous Leg Ulcers
Robert B. McLafferty

25. Biostatistics
Elaheh Rahbar, Sapan S. Desai, Eric Mowatt-Larssen, Mohammad Hossein Rahbar

26. Vein Anesthesia
David O. Joseph, Jessica L. Myers, Eugene W. Moretti

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Vascular Surgery

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