Abraham, Ajith

Innovations in Bio-inspired Computing and Applications

Abraham, Ajith - Innovations in Bio-inspired Computing and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Power Output Models of Ordinary Differential Equations by Polynomial and Recurrent Neural Networks
Ladislav Zjavka, Václav Snášel

2. An Experimental Analysis of Reservoir Parameters of the Echo State Queueing Network Model
Sebastián Basterrech, Václav Snášel, Gerardo Rubino

3. Measuring Phenotypic Structural Complexity of Artificial Cellular Organisms
Stefano Nichele, Gunnar Tufte

4. Fuzzy Rules and SVM Approach to the Estimation of Use Case Parameters
Svatopluk Štolfa, Jakub Štolfa, Pavel Krömer, Ondřej Koběrský, Martin Kopka, Václav Snášel

5. Multi Objective Optimization Strategy Suitable for Virtual Cells as a Service
Ibrahim Kabiru Musa, Walker Stuart

6. An Application of Process Mining to Invoice Verification Process in SAP
Jakub Štolfa, Martin Kopka, Svatopluk Štolfa, Ondřej Koběrský, Václav Snášel

7. Emergent Induction of Deterministic Context-Free L-system Grammar
Ryohei Nakano

8. Double Expert System for Monitoring and Re-adaptation of PID Controllers
Jana Nowaková, Miroslav Pokorný

9. Multiplier System in the Tile Assembly Model with Reduced Tileset-Size
Xiwen Fang, Xuejia Lai

10. A Bézier Curve-Based Approach for Path Planning in Robot Soccer
Jie Wu, Václav Snášel

11. Adaptively Nearest Feature Point Classifier for Face Recognition
Qingxiang Feng, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Lijun Yan, Tien-Szu Pan

12. Comparison of Classification Algorithms for Physical Activity Recognition
Tomáš Peterek, Marek Penhaker, Petr Gajdoš, Pavel Dohnálek

13. Modular Algorithm in Tile Self-assembly Model
Xiwen Fang, Xuejia Lai

14. LLLA: New Efficient Channel Assignment Method in Wireless Mesh Networks
Mohammad Shojafar, Zahra Pooranian, Mahdi Shojafar, Ajith Abraham

15. Binary Matrix Pseudo-division and Its Applications
Aleš Keprt

16. Nature Inspired Phenotype Analysis with 3D Model Representation Optimization
Lu Cao, Fons J. Verbeek

17. Multi-class SVM Based Classification Approach for Tomato Ripeness
Esraa Elhariri, Nashwa El-Bendary, Mohamed Mostafa M. Fouad, Jan Platoš, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Ahmed M. M. Hussein

18. Solving Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem with Real Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery Using Differential Evolution
Eshetie Berhan, Pavel Krömer, Daniel Kitaw, Ajith Abraham, Václav Snášel

19. An Intelligent Multi-agent Recommender System
Mahmood A. Mahmood, Nashwa El-Bendary, Jan Platoš, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Hesham A. Hefny

20. Geodata Scale Restriction Using Genetic Algorithm
Jiří Dvorský, Vít Pászto, Lenka Skanderová

21. Principal Component Analysis Neural Network Hybrid Classification Approach for Galaxies Images
Mohamed Abd. Elfattah, Nashwa El-Bendary, Mohamed A. Abou Elsoud, Jan Platoš, Aboul Ella Hassanien

22. Comparison of Crisp, Fuzzy and Possibilistic Threshold in Spatial Queries
Jan Caha, Alena Vondráková, Jiří Dvorský

23. Visualizing Clusters in the Photovoltaic Power Station Data by Sammon’s Projection
Martin Radvanský, Miloš Kudělka, Václav Snášel

24. Rough Power Set Tree for Feature Selection and Classification: Case Study on MRI Brain Tumor
Waleed Yamany, Nashwa El-Bendary, Hossam M. Zawbaa, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Václav Snášel

25. The Nelder-Mead Simplex Method with Variables Partitioning for Solving Large Scale Optimization Problems
Ahmed Fouad Ali, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Václav Snášel

26. SVM-Based Classification for Identification of Ice Types in SAR Images Using Color Perception Phenomena
Parthasarty Subashini, Marimuthu Krishnaveni, Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, Dieter Roller

27. Evaluation of Electrocardiographic Leads and Establishing Significance Intra-individuality
Marek Penhaker, Monika Darebnikova, Frantisek Jurek, Martin Augustynek

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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