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Recent Advances in Intelligent Informatics

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Table of contents

1. A Comparative Study on Feature Selection for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Ant Colony System
Ahmed H. Asad, Ahmad Taher Azar, Aboul Ella Otifey Hassaanien

2. Human Skin Segmentation in Color Images Using Gaussian Color Model
Ravi Subban, Richa Mishra

3. An Improved Local Statistics Filter for Denoising of SAR Images
Vikrant Bhateja, Anubhav Tripathi, Anurag Gupta

4. Multisession Video Packet Scheduling
R. Arockia Xavier Annie, Murugesan Anitha, P. Yogesh

5. Mathematical Morphology Based Fovea Center Detection Using Retinal Fundus Images
Ganapatsingh Rajaput, Bharati Reshmi

6. Speaker Recognition Using MFCC and Hybrid Model of VQ and GMM
Dhruv Desai, Maulin Joshi

7. Image Restoration Based on Scene Adaptive Patch In-painting for Tampered Natural Scenes
Ravi Subban, Subramanyam Muthukumar, P. Pasupathi

8. An Impact of Complex Hybrid Color Space in Image Segmentation
K. Mahantesh, V. N. Manjunath Aradhya, S. K. Niranjan

9. Natural Color Image Enhancement Based on Modified Multiscale Retinex Algorithm and Performance Evaluation Using Wavelet Energy
M. C. Hanumantharaju, M. Ravishankar, D. R. Rameshbabu

10. Multiple Moving Object Recognitions in Video Based on Log Gabor-PCA Approach
M. T. Gopalakrishna, M. Ravishankar, D. R. Rameshbabu

11. Off-Line Signature Verification Based on Principal Component Analysis and Multi-Layer Perceptrons
B. H. Shekar, R. K. Bharathi

12. Gradual Transition Detection Based on Fuzzy Logic Using Visual Attention Model
Amudha Joseph, P. Naresh Kumar

13. Some Constructions of T-Direct Codes over GF(2
R. S. Raja Durai, Meenakshi Devi

14. Weighted Optimization of Various Parameters for Droplet Routing in Digital Microfluidic Biochips
Indrajit Pan, Tuhina Samanta

15. Phoneme-Based Recognizer to Assist Reading the Holy Quran
Yahya Ould Mohamed Elhadj, Mansour Alghamdi, Mohammad Alkanhal

16. A Secure Two Party Hierarchical Clustering Approach for Vertically Partitioned Data Set with Accuracy Measure
Ipsa De, Animesh Tripathy

17. Document Classification: An Approach Using Feature Clustering
B. S. Harish, B. Udayasri

18. Classification Approach Based on Rough Mereology
Mahmood A. Mahmood, Nashwa El-Bendary, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Hesham A. Hefny

19. Boosting Text Classification through Stemming of Composite Words
Marenglen Biba, Eva Gjati

20. Sentiment Analysis through Machine Learning: An Experimental Evaluation for Albanian
Marenglen Biba, Mersida Mane

21. Classification of Text Documents Using Adaptive Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
B. S. Harish, Bhanu Prasad, B. Udayasri

22. Information and Relation Extraction for Semantic Annotation of eBook Texts
Ashraf Uddin, Rajesh Piryani, Vivek Kumar Singh

23. Indexing Large Class Handwritten Character Database
D. S. Guru, V. N. Manjunath Aradhya

24. Text Classification of Kannada Webpages Using Various Pre-processing Agents
N. Deepamala, P. Ramakanth Kumar

25. A Novel Agglomerative Hierarchical Approach for Clustering in Medical Databases
Yogita Thakran, Durga Toshniwal

26. Accessibility Issues in Learning Management Systems for Learning Disabled: A Survey
Zainab Pirani, M. Sasikumar

27. Mutagenicity Analysis Based on Rough Set Theory and Formal Concept Analysis
Mostafa A. Salama, Mohamed Mostafa M. Fouad, Nashwa El-Bendary, Aboul Ella Otifey Hassanien

28. Particle Swarm Optimization with Lévy Flight and Adaptive Polynomial Mutation in gbest Particle
Nanda Dulal Jana, Jaya Sil

29. Enhanced MRAC Based Parallel Cascade Control Strategy for Unstable Process with Application to a Continuous Bioreactor
Rangaswamy Karthikeyan, Bhargav Chava, Karthik Koneru, Syam Sundar Varma Godavarthi, Shikha Tripathi, K. V. V. Murthy

30. Fuzzy Fractional Order PID Based Parallel Cascade Control System
Rangaswamy Karthikeyan, Sreekanth Pasam, Sandu Sudheer, Vallabhaneni Teja, Shikha Tripathi

31. A Novel Fault Detection and Replacement Scheme in WSN
Indrajit Banerjee, Anirban Datta, Sonalisa Pal, Soujanya Chatterjee, Tuhina Samanta

32. Mobile Sink Management for Nonuniformly Distributed Sensor Node Coverage Using a Game Theoretic Approach
Santanu Datta, Indrajit Banerjee, Tuhina Samanta

33. Pricing of Cloud IaaS Based on Feature Prioritization - A Value Based Approach
Arpan Kumar Kar, Atanu Rakshit

34. Energy Efficient Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network
R. Annie Uthra, S. V. Kasmir Raja

35. Energy Scavenging Based HybridGSM Model for Mobile Towers
Sonal Yadav, Manoj Singh Gaur, Vijay Laxmi

36. Discrete Bacteria Foraging Optimization Algorithm for Vehicle Distribution Optimization in Graph Based Road Network Management
Chiranjib Sur, Anupam Shukla

37. Survey of Influential User Identification Techniques in Online Social Networks
Roshan Rabade, Nishchol Mishra, Sanjeev Sharma

38. k-Fault Tolerant Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Network
Suman Bhowmik, Deepsikha Basu, Chandan Giri

39. Selection of On-line Features for Peer-to-Peer Network Traffic Classification
Haitham A. Jamil, Aliyu Mohammed, A. Hamza, Sulaiman M. Nor, Muhammad Nadzir Marsono

40. Real Time Insignificant Shadow Extraction from Natural Sceneries
Subramanyam Muthukumar, Ravi Subban, Nallaperumal Krishnan, P. Pasupathi

41. Burning Ship and Its Quasi Julia Images Using Mann Iteration
Shafali Agarwal, Ashish Negi

42. A Computationally Faster Randomized Algorithm for NP-Hard Controller Design Problem
M. Jerome Moses, Ayyagari Ramakalyan

43. An Exploration of Wavelet Transform and Level Set Method for Text Detection in Images and Video Frames
V. N. Manjunath Aradhya, M. S. Pavithra, S. K. Niranjan

44. Alamouti Space Time Coded Design for OFDMA Systems Based Layered FFT Structure
T. Deepa, R. Kumar

45. Novel SVD Based Character Recognition Approach for Malayalam Language Script
S. Sachin Kumar, K. Manjusha, K. P. Soman

46. Experimentation and Analysis of Time Series Data for Rescue Robotics
Radhakrishnan Gopalapillai, Deepa Gupta, T. S. B. Sudarshan

47. Human Face Recognition Biometric Techniques: Analysis and Review
Ravi Subban, Dattatreya P. Mankame

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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