Babich, Babette

The Multidimensionality of Hermeneutic Phenomenology

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Table of contents

Part I. Science, Cognition, Hermeneutics, and Lifeworld

1. A Paradox of Cognition
Nicholas Rescher

2. The Articulation of a Scientific Domain from the Viewpoint of Hermeneutic Phenomenology: The Case of Vectorial Metabolism
Dimitri Ginev

3. One Cognitive Style Among Others: Towards a Phenomenology of the Lifeworld and of Other Experiences
Gregor Schiemann

4. The Infinite Science of the Lifeworld: Steps Toward a Postfoundational Phenomenology
Giovanni Leghissa

5. Hermeneutics in the Field: The Philosophy of Geology
Robert Frodeman

6. The Metroscape: Phenomenology of Measurement
Robert P. Crease

Part II. Hermeneutic and Phenomenological Philosophy of Science and Technology

7. Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and Hermeneutical Phenomenology
Patrick Aidan Heelan

8. Die ewige Wiederkunft wissenschaftlich betrachtet. Oskar Beckers Nietzscheinterpretation im Kontext
Michael Stöltzner

9. Heidegger and Our Twenty-first Century Experience of Ge-Stell
Theodore Kisiel

10. Constellating Technology: Heidegger’s Die Gefahr/The Danger

Babette Babich

11. Heidegger and the Reversed Order of Science and Technology
Lin Ma, Jaap Brakel

12. Logos and the Essence of Technology
Holger Schmid

Part III. Philosophical Truth and Hermeneutic Aesthetics

13. On the Manifold Meaning of Truth in Aristotle
Graeme Nicholson

14. The Twofold Character of Truth: Heidegger, Davidson, Tugendhat
Jeff Malpas

15. What Can Philosophy of Science Learn from Hermeneutics: and What Can Hermeneutics Learn from Philosophy of Science? With an Excursus on Botticelli
Jan Faye

16. The Classical Notion of Person and Its Criticism by Modern Philosophy
Enrico Berti

Part IV. Hermeneutic Science and First Philosophy, Theology and the Universe

17. Philosophie des sciences et philosophie première
Pierre Kerszberg

18. A Re-Reading of Heidegger’s “Phenomenology and Theology”
Adriaan T. Peperzak

19. The Remainders of Faith: On Karl Löwith’s Conception of Secularization
Rodolphe Gasché

20. The Hermeneutics of God, the Universe, and Everything
Simon Glynn

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Religious Studies, Philosophy of Technology

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Contributions to Phenomenology
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35 pages

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