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Geospatial Technologies and Climate Change

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Table of contents

Part I. Geospatial Technologies as Impact Assessment Tools in Scoping and Monitoring the Impact of Climate Change

1. Climate Change Around the World: Australia, the Netherlands, and India
Rob Roggema

2. Dust Storms and Their Influence on Atmospheric Parameters over the Indo-Gangetic Plains
Ramesh P. Singh

3. Impact of Climate Change on Coral Reefs
Nandini Ray Chaudhury, Ajai

4. Landslide Disaster Management
Bhoop Singh

5. Studies of Mangrove Regeneration in the Tsunami-Affected Area of Port Blair, South Andaman, India, Using In Situ and Remote Sensing Techniques
P. M. Mohan, M. Vijayakumar, P. Dhivya, V. Sachithanandam, R. Baskaran

6. Phyto- and Zooplankton Community Assemblages of the Car Nicobar Islands, Andaman Sea, India, and its Significance with Climatic Change
P. M. Mohan, P. Priscilla, P. Dhivya, V. Sachithanandam, N. Saravanane

7. Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Landslide Hazard Zonation
Pankaj Gupta, J. Sundaresan

Part II. Geospatial Technologies as Decision Support Tools in Planning for Adaptation and Mitigation

8. Swarm Planning for Climate Change: How Transformations Can Be Achieved
Rob Roggema

9. Maps, Knowledge and Resilience: Application of ArcGIS in Building Small Islands’ Resilience to Climate Change
Andrea Déri

10. Application of Remote Sensing in Fisheries: Role of Potential Fishing Zone Advisories
Gaihiamngam Kamei, Jasmin F. Felix, Latha Shenoy, S. P. Shukla, H. Mandakini Devi

11. Application of Geo-spatial Technologies in Coastal Vulnerability Studies Due to Sea Level Rise (SLR) Along the Central Orissa Coast, India
R. Mani Murali

Part III. Geospatial Technologies: Exploring Their Technical Potential in Climate Change Research

12. Satellite Geoid/Gravity for Offshore Exploration
T. J. Majumdar

13. Ultra-high Resolution Global Model Climate Change Projection for India: Towards a Data Intensive Paradigm
K. Rajendran, A. Kitoh, S. Sajani

14. DGPS Principles, Errors, and Achievable Accuracies
E. C. Malaimani

15. Fundamentals of Geographical Information System (GIS), Map Sources, and Digital Map Preparation
Neelam J. Gupta

16. Generation of Geomorphometric Information Using Satellite Images for Climate Change Impact Studies
S. Sreekesh

17. Remote Sensing Basics
K. M. Santosh, J. Sundaresan

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth System Sciences, Climatology, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences

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Geotechnologies and the Environment
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16 pages
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