Schmidt, Stefan

Meditation – Neuroscientific Approaches and Philosophical Implications

Schmidt, Stefan - Meditation – Neuroscientific Approaches and Philosophical Implications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Laying Out the Field of Meditation Research
Stefan Schmidt, Harald Walach

2. Towards an Epistemology of Inner Experience
Harald Walach

3. The Meditative Approach to Awaken Selfless Insight-Wisdom
James H. Austin

4. Meditation as First-Person Methodology: Real Promise—and Problems
Jonathan Shear

5. Using First-Person Reports During Meditation to Investigate Basic Cognitive Experience
Wendy Hasenkamp

6. I Am I From Moment to Moment: Methods and Results of Grasping Intersubjective and Intertemporal Neurophysiological Differences During Meditation States
Thilo Hinterberger

7. Does Neuroimaging Provide Evidence of Meditation-Mediated Neuroplasticity?
Shawn S. Clausen, Cindy C. Crawford, John A. Ives

8. Opening Up Meditation for Science: The Development of a Meditation Classification System
Stefan Schmidt

9. The Neurobiology of Meditation and Mindfulness
Tobias Esch

10. Meditation Effects in the Social Domain: Self-Other Connectedness as a General Mechanism?
Fynn-Mathis Trautwein, José Raúl Naranjo, Stefan Schmidt

11. Mindfulness Meditation and the Experience of Time
Marc Wittmann, Stefan Schmidt

12. Meditation and Hypnosis at the Intersection Between Phenomenology and Cognitive Science
Michael Lifshitz, Emma P. Cusumano, Amir Raz

13. Insights from Quiet Minds: The Converging Fields of Mindfulness and Mind-Wandering
Michael D. Mrazek, Benjamin W. Mooneyham, Jonathan W. Schooler

14. Can Contemplative Science Bring Meditation to (Western) Life?
Norman A. S. Farb

15. Spiritual Phenomena as Public Goods: Exploring Meditation Beyond the Standard Model
Torkel Falkenberg

16. Does Meditation Give Us Unique Insight into Ultimate Reality? The Ethical Aim of Buddhism
Hoyt L. Edge

17. God or Ultimate Reality in Theory and Practice: A Philosophical Analysis
Anne L. C. Runehov

18. The Concept of Tri-Guna: A Working Model
Maika Puta, Peter Sedlmeier

19. Meditation: A Link to Spirituality and Health. A Novel Approach to a Human Consciousness Field Experiment
Eduard Wijk, John Ackerman, Roeland Wijk

20. Mindfulness in German Schools (MISCHO): A Specifically Tailored Training Program: Concept, Implementation and Empirical Results
Vera Kaltwasser, Sebastian Sauer, Niko Kohls

Keywords: Psychology, Neuropsychology, Philosophy of Science, Religious Studies

Publication year
Studies in Neuroscience, Consciousness and Spirituality

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