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Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery

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Table of contents

Part I. AREA Statistics and Data Analysis: Classification, Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis and Model Selection

1. On Limiting Donor Usage for Imputation of Missing Data via Hot Deck Methods
Udo Bankhofer, Dieter William Joenssen

2. The Most Dangerous Districts of Dortmund
Tim Beige, Thomas Terhorst, Claus Weihs, Holger Wormer

3. Benchmarking Classification Algorithms on High-Performance Computing Clusters
Bernd Bischl, Julia Schiffner, Claus Weihs

4. Visual Models for Categorical Data in Economic Research
Justyna Brzezińska

5. How Many Bee Species? A Case Study in Determining the Number of Clusters
Christian Hennig

6. Two-Step Linear Discriminant Analysis for Classification of EEG Data
Nguyen Hoang Huy, Stefan Frenzel, Christoph Bandt

7. Predictive Validity of Tracking Decisions: Application of a New Validation Criterion
Florian Klapproth, Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt, Thomas Hörstermann, Romain Martin

8. DDα-Classification of Asymmetric and Fat-Tailed Data
Tatjana Lange, Karl Mosler, Pavlo Mozharovskyi

9. The Alpha-Procedure: A Nonparametric Invariant Method for Automatic Classification of Multi-Dimensional Objects
Tatjana Lange, Pavlo Mozharovskyi

10. Support Vector Machines on Large Data Sets: Simple Parallel Approaches
Oliver Meyer, Bernd Bischl, Claus Weihs

11. Soft Bootstrapping in Cluster Analysis and Its Comparison with Other Resampling Methods
Hans-Joachim Mucha, Hans-Georg Bartel

12. Dual Scaling Classification and Its Application in Archaeometry
Hans-Joachim Mucha, Hans-Georg Bartel, Jens Dolata

13. Gamma-Hadron-Separation in the MAGIC Experiment
Tobias Voigt, Roland Fried, Michael Backes, Wolfgang Rhode

Part II. AREA Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery: Clustering, Classifiers, Streams and Social Networks

14. Implementing Inductive Concept Learning For Cooperative Query Answering
Maheen Bakhtyar, Nam Dang, Katsumi Inoue, Lena Wiese

15. Clustering Large Datasets Using Data Stream Clustering Techniques
Matthew Bolaños, John Forrest, Michael Hahsler

16. Feedback Prediction for Blogs
Krisztian Buza

17. Spectral Clustering: Interpretation and Gaussian Parameter
Sandrine Mouysset, Joseph Noailles, Daniel Ruiz, Clovis Tauber

18. On the Problem of Error Propagation in Classifier Chains for Multi-label Classification
Robin Senge, Juan José Coz, Eyke Hüllermeier

19. Statistical Comparison of Classifiers for Multi-objective Feature Selection in Instrument Recognition
Igor Vatolkin, Bernd Bischl, Günter Rudolph, Claus Weihs

Part III. AREA Data Analysis and Classification in Marketing

20. The Dangers of Using Intention as a Surrogate for Retention in Brand Positioning Decision Support Systems
Michel Ballings, Dirk Poel

21. Multinomial SVM Item Recommender for Repeat-Buying Scenarios
Christina Lichtenthäler, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

22. Predicting Changes in Market Segments Based on Customer Behavior
Anneke Minke, Klaus Ambrosi

23. Symbolic Cluster Ensemble based on Co-Association Matrix versus Noisy Variables and Outliers
Marcin Pełka

24. Image Feature Selection for Market Segmentation: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches
Susanne Rumstadt, Daniel Baier

25. The Validity of Conjoint Analysis: An Investigation of Commercial Studies Over Time
Sebastian Selka, Daniel Baier, Peter Kurz

26. Solving Product Line Design Optimization Problems Using Stochastic Programming
Sascha Voekler, Daniel Baier

Part IV. AREA Data Analysis in Finance

27. On the Discriminative Power of Credit Scoring Systems Trained on Independent Samples
Miguel Biron, Cristián Bravo

28. A Practical Method of Determining Longevity and Premature-Death Risk Aversion in Households and Some Proposals of Its Application
Lukasz Feldman, Radoslaw Pietrzyk, Pawel Rokita

29. Correlation of Outliers in Multivariate Data
Bartosz Kaszuba

30. Value-at-Risk Backtesting Procedures Based on Loss Functions: Simulation Analysis of the Power of Tests
Krzysztof Piontek

Part V. AREA Data Analysis in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

31. Rank Aggregation for Candidate Gene Identification
Andre Burkovski, Ludwig Lausser, Johann M. Kraus, Hans A. Kestler

32. Unsupervised Dimension Reduction Methods for Protein Sequence Classification
Dominik Heider, Christoph Bartenhagen, J. Nikolaj Dybowski, Sascha Hauke, Martin Pyka, Daniel Hoffmann

33. Three Transductive Set Covering Machines
Florian Schmid, Ludwig Lausser, Hans A. Kestler

Part VI. AREA Interdisciplinary Domains: Data Analysis in Music, Education and Psychology

34. Tone Onset Detection Using an Auditory Model
Nadja Bauer, Klaus Friedrichs, Dominik Kirchhoff, Julia Schiffner, Claus Weihs

35. A Unifying Framework for GPR Image Reconstruction
Andre Busche, Ruth Janning, Tomáš Horváth, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

36. Recognition of Musical Instruments in Intervals and Chords
Markus Eichhoff, Claus Weihs

37. ANOVA and Alternatives for Causal Inferences
Sonja Hahn

38. Testing Models for Medieval Settlement Location
Irmela Herzog

39. Supporting Selection of Statistical Techniques
Kay F. Hildebrand

40. Alignment Methods for Folk Tune Classification
Ruben Hillewaere, Bernard Manderick, Darrell Conklin

41. Comparing Regression Approaches in Modelling Compensatory and Noncompensatory Judgment Formation
Thomas Hörstermann, Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt

42. Sensitivity Analyses for the Mixed Coefficients Multinomial Logit Model
Daniel Kasper, Ali Ünlü, Bernhard Gschrey

43. Confidence Measures in Automatic Music Classification
Hanna Lukashevich

44. Using Latent Class Models with Random Effects for Investigating Local Dependence
Matthias Trendtel, Ali Ünlü, Daniel Kasper, Sina Stubben

45. The OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Study: A Review of Its Basic Psychometric Concepts
Ali Ünlü, Daniel Kasper, Matthias Trendtel, Michael Schurig

46. Music Genre Prediction by Low-Level and High-Level Characteristics
Igor Vatolkin, Günther Rötter, Claus Weihs

Part VII. LIS WORKSHOP: Workshop on Classification and Subject Indexing in Library and Information Science

47. Using Clustering Across Union Catalogues to Enrich Entries with Indexing Information
Magnus Pfeffer

48. Text Mining for Ontology Construction
Silke Rehme, Michael Schwantner

49. Data Enrichment in Discovery Systems Using Linked Data
Dominique Ritze, Kai Eckert

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Marketing, Finance/Investment/Banking, Biostatistics, General Psychology

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Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
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21 pages
Natural Sciences

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