Barber, Michael

The Interrelation of Phenomenology, Social Sciences and the Arts

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michael Barber, Jochen Dreher

Part I. Aesthetics and the Social Sciences

2. Irrelevant Spheres and Vacancies of Artworks: Phenomenological Aesthetics Revisited
Masato Kimura

3. Cultural Science in Literary Light
Lester Embree

4. Projection, Imagination, and Novelty: Towards a Theory of Creative Action Based on Schutz
Hubert Knoblauch

5. Imagination and the Social Sciences
Hisashi Nasu

6. Functional Purposelessness: The “Practical Meaning” of Aesthetics
Hans-Georg Soeffner

7. Art as a Paradoxical Form of Communication
Ilja Srubar

8. When Sociology Meets the Work of Art: Analytical Frameworks to Study Artistic Production and Reception
Anna Lisa Tota

Part II. Literature

9. Crossing the Finite Provinces of Meaning: Experience and Metaphorizing of Literature and Arts
Gerd Sebald

10. Sancho Panza and Don Quixote: The Documentary and the Phenomenological Methods of Analyzing Works of Art
Amalia Barboza

11. Literature as Societal Therapy: Appresentation, Epoché, and Beloved

Michael Barber

The Man Without Qualities and the Problem of Multiple Realities: Alfred Schutz and Robert Musil Revisited
Martin Endress

13. Entangled into Histories or the Narrative Grounds of Multiple Realities
Annette Hilt

14. “The Universe that Others Call the Library”: Reconstructing the Symbolic Mystifications of the World of Everyday Life
Jochen Dreher

Part III. Music

15. The Tuning-in Relationship: From a Social Theory of Music Towards a Philosophical Understanding of Intersubjectivity
Carlos Belvedere

16. Mutual Tuning-In Relationships and Phenomenological Psychology
Chung-Chi Yu

17. Music, Meaning, and Sociality: From the Standpoint of a Social Phenomenologist
Andreas Goettlich

18. Artistic Practice, Methodology, and Subjectivity: The “I Can” as Practical Possibility and Original Consciousness
Andreas Georg Stascheit

19. Musical Foundation of Interaction: Music as Intermediary Medium
Mototaka Mori

Part IV. Film and Photography

20. Interpreting Film: The Case of Casablanca
George Psathas

21. A Phenomenological Inquiry of Rashomon

Ken’ichi Kawano

22. The Art of Making Photos: Some Phenomenological Reflections
Thomas S. Eberle

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Interdisciplinary Studies

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Contributions to Phenomenology
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7 pages

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