Rötzscher, Klaus

Forensic and Legal Dentistry

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Table of contents

Part I. History

1. History of Forensic and Legal Dentistry
Klaus Rötzscher

2. History of Legal Odontology in Argentina
Oscar Heit

3. History of Forensic Odontology and DVI in Australia
Jane Taylor, Russell Lain, William O’Reilly

4. The Role of Dentists in Indonesian Disaster Victim Identification Operations
Peter Sahelangi

Part II. Legal Dentistry

5. Liability in Dentistry: Belgium
Yvo Vermylen

6. Aspects of Swiss Dental Law
Bernhard Knell

7. Dental Law in France
Charles Georget

8. Dentist’s Responsibility and Jurisprudence in Norway and Other Nordic Countries
Tore Solheim

9. Dental Law in Finland
Hannu Mäkelä

10. Forensic Odontology in the United Kingdom
Ian R. Hill, James Hardy

11. Legal Aspects Related to Healthcare Insurance, Dental Practitioners, and Forensic Odontologists in South Africa
Herman Bernitz

12. Argentinean Society of Legal Odontology and Forensic Odontologist Association of South America
Oscar Heit

13. Dentistry and Forensic Odontology in Australia: A Brief Overview
Jane Taylor, Russell Lain, William O’Reilly

14. Dental Law in the United States of America
Joseph P. Graskemper

15. Dental Law in Germany
Klaus Rötzscher, Günter Seifert, Rolf Singer

16. Child Maltreatment
Jean-Marc Hutt

Part III. Forensic Dentistry

17. Preliminary Comments
Klaus Rötzscher

18. Clinical Results
Klaus Rötzscher

19. Age Estimation
Klaus Rötzscher

20. Identification
Klaus Rötzscher, Dieter Leopold

21. Organization of Identification
Klaus Rötzscher, Eddy Valck

22. Clinical Postmortem Findings
Klaus Rötzscher, Tore Solheim, Claus Grundmann

23. Bite Marks and Tooth Marks
Klaus Rötzscher, Wolfgang Pilz, Tore Solheim

24. Lip Marks
Klaus Rötzscher, Wolfgang Pilz

Keywords: Dentistry, Dentistry, Forensic Medicine

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