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Design Thinking Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Christoph Meinel, Larry Leifer

Part I. All Design Activity Is Ultimately Social in Nature

2. Student Teams in Search of Design Thinking
Shelley Goldman, Zandile Kabayadondo, Adam Royalty, Maureen P. Carroll, Bernard Roth

3. Team Cognition and Reframing Behavior: The Impact of Team Cognition on Problem Reframing, Team Dynamics and Design Performance
Greg Kress, Joel Sadler

4. Early and Repeated Exposure to Examples Improves Creative Work
Chinmay Kulkarni, Steven P. Dow, Scott R Klemmer

5. Impact and Sustainability of Creative Capacity Building: The Cognitive, Behavioral, and Neural Correlates of Increasing Creative Capacity
Grace Hawthorne, Eve Marie Quintin, Manish Saggar, Nick Bott, Eliza Keinitz, Ning Liu, Yin Hsuan Chien, Daniel Hong, Adam Royalty, Allan L. Reiss

Part II. Design Thinkers Must Preserve Ambiguity

6. Acting with Creative Confidence: Developing a Creative Agency Assessment Tool
Adam Royalty, Lindsay Noelle Oishi, Bernard Roth

7. How Design Thinking Tools Help To Solve Wicked Problems
Julia Thienen, Christoph Meinel, Claudia Nicolai

8. How Prototyping Helps to Solve Wicked Problems
Birgit Jobst, Christoph Meinel

Part III. All Design Is Re-design

9. Creative Collaboration in Real World Settings
Matthias Wenzel, Lutz Gericke, Raja Gumienny, Christoph Meinel

10. User-Centered Innovation for the Design and Development of Complex Products and Systems
Lauren Aquino Shluzas, Martin Steinert, Riitta Katila

11. Connecting Designing and Engineering Activities
Thomas Beyhl, Gregor Berg, Holger Giese

Part IV. Make Ideas Tangible

12. A Research Plan for the Integration of Design Thinking with Large Scale Software Development Projects
Thomas Kowark, Franziska Häger, Ralf Gehrer, Jens Krüger

13. Sharing Knowledge Through Tangible Models: Designing Kickoff Workshops for Agile Software Development Projects
Markus Guentert, Alexander Luebbe, Mathias Weske

14. How to Compare Performance in Program Design Activities: Towards an Empirical Evaluation of CoExist
Bastian Steinert, Robert Hirschfeld

15. Design Thinking: Expectations from a Management Perspective
Holger Rhinow, Christoph Meinel

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Innovation/Technology Management, Software Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Media Management, Media Design

Publication year
Understanding Innovation
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8 pages

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