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German-Japanese Interchange of Data Analysis Results

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Table of contents

Part I. Clustering

1. Model-Based Clustering Methods for Time Series
Hans-Hermann Bock

2. The Randomized Greedy Modularity Clustering Algorithm and the Core Groups Graph Clustering Scheme
Andreas Geyer-Schulz, Michael Ovelgönne

3. Comparison of Two Distribution Valued Dissimilarities and Its Application for Symbolic Clustering
Yusuke Matsui, Yuriko Komiya, Hiroyuki Minami, Masahiro Mizuta

4. Pairwise Data Clustering Accompanied by Validation and Visualisation
Hans-Joachim Mucha

5. Classification, Clustering, and Visualisation Based on Dual Scaling
Hans-Joachim Mucha

6. Variable Selection in K-Means Clustering via Regularization
Yutaka Nishida

7. Structural Representation of Categorical Data and Cluster Analysis Through Filters
Shizuhiko Nishisato

8. Three-Mode Hierarchical Subspace Clustering with Noise Variables and Occasions
Kensuke Tanioka, Hiroshi Yadohisa

Part II. Analysis of Data and Models

9. Bayesian Methods for Conjoint Analysis-Based Predictions: Do We Still Need Latent Classes?
Daniel Baier

10. Non-additive Utility Functions: Choquet Integral Versus Weighted DNF Formulas
Eyke Hüllermeier, Ingo Schmitt

11. A Symmetry Test for One-Mode Three-Way Proximity Data
Atsuho Nakayama, Hiroyuki Tsurumi, Akinori Okada

12. Analysis of Conditional and Marginal Association in One-Mode Three-Way Proximity Data
Atsuho Nakayama

13. Analysis of Asymmetric Relationships Among Soft Drink Brands
Akinori Okada

14. Automatic Regularization of Factorization Models
Steffen Rendle

15. Three-Way Data Analysis for Multivariate Spatial Time Series
Mitsuhiro Tsuji, Hiroshi Kageyama, Toshio Shimokawa

Part III. Applications

16. Assessment of the Relationship Between Native Thoracic Aortic Curvature and Endoleak Formation After TEVAR Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis
Kuniyoshi Hayashi, Fumio Ishioka, Bhargav Raman, Daniel Y. Sze, Hiroshi Suito, Takuya Ueda, Koji Kurihara

17. Fold Change Classifiers for the Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles
Ludwig Lausser, Hans A. Kestler

18. An Automatic Extraction of Academia-Industry Collaborative Research and Development Documents on the Web
Kei Kurakawa, Yuan Sun, Nagayoshi Yamashita, Yasumasa Baba

19. The Utility of Smallest Space Analysis for the Cross-National Survey Data Analysis: The Structure of Religiosity
Kazufumi Manabe

20. Socio-economic and Gender Differences in Voluntary Participation in Japan
Miki Nakai

21. Estimating True Ratings from Online Consumer Reviews
Diana Schindler, Lars Lüpke, Reinhold Decker

22. Statistical Process Modelling for Machining of Inhomogeneous Mineral Subsoil
Claus Weihs, Nils Raabe, Manuel Ferreira, Christian Rautert

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs, Computing Methodologies, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences

Publication year
Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
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13 pages
Natural Sciences

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