Mueller, Lothar

Novel Measurement and Assessment Tools for Monitoring and Management of Land and Water Resources in Agricultural Landscapes of Central Asia

Mueller, Lothar - Novel Measurement and Assessment Tools for Monitoring and Management of Land and Water Resources in Agricultural Landscapes of Central Asia, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Environmental and Societal Framework for Monitoring and Management of Land and Water Resources

1. Land and Water Resources of Central Asia, Their Utilisation and Ecological Status
Lothar Mueller, Mekhlis Suleimenov, Akmal Karimov, Manzoor Qadir, Abdulla Saparov, Nurlan Balgabayev, Katharina Helming, Gunnar Lischeid

2. Soil Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Current Status, Problems and Solutions
Abdulla Saparov

3. Long-Term Monitoring and Water Resource Management in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Tursun Ibrayev, Batyrbek Badjanov, Marina Li

4. Trends in the Agriculture of Central Asia and Implications for Rangelands and Croplands
Mekhlis Suleimenov

5. Landscape Hydrology of Rural Areas: Challenges and Tools
Gunnar Lischeid

6. Productivity Potentials of the Global Land Resource for Cropping and Grazing
Lothar Mueller, Uwe Schindler, Bruce C. Ball, Elena Smolentseva, Victor G. Sychev, T. Graham Shepherd, Manzoor Qadir, Katharina Helming, Axel Behrendt, Frank Eulenstein

Part II. Novel Methodologies for Measurement of Processes and Assessment of Resources

7. A Novel Method for Quantifying Soil Hydraulic Properties
Uwe Schindler

8. Advanced Technologies in Lysimetry
Ralph Meissner, Holger Rupp, Manfred Seyfarth

9. Third-Generation Lysimeters: Scientific Engineered Monitoring Systems
Christian Hertel, Georg Unold

10. A Field Method for Quantifying Deep Seepage and Solute Leaching
Uwe Schindler

11. Simple Field Methods for Measurement and Evaluation of Grassland Quality
Lothar Mueller, Axel Behrendt, T. Graham Shepherd, Uwe Schindler, Bruce C. Ball, Sergey Khudyaev, Thomas Kaiser, Ralf Dannowski, Frank Eulenstein

12. Impact Assessment for Multifunctional Land Use
Katharina Helming

13. The Muencheberg Soil Quality Rating for Assessing the Quality of Global Farmland
Lothar Mueller, Uwe Schindler, T. Graham Shepherd, Bruce C. Ball, Elena Smolentseva, Konstantin Pachikin, Chunsheng Hu, Volker Hennings, Askhad K. Sheudshen, Axel Behrendt, Frank Eulenstein, Ralf Dannowski

14. Use of Pedotransfer Functions for Land Evaluation: Mapping Groundwater Recharge Rates Under Semi-Arid Conditions
Volker Hennings

15. Nutrient Balances in Agriculture: A Basis for the Efficiency Survey of Agricultural Groundwater Conservation Measures
Frank Eulenstein, Marion Tauschke, Marcos Lana, Askhad K. Sheudshen, Ralf Dannowski, Roland Schindler, Hartwig Drechsler

16. Methods of In Situ Groundwater Quality Monitoring: Basis for the Efficiency Survey of Agricultural Groundwater Conservation Measures
Ralf Dannowski, Roland Schindler, Nils Cremer, Frank Eulenstein

17. Methods in the Exploratory Risk Assessment of Trace Elements in the Soil-Groundwater Pathway
Levke Godbersen, Jens Utermann, Wilhelmus H. M. Duijnisveld

18. Methods for Quantifying Wind Erosion in Steppe Regions
Roger Funk, Carsten Hoffmann, Matthias Reiche

19. Generation of Up to Date Land Cover Maps for Central Asia
Igor Klein, Ursula Gessner, Claudia Künzer

20. Estimating Black Carbon Emissions from Agricultural Burning
Vladimir Romanenkov, Dmitry Rukhovich, Polina Koroleva, Jessica L. McCarty

21. Non-Linear Approaches to Assess Water and Soil Quality
Gunnar Lischeid

22. Using Soil–Water–Plant Models to Improve the Efficiency of Irrigation
Rickmann Michel, Ralf Dannowski

23. MONICA: A Simulation Model for Nitrogen and Carbon Dynamics in Agro-Ecosystems
Claas Nendel

24. Integrated Decision Support for Sustainable and Profitable Land Management in the Lowlands of Central Asia
Nodir Djanibekov, Rolf Sommer

25. Efficiency of Duckweed (Lemnaceae) for the Desalination and Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water in Detention Reservoirs
Dagmar Balla, Mohie Omar, Sebastian Maassen, Ahmad Hamidov, Mukhamadkhan Khamidov

26. Conservation Agriculture for Long-Term Soil Productivity
Mekhlis Suleimenov, Zheksenbai Kaskarbayev, Kanat Akshalov, Nikolai Yushchenko

27. Modern Technologies for Soil Management and Conservation in Northern Kazakhstan
Tobias Meinel, Lars-Christian Grunwald, Kanat Akshalov

28. Enhancing the Productivity of High-Magnesium Soil and Water Resources in Central Asia
Manzoor Qadir, Frants Vyshpolsky, Khamit Mukhamedjanov, Ussen Bekbaev, Saghit Ibatullin, Tulkun Yuldashev, Andrew D. Noble, Akmal Karimov, Alisher Mirzabaev, Aden Aw-Hassan

29. Advanced Technologies for Irrigated Cropping Systems
Robert G. Evans

30. Multi-Species Grazing on Deer Farms
Axel Behrendt, Andreas Fischer, Thomas Kaiser, Frank Eulenstein, Sylvia Ortmann, Anne Berger, Lothar Mueller

Part III. Applications and Case Studies

31. Assessing the Soil Quality and Crop Yield Potentials of Some Soils of Eurasia
Elena Smolentseva, Boris Smolentsev, Konstantin Pachkin, Lothar Mueller

32. Soils of Kazakhstan, Their Distribution and Mapping
Konstantin Pachikin, Olga Erokhina, Shinya Funakawa

33. Indicators of Land Degradation in Steppe Regions: Soil and Morphodynamics in the Northern Kulunda
Vera Schreiner, Burghard C. Meyer

34. Erosion Rates Depending on Slope and Exposition of Cropped Chestnut Soils
Dana K. Shokparova, Erkin K. Kakimjanov, Burghard C. Meyer

35. Methodology of Measuring Processes and Evaluation of Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Tursun Ibrayev, Batyrbek Badjanov, Marina Li

36. Model-Based Impact Analysis of Climate and Land Use Changes on the Landscape Water Balance
Marco Natkhin, Ralf Dannowski, Ottfried Dietrich, Jörg Steidl, Gunnar Lischeid

37. Biotechnological Restoration Methods of Technogenically Disturbed Soils in Kazakhstan
Farida E. Kozybayeva, Abdulla Saparov, Hasi Dzhamantikov, Gulzhan B. Beyseyeva, Valeria N. Permitina

38. Strategy of Sustainable Soil and Plant Resource Management in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Abdulla Saparov

39. The Effect of Applying the Microbiofertiliser “MERS” on the Soil Microbial Community and the Productivity of Winter Wheat Under the Conditions of Southeast Kazakhstan
Maira Kussainova, Marion Tauschke, Abdulla Saparov

40. Water Treatment Systems for Agricultural Water Supply
Valeriy A. Tumlert

41. Concentration of Heavy Metals in Irrigated Soils in Southern Kazakhstan
Azimbay Otarov

42. Concept and Results of Soil Monitoring in North Kazakhstan
Temirbolat D. Dzhalankuzov

43. Diagnosis and Optimization of Phosphorus Nutrition Conditions of Grain Crops in Northern Kazakhstan
Valentina Chernenok, Dietmar Barkusky

Part IV. Executive Summary

44. Executive Summary and Conclusions
Lothar Mueller, Abdulla Saparov, Gunnar Lischeid

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering

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