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Perspectives on Pragmatics and Philosophy

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Table of contents

1. Conversation and Collective Belief
Margaret Gilbert, Maura Priest

2. The Single Norm of Assertion
Martin Montminy

3. From Thought Experiments to Real Experiments in Pragmatics
András Kertész, Ferenc Kiefer

4. What Makes a Property “Semantic”?
Michael Devitt

5. What is a Context?
Steven Gross

6. Implicature, Inference and Cancellability
Michael Haugh

7. Grice, Conversational Implicature and Philosophy
Siobhan Chapman

8. Writing Letters in the Age of Grice
Claudia Bianchi

9. Implicatures as Forms of Argument
Fabrizio Macagno, Douglas Walton

10. Some Remarks About Speech Act Pluralism
Marina Sbisà

11. Speech Act Pluralism, Minimal Content and Pragmemes
Michel Seymour

12. Language Adds to Context
Paolo Leonardi

13. Squaring the Circle
Kepa Korta, John Perry

14. Irregular Negations: Pragmatic Explicature Theories
Wayne A. Davis

15. The (in)Significance of the Referential-Attributive Distinction
Anne Bezuidenhout

16. Quotation and the Use-Mention Distinction
Paul Saka

17. Indirect Reports and Pragmatics
Nellie Wieland

18. Immunity to Error Through Misidentification (IEM), ‘de se’ and Pragmatic Intrusion: A Linguistic Treatment
Alessandro Capone

19. Further Reflections on Semantic Minimalism: Reply to Wedgwood
Alessandro Capone

20. Putting the Pragmatics of Belief to Work
Igor Douven

21. Contexts, Fiction, and Truth
Alberto Voltolini

22. Pragmatics and Philosophy: Three Notes in Search of a Footing
Alec McHoul

23. A Brief Essay on Slurs
Luvell Anderson, Ernie Lepore

24. Viewing the Study of Argumentation as Normative Pragmatics
Frans H. Eemeren, Bart Garssen

25. Rhetoric and Pragmatics: Suggestions for a Fruitful Dialogue
Francesca Piazza

26. Debating with Myself: Towards the Psycho-Pragmatics and Onto-Pragmatics of the Dialectical Self
Marcelo Dascal

27. Truth, Negation and Meaning
Franco Lo Piparo

28. Habermas’ Universal Pragmatics: Theory of Language and Social Theory
Alessandra Pandolfo

29. For in Psychology there are Experimental Methods and Conceptual Confusion: From Embodied Cognition to Wittgenstein on Language and Mind
Felice Cimatti

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy, Pragmatism, Linguistics (general)

Publication year
Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy & Psychology
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31 pages

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