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Molecular Vaccines

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Table of contents

Part V. Noninfectious and Noncancer (NINC) Vaccines

1. Vaccines for Hypertension and Atherosclerosis
Hiroyuki Sasamura, Tasuhiko Azegami, Hiroshi Itoh

2. Anti-ghrelin Therapeutic Vaccine: A Novel Approach for Obesity Treatment
Sara Andrade, Marcos Carreira, Felipe F. Casanueva, Polly Roy, Mariana P. Monteiro

3. Vaccines for Type 1 Diabetes
Sandeep Kumar Gupta

4. Novel Vaccines for Type I Allergy
Sandra Scheiblhofer, Josef Thalhamer, Richard Weiss

5. Rice Seed-Based Allergy Vaccines: Induction of Allergen-Specific Oral Tolerance Against Cedar Pollen and House Dust Mite Allergies
Fumio Takaiwa, Takachika Hiroi

Part VI. Adjuvants and Nanotechnology

6. Laser for Skin Vaccine Delivery and Adjuvantation
Xinyuan Chen, Mei X. Wu

7. Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide as Adjuvants
Jesús Arenas

8. Bacterial Toxins Are Successful Immunotherapeutic Adjuvants and Immunotoxins
Irena Adkins

9. Plant Heat-Shock Protein-Based Self-Adjuvanted Immunogens
Selene Baschieri

10. Functionalised Nanoliposomes for Construction of Recombinant Vaccines: Lyme Disease as an Example
Jaroslav Turánek, Josef Mašek, Michal Křupka, Milan Raška

11. Emerging Nanotechnology Approaches for Pulmonary Delivery of Vaccines
Amit K. Goyal, Goutam Rath, Basant Malik

12. Antigen Delivery Systems as Oral Adjuvants
Carlos Gamazo, Juan M. Irache

13. Chitosan-Based Adjuvants
Guro Gafvelin, Hans Grönlund

14. Mechanism of Adjuvanticity of Aluminum-Containing Formulas
Mirjam Kool, Bart N. Lambrecht

15. From Polymers to Nanomedicines: New Materials for Future Vaccines
Philipp Heller, David Huesmann, Martin Scherer, Matthias Barz

Part VII. In Silico and Delivery Systems

16. Considerations for Vaccine Design in the Postgenomic Era
Christine Maritz-Olivier, Sabine Richards

17. Vaccine Delivery Using Microneedles
Ryan F. Donnelly, Sharifa Al-Zahrani, Marija Zaric, Cian M. McCrudden, Cristopher J. Scott, Adrien Kissenpfenning

18. Nasal Dry Powder Vaccine Delivery Technology
Anthony J. Hickey, Herman Staats, Chad J. Roy, Kenneth G. Powell, Vince Sullivan, Ginger Rothrock, Christie M. Sayes

19. Nanotechnology in Vaccine Delivery
Martin J. D’Souza, Suprita A. Tawde, Archana Akalkotkar, Lipika Chablani, Marissa D’Souza, Maurizio Chiriva-Internati

20. Vaccine Delivery Systems: Roles, Challenges and Recent Advances
Aditya Pattani, Prem N. Gupta, Rhonda M. Curran, R. Karl Malcolm

21. APC-Targeted (DNA) Vaccine Delivery Platforms: Nanoparticle Aided
Pirouz Daftarian, Paolo Serafini, Victor Perez, Vance Lemmon

22. Lactic Acid Bacteria Vector Vaccines
Maria Gomes-Solecki

23. Electroporation-Based Gene Transfer
Mattia Ronchetti, Michela Battista, Claudio Bertacchini, Ruggero Cadossi

24. Why Does an I.M. Immunization Work?
Emanuela Bartoccioni

Part VIII. Patenting, Manufacturing, Registration

25. Patentability of Vaccines: A Practical Perspective
Stacey J. Farmer, Martin Grund

26. Influenza Cell-Culture Vaccine Production
Markus Hilleringmann, Björn Jobst, Barbara C. Baudner

27. United States Food and Drug Administration: Regulation of Vaccines
Valerie Marshall

28. Vaccines: EU Regulatory Requirements
Bettina Klug, Patrick Celis, Robin Ruepp, James S. Robertson

29. Licensing and Permitting of Veterinary Vaccines in the USA: US Regulatory Requirements
Louise M. Henderson, AdaMae Lewis

30. Veterinary Vaccines: EU Regulatory Requirements
Rhona Banks

Keywords: Biomedicine, Vaccine, Immunology, Molecular Medicine

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