Zamojski, Wojciech

New Results in Dependability and Computer Systems

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Table of contents

1. Application Level Execution Model for Transparent Distributed Computing
Razvan-Mihai Aciu, Horia Ciocarlie

2. Software Support of the Risk Reduction Assessment in the ValueSec Project Flood Use Case
Jacek Bagiński

3. Risk Assessment Aspects in Mastering the Value Function of Security Measures
Andrzej Białas

4. Reduction of Computational Cost in Mutation Testing by Sampling Mutants
Ilona Bluemke, Karol Kulesza

5. Use of Neural Network Algorithms in Prediction of XLPE HV Insulation Properties under Thermal Aging
Boukezzi Larbi, Boubakeur Ahmed

6. Computer Simulation Analysis of Cluster Model of Totally-Connected Flows on the Chain Mail
Alexander P. Buslaev, Pavel M. Strusinskiy

7. Assessment of Network Coding Mechanism for the Network Protocol Stack 802.15.4/6LoWPAN
Michał Byłak, Dariusz Laskowski

8. Reliability Analysis of Discrete Transportation Systems Using Critical States
Dariusz Caban, Tomasz Walkowiak

9. A Reference Model for the Selection of Open Source Tools for Requirements Management
Bartosz Chrabski, Cezary Orłowski

10. A Probabilistic Approach to the Count-To-Infinity Problem in Distance-Vector Routing Algorithms
Adam Czubak

11. A Quality Estimation of Mutation Clustering in C# Programs
Anna Derezińska

12. Using Virtualization Technology for Fault-Tolerant Replication in LAN
Fernando Dettoni, Lau Cheuk Lung, Aldelir Fernando Luiz

13. Quantification of Simultaneous-AND Gates in Temporal Fault Trees
Ernest Edifor, Martin Walker, Neil Gordon

14. Improving of Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments Using Oblivious Transfer
Alexander Frolov

15. Virtual Environment for Implementation and Testing Private Wide Area Network Solutions
Mariusz Gola, Adam Czubak

16. Optimization of Privacy Preserving Mechanisms in Mining Continuous Patterns
Marcin Gorawski, Pawel Jureczek

17. Technical and Program Aspects on Monitoring of Highway Flows (Case Study of Moscow City)
M. G. Gorodnichev, A. N. Nigmatulin

18. Integral Functionals of semi-Markov Processes in Reliability Problems
Franciszek Grabski

19. Generating Repair Rules for Database Integrity Maintenance
Feras Hanandeh, Yaser Quasmeh

20. Optimization Algorithm for the Preservation of Sensor Coverage
Codruta-Mihaela Istin, Horia Ciocarlie, Razvan Aciu

21. Methods for Detecting and Analyzing Hidden FAT32 Volumes Created with the Use of Cryptographic Tools
Ireneusz Jóźwiak, Michał Kędziora, Aleksandra Melińska

22. Critical Infrastructures Safety Assessment Combining Fuzzy Models and Bayesian Belief Network under Uncertainties
Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Eugene Brezhniev, Vladimir Sklyar, Artem Boyarchuk

23. Towards Evolution Methodology for Service-Oriented Systems
Szymon Kijas, Andrzej Zalewski

24. The LVA-Index in Clustering
Piotr Lasek

25. Three Different Approaches in Pedestrian Dynamics Modeling – A Case Study
Robert Lubaś, Janusz Miller, Marcin Mycek, Jakub Porzycki, Jarosław Wąs

26. The End-To-End Rate Adaptation Application for Real-Time Video Monitoring
P. Lubkowski, Dariusz Laskowski

27. Discrete Transportation Systems Quality Performance Analysis by Critical States Detection
Jacek Mazurkiewicz, Tomasz Walkowiak

28. An Expanded Concept of the Borrowed Time as a Mean of Increasing the Average Speed Isotropy on Regular Grids
Marcin Mycek

29. Freshness Constraints in the RT Framework
Wojciech Pikulski, Krzysztof Sacha

30. Transformational Modeling of BPMN Business Process in SOA Context
Andrzej Ratkowski

31. Algorithmic and Information Aspects of the Generalized Transportation Problem for Linear Objects on a Two Dimensional Lattice
Anton Shmakov

32. Reliability Assessment of Supporting Satellite System EGNOS
Mirosław Siergiejczyk, Adam Rosiński, Karolina Krzykowska

33. Vbam – Byzantine Atomic Multicast in LAN Based on Virtualization Technology
Marcelo Ribeiro Xavier Silva, Lau Cheuk Lung, Leandro Quibem Magnabosco, Luciana Oliveira Rech

34. An Approach to Automated Verification of Multi-Level Security System Models
Andrzej Stasiak, Zbigniew Zieliński

35. A Web Service-Based Platform for Distributed Web Applications Integration
Paweł Stelmach, Łukasz Falas

36. Universal Platform for Composite Data Stream Processing Services Management
Paweł Stelmach, Patryk Schauer, Adam Kokot, Maciej Demkiewicz

37. Proposal of Cost-Effective Tenant-Based Resource Allocation Model for a SaaS System
Wojciech Stolarz, Marek Woda

38. Automatic Load Testing of Web Application in SaaS Model
Emil Stupiec, Tomasz Walkowiak

39. Implementing Salsa20 vs. AES and Serpent Ciphers in Popular-Grade FPGA Devices
Jarosław Sugier

40. On Testing Wireless Sensor Networks
Tomasz Surmacz, Bartosz Wojciechowski, Maciej Nikodem, Mariusz Słabicki

41. Towards Precise Architectural Decision Models
Marcin Szlenk

42. Slot Selection Algorithms for Economic Scheduling in Distributed Computing with High QoS Rates
Victor Toporkov, Anna Toporkova, Alexey Tselishchev, Dmitry Yemelyanov

43. K-Induction Based Verification of Real-Time Safety Critical Systems
Tamás Tóth, András Vörös, István Majzik

44. Native Support for Modbus RTU Protocol in Snort Intrusion Detection System
Wojciech Tylman

45. SCADA Intrusion Detection Based on Modelling of Allowed Communication Patterns
Wojciech Tylman

46. System for Estimation of Patient’s State – Discussion of the Approach
Wojciech Tylman, Tomasz Waszyrowski, Andrzej Napieralski, Marek Kamiński, Zbigniew Kulesza, Rafał Kotas, Paweł Marciniak, Radosław Tomala, Maciej Wenerski

47. Dependability Aspects of Autonomic Cooperative Computing Systems
Michał Wódczak

48. Life Cycle Cost through Reliability
Manac’h Yann-Guirec, Benfriha Khaled, Aoussat Améziane

49. Verification of Infocommunication System Components for Modeling and Control of Saturated Traffic in Megalopolis
Marina V. Yashina, Andrew V. Provorov

50. Shuffle–Based Verification of Component Compatibility
W. M. Zuberek

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Complexity

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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