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Soft Computing in Industrial Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Soft Computing in Industrial Applications

1. Advanced Methods for 3D Magnetic Localization in Industrial Process Distributed Data-Logging with a Sparse Distance Matrix
Abhaya Chandra Kammara, Andreas König

2. Neural Network Ensemble Based on Feature Selection for Non-Invasive Recognition of Liver Fibrosis Stage
Bartosz Krawczyk, Michał Woźniak, Tomasz Orczyk, Piotr Porwik, Joanna Musialik, Barbara Błońska-Fajfrowska

3. Cooperative and Non-cooperative Equilibrium Problems with Equilibrium Constraints: Applications in Economics and Transportation
Andrew Koh

4. Statistical Genetic Programming: The Role of Diversity
Maryam Amir Haeri, Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh, Gianluigi Folino

5. Breast MRI Tumour Segmentation Using Modified Automatic Seeded Region Growing Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Image Clustering
Ali Qusay Al-Faris, Umi Kalthum Ngah, Nor Ashidi Mat Isa, Ibrahim Lutfi Shuaib

6. Differential Evolution and Tabu Search to Find Multiple Solutions of Multimodal Optimization Problems
Erick R. F. A. Schneider, Renato A. Krohling

7. A New RBFNDDA-KNN Network and Its Application to Medical Pattern Classification
Shing Chiang Tan, Chee Peng Lim, Robert F. Harrison , R. Lee Kennedy

8. An Approach to Fuzzy Modeling of Anti-lock Braking Systems
Radu-Codruţ David, Ramona-Bianca Grad, Radu-Emil Precup, Mircea-Bogdan Rădac, Claudia-Adina Dragoş, Emil M. Petriu

9. An Improved Evolutionary Algorithm to Sequence Operations on an ASRS Warehouse
José A. Oliveira, João Ferreira, Guilherme A. B. Pereira, Luis S. Dias

10. Fuzzy Reliability Analysis of Washing Unit in a Paper Plant Using Soft-Computing Based Hybridized Techniques
Komal, S. P. Sharma

11. Multi-objective Algorithms for the Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Sequence-dependent Family Setups
Marcelo Ferreira Rego, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza, Igor Machado Coelho, José Elias Claudio Arroyo

12. Multi-Sensor Soft-Computing System for Driver Drowsiness Detection
Li Li, Klaudius Werber, Carlos F. Calvillo, Khac Dong Dinh, Ander Guarde, Andreas König

13. A New Evolving Tree for Text Document Clustering and Visualization
Wui Lee Chang, Kai Meng Tay, Chee Peng Lim

14. Brain–Computer Interface Based on Motor Imagery: The Most Relevant Sources of Electrical Brain Activity
Alexander A. Frolov, Dušan Húsek, Václav Snášel, Pavel Bobrov, Olesya Mokienko, Jaroslav Tintěra, Jan Rydlo

15. A Single Input Rule Modules Connected Fuzzy FMEA Methodology for Edible Bird Nest Processing
Chian Haur Jong, Kai Meng Tay, Chee Peng Lim

16. A Novel Energy-Efficient and Distance-Based Clustering Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Mehdi Afsar, Mohammad-H. Tayarani-N.

17. Characterization of Coronary Plaque by Using 2D Frequency Histogram of RF Signal
Satoshi Nakao, Kazuhiro Tokunaga, Noriaki Suetake, Eiji Uchino

18. Face Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network and Simple Logistic Classifier
Hurieh Khalajzadeh, Mohammad Mansouri, Mohammad Teshnehlab

19. Continuous Features Discretization for Anomaly Intrusion Detectors Generation
Amira Sayed A. Aziz, Ahmad Taher Azar, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Sanaa El-Ola Hanafy

20. Visualisation of High Dimensional Data by Use of Genetic Programming: Application to On-line Infrared Spectroscopy Based Process Monitoring
Tibor Kulcsar, Gabor Bereznai, Gabor Sarossy, Robert Auer, Janos Abonyi

21. Radial Basis Artificial Neural Network Models for Predicting Solubility Index of Roller Dried Goat Whole Milk Powder
Sumit Goyal, Gyanendra Kumar Goyal

22. Online Prediction of Wear on Rolls of a Bar Rolling Mill Based on Semi-Analytical Equations and Artificial Neural Networks
Yukio Shigaki, Marcos Antonio Cunha

Part II. Hybrid Machine Learning for Non-stationary and Complex Data

23. Real-Time Analysis of Non-stationary and Complex Network Related Data for Injection Attempts Detection
Michał Choraś, Rafał Kozik

24. Recommending People to Follow Using Asymmetric Factor Models with Social Graphs
Tianle Ma, Yujiu Yang, Liangwei Wang, Bo Yuan

Part III. Emerging Theories and Applications in Transportation Science

25. Air Travel Demand Fuzzy Modelling: Trip Generation and Trip Distribution
Milica Kalić, Jovana Kuljanin, Slavica Dožić

26. Design of Priority Transportation Corridor Under Uncertainty
Leonardo Caggiani, Michele Ottomanelli

27. Application of Data Fusion for Route Choice Modelling by Route Choice Driving Simulator
Mauro Dell’Orco, Roberta Di Pace, Mario Marinelli, Francesco Galante

28. Sustainability Evaluation of Transportation Policies: A Fuzzy-Based Method in a “What to” Analysis
Riccardo Rossi, Massimiliano Gastaldi, Gregorio Gecchele

29. Artificial Bee Colony-Based Algorithm for Optimising Traffic Signal Timings
Mauro Dell’Orco, Özgür Başkan, Mario Marinelli

30. Use of Fuzzy Logic Traffic Signal Control Approach as Dual Lane Ramp Metering Model for Freeways
Yetis Sazi Murat, Ziya Cakici, Gokce Yaslan

31. The Variable Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Containers Drayage Problem with Time Windows
D. Popović, M. Vidović, M. Nikolić

32. Solving the Team Orienteering Problem: Developing a Solution Tool Using a Genetic Algorithm Approach
João Ferreira, Artur Quintas, José A. Oliveira, Guilherme A. B. Pereira, Luis Dias

33. Use of Fuzzy Optimization and Linear Goal Programming Approaches in Urban Bus Lines Organization
Yetis Sazi Murat, Sabit Kutluhan, Nurcan Uludag

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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