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Artificial Economics and Self Organization

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Table of contents

Part I. Methodological Issues

1. The Missing Link: AB Models and Dynamic Microsimulation
Matteo Richiardi

2. Simulation Experiments and Significance Tests
Klaus G. Troitzsch

Part II. Macroeconomics

3. A Stylized Software Model to Explore the Free Market Equality/Efficiency Tradeoff
Hugues Bersini, Nicolas Zeebroeck

4. Tax Enforcement in an Agent-Based Model with Endogenous Audits
Susanna Calimani, Paolo Pellizzari

5. Subprime Lending and Financial Inequality in an Agent-Based Model
Andrea Teglio, Silvano Cincotti, Einar Jon Erlingsson, Marco Raberto, Hlynur Stefansson, Jon Thor Sturluson

Part III. Market Dynamics

6. Adaptive Trading for Anti-correlated Pairs of Stocks
Chih-Hao Lin, Sai-Ping Li, K. Y. Szeto

7. Self-Organization of Decentralized Markets with Network Externality
Xintong Li, Chao Wang, Yougui Wang

8. Who Wins: Yoda or Sith? A Proof that Financial Markets Are Seldom Efficient
Lucian Daniel Stanciu-Viziteu

9. Emergence of Fair Offers in Ultimatum Game
Wanting Xiong, Han Fu, Yougui Wang

Part IV. Financial Markets

10. An Agent-Based Investigation of the Probability of Informed Trading
Olivier Brandouy, Philippe Mathieu

11. Financial Forecasts Based on Analysis of Textual News Sources: Some Empirical Evidence
A. Barazzetti, F. Cecconi, R. Mastronardi

12. Trust in a Network of Investors and Startup Entrepreneurs
Michael Roos, Anna Klabunde

13. Banks and Their Contagion Potential: How Stable Is Banking System?
Mitja Steinbacher, Matjaz Steinbacher, Matej Steinbacher

Part V. Organizations

14. Phrasing and Timing Information Dissemination in Organizations: Results of an Agent-Based Simulation
Doris A. Behrens, Silvia Berlinger, Friederike Wall

15. On the Robustness of Coordination Mechanisms for Investment Decisions Involving ‘Incompetent’ Agents
Stephan Leitner, Doris A. Behrens

16. Pack Light on the Move: Exploitation and Exploration in a Dynamic Environment
Marco LiCalzi, Davide Marchiori

Part VI. Networks

17. An Agent-Based Model of Access Uptake on a High-Speed Broadband Platform
Fernando Beltrán, Farhaan Mirza

18. Influence of Losing Multi-dimensional Information in an Agent-Based Model
Sjoukje A. Osinga, Mark R. Kramer, Gert Jan Hofstede, Adrie J. M. Beulens

19. Least Susceptible Networks to Systemic Risk
Ryota Zamami, Hiroshi Sato, Akira Namatame

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economic Theory, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Complex Networks, Financial Economics

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems
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15 pages

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