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Fracture and Fatigue, Volume 7

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Table of contents

1. Effect of Dynamic Film Debonding on Self-Assembled Monolayers
Martha E. Grady, Philippe H. Geubelle, Nancy R. Sottos

2. Experimental Tools for Responsive Hydrogel Characterization
C. C. Benjamin, J. C. Springmann, S. A. Chindhy, W. C. Crone

3. Fusion of Global and Local Measurements of Damage in Bonded Joints
Sean C. Webb, Peter Shin, Kara Peters

4. DOE Testing of Diffusion Bonded Nickel Joints
Erik Anderson, Matthew Cavalli

5. Integrated Global Digital Image Correlation for Interface Delamination Characterization
J. P. M. Hoefnagels, B. Blaysat, G. Lubineau, M. G. D. Geers

6. Lamb Wave Based Monitoring of Delamination Growth in Mode I and Mode II Fracture Tests
Oleksii Y. Karpenko, Mahmoodul Haq, Anton Khomenko, Lalita Udpa, Satish Udpa

7. Investigation of Crack Growth Along Curved Interfaces in L-shaped Composite and Polymers
D. Yavas, B. Gozluklu, D. Coker

8. Effect of Cold Spray Deposition of Similar Material on Fatigue Behavior of Al 6082 Alloy
A. Moridi, S. M. Hassani-Gangaraj, M. Guagliano, S. Vezzu

9. Effect of Organic SAMs on the Evolution of Strength of Silicon Nanostructures
Scott Grutzik, Brian Bush, Frank DelRio, Richard Gates, Melissa A. Hines, Alan Zehnder

10. An Apparatus for Creep Crack Growth Testing in Controlled Environments at High Temperatures
D. Grierson, G. Cao, P. Brooks, P. Pezzi, A. Glaudell, D. Kuettel, G. Fisher, T. Allen, K. Sridharan, W. C. Crone

11. 2D and 3D Analyses of Cracks Via DIC
F. Mathieu, F. Hild

12. Experimental and Numerical Fracture Analysis of a Pre-cracked Aluminum Specimen Using the Grid Method
Rostand Moutou Pitti, Claudiu Badulescu, Michel Grediac

13. Influence of Stress State on the Ductile Fracture of Ti-6Al-4V
J. T. Hammer, J. D. Seidt, A. Gilat

14. In-plane Shear Properties of High-Performance Filaments
K. A. Slusarksi, M. S. Walter, T. A. Bogetti, E. D. Wetzel

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
7 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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