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Technologies for Sustainable Development

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Technologies and Partnerships
Silvia Hostettler, Jean-Claude Bolay

Part II. What is an Appropriate Technology?

2. The Role of Science, Technology and Innovation Policies and Instruments for a Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainable Development
Lídia Brito

3. New Vernacular Architecture as Appropriate Strategy for Housing the Poor
Sytse Maat

4. Computerization of Medical Consultation for Children Under Five Years of Age in Rural Areas of Burkina Faso
Guillaume Deflaux, Thierry Agagliate, Jean-Etienne Durand, Pierre Yamaogo

5. Field Investigations in Cameroon Towards a More Appropriate Design of a Renewable Energy Pico Hydro System for Rural Electrification
Bryan Ho-Yan, William David Lubitz, Cornelia Ehlers, Johannes Hertlein

6. Ensuring Appropriateness of Biogas Sanitation Systems for Prisons: Analysis from Rwanda, Nepal and the Philippines
Christian Riuji Lohri, Martin Gauthier, Alain Oppliger, Christian Zurbrügg

7. Technologies for Smallholder Irrigation Appropriate for Whom: Promoters or Beneficiaries?
R. P. S. Malik, C. Fraiture, Dhananjay Ray

8. Toward a New Approach for Hydrological Modeling: A Tool for Sustainable Development in a Savanna Agro-System
Theophile Mande, Natalie Ceperley, Steven V. Weijs, Alexandre Repetti, Marc B. Parlange

9. Rural Cold Storage as a Post-Harvest Technology System for Marginalized Agro-Based Communities in Developing Countries
Mahesh Neupane, Richard Opoku, Anju Sharma, Rabindra Adhikari, Jay Krishna Thakur, Manoj Kafle

10. Iron-Catalyzed Low Cost Solar Activated Process for Drinking Water Disinfection in Colombian Rural Areas
Cristina Ruales-Lonfat, Angélica Varón López, José Fernando Barona, Alejandro Moncayo-Lasso, Norberto Benítez Vásquez, César Pulgarín

11. Appropriate Technology for Household Energy Access: The Case of the Centrafricain Stove in the Logone Valley (Chad, Cameroon)
Francesco Vitali, Mentore Vaccari

Part III. How to Ensure an Integrated Sustainable Development?

12. Towards Sustainable Integrated Development? Partnerships and Systems
Martin Dahinden

13. Innovation in Multi-Actor Partnerships: A Waste Management Initiative in Vietnam
David Christensen

14. Instrumental Participation in Serbia: Online Platform for the Dialogue about Public Spaces, Their Availability and Public Usage
Marija Cvetinović, Dobrica Veselinović

15. Towards Sustainable Urban Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction in Gaza: The Role of Partnership and Appropriate Technology
Al Moataz Hassan, Maysara El-Essy

Integrated Design Charrettes for Sustainable Development in India’s Soaring Building Sector
Pierre Jaboyedoff, Kira Cusack, Sameer Maithel, Kanagaraj Ganeshan, Saswati Chetia, Prashant Bhanware

17. Effect of Participation in ICT-Based Market Information Services on Transaction Costs and Household Income Among Smallholder Farmers in Malawi
Samson P. Katengeza, Julius J. Okello, Edouard R. Mensah, Noel Jambo

18. Participatory Processes in Urban Planning Projects in China: The Example of Caoyang Village, Shanghai
Abigaïl-Laure Kern, Jean-Claude Bolay

19. On Fast Transition Between Shelters and Housing After Natural Disasters in Developing Regions
Gary S. Prinz, Alain Nussbaumer

Part IV. Technology Transfer or Co-Creation? Knowledge Sharing and Empowerment

20. Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development
Luc Soete

21. Appropriate Technology to Reduce Risks and Protect Assets: An Example from Development Cooperation in Bangladesh
Nicole Clot

22. Academic Cooperation to Foster Research and Advocacy Competences in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (West Bank)
François Golay, Stefan Ziegler, Nicole Harari, Béatrice Métaireau, Claudio Carneiro, Martin Schuler

23. Fog Collection Technology Transfer and Co-Creation Projects in Falda Verde, Chile and Tojquia, Guatemala
Fernanda Rojas, Virginia Carter, Melissa Rosato

24. Role of Village Resource Centers in Technology Diffusion and Development
C. S. Shaijumon, Satheesh Menon

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Development Economics, Energy Policy, Economics and Management

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