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Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence

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Table of contents

1. Improving the Performance of NEAT Related Algorithm via Complexity Reduction in Search Space
Heman Mohabeer, K. M. S. Soyjaudah

2. Intelligent Application to Reduce Transit Accidents in a City Using Cultural Algorithms
Fernando Maldonado, Alberto Ochoa, Julio Arreola, Daniel Azpeitia, Ariel Torre, Diego Canales, Saúl González

3. Synchronization Policies Impact in Distributed Agent-Based Simulation
Omar Rihawi, Yann Secq, Philippe Mathieu

4. Parallel Hoeffding Decision Tree for Streaming Data
Piotr Cal, Michał Woźniak

5. Stochastic Decentralized Routing of Unsplittable Vehicle Flows Using Constraint Optimization
Maksims Fiosins

6. Extending Semantic Web Tools for Improving Smart Spaces Interoperability and Usability
Natalia Díaz Rodríguez, Johan Lilius, Manuel Pegalajar Cuéllar, Miguel Delgado Calvo-Flores

7. OPTICS-Based Clustering of Emails Represented by Quantitative Profiles
Vladimír Špitalský, Marian Grendár

8. Optimal Saving and Prudence in a Possibilistic Framework
Ana Maria Lucia Casademunt, Irina Georgescu

9. Semantic Annotation and Retrieval of Services in the Cloud
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez-García, Rafael Valencia-García, Francisco García-Sánchez, José Javier Samper-Zapater, Isidoro Gil-Leiva

10. Simulating a Team Behaviour of Affective Agents Using Robocode
António Rebelo, Fábio Catalão, João Alves, Goreti Marreiros, Cesar Analide, Paulo Novais, José Neves

11. Qualitative Acceleration Model: Representation, Reasoning and Application
Ester Martinez-Martin, Maria Teresa Escrig, Angel P. Pobil

12. Framework of Optimization Methodology with Use of an Intelligent Hybrid Transport Management System Based on Hopfield Network and Travelling Salesman Problem
Natalia Kubiak, Agnieszka Stachowiak

13. Selecting the Shortest Itinerary in a Cloud-Based Distributed Mobility Network
Jelena Fiosina, Maksims Fiosins

14. Application of Genetic Algorithms to Determine Closest Targets in Data Envelopment Analysis
Raul Martinez-Moreno, Jose J. Lopez-Espin, Juan Aparicio, Jesus T. Pastor

15. Odor Classification Based on Weakly Responding Sensors
Sigeru Omatu, Mitsuaki Yano, Toru Fujinaka

16. A Model to Visualize Information in a Complex Streets’ Network
Taras Agryzkov, José L. Oliver, Leandro Tortosa, José F. Vicent

17. Case-Based Reasoning Applied to Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Xiomara Blanco, Sara Rodríguez, Juan M. Corchado, Carolina Zato

18. Multiple Agents for Data Processing
Ichiro Satoh

19. Migrants Selection and Replacement in Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Optimization
Yesnier Bravo, Gabriel Luque, Enrique Alba

20. Ubiquitous Computing to Lower Domestic Violence Rate Based on Emotional Support Social Network (Redsiam)
Maria Lourdes Margain, Guadalupe Obdulia Gutiérrez, Begoña García, Amaia Méndez, Alberto Ochoa, Alejandro Luna, Gabriela Hernández

21. Multiobjective Local Search Techniques for Evolutionary Polygonal Approximation
José L. Guerrero, Antonio Berlanga, José M. Molina

22. GSched: An Efficient Scheduler for Hybrid CPU-GPU HPC Systems
Mariano Raboso Mateos, Juan Antonio Cotobal Robles

23. Comparison of K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means Data Mining Algorithms for Analysis of Management Information: An Open Source Case
Angélica Urrutia, Hector Valdes, José Galindo

24. Mobile-Based Distributed System for Managing Abandoned or Lost Pets
Daniel Garrote-Hildebrand, José-Luis Poza-Luján, Juan-Luis Posadas-Yagüe, José-Enrique Simó-Ten

25. Robust Optimization of Intradomain Routing Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Vitor Pereira, Pedro Sousa, Paulo Cortez, Miguel Rio, Miguel Rocha

26. A MAS for Teaching Computational Logic
Jose Alberto Maestro-Prieto, Ma Aránzazu Simón-Hurtado, Juan F. de-Paz-Santana, Gabriel Villarrubia-González

27. Fast Post-Disaster Emergency Vehicle Scheduling
Roberto Amadini, Imane Sefrioui, Jacopo Mauro, Maurizio Gabbrielli

28. Creating GPU-Enabled Agent-Based Simulations Using a PDES Tool
Worawan Marurngsith, Yanyong Mongkolsin

29. Agent and Knowledge Models for a Distributed Imaging System
Naoufel Khayati, Wided Lejouad-Chaari

30. DPS: Overview of Design Pattern Selection Based on MAS Technology
Eiman M. Salah, Maha T. Zabata, Omar M. Sallabi

31. Representing Motion Patterns with the Qualitative Rectilinear Projection Calculus
Francisco Jose Glez-Cabrera, Jose Vicente Álvarez-Bravo, Fernando Díaz

32. Event Management Proposal for Distribution Data Service Standard
José-Luis Poza-Luján, Juan-Luis Posadas-Yagüe, José-Enrique Simó-Ten

33. Trajectory Optimization under Changing Conditions through Evolutionary Approach and Black-Box Models with Refining
Karel Macek, Jiří Rojíček, Vladimír Bičík

34. Modelling Agents’ Risk Perception
Nuno Trindade Magessi, Luis Antunes

35. On the Use of PSO with Weights Adaptation in Concurrent Multi-issue Negotiations
Kakia Panagidi, Kostas Kolomvatsos, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades

36. Monitoring Weight and Physical Activity Using an AmI Setting
João Ferreira, Rafaela Rosário, Ângelo Costa, Paulo Novais

37. An Emotional Aware Architecture to Support Facilitator in Group Idea Generation Process
João Laranjeira, Goreti Marreiros, João Carneiro, Paulo Novais

38. Social Networks Gamification for Sustainability Recommendation Systems
Fábio Silva, Cesar Analide, Luís Rosa, Gilberto Felgueiras, Cedric Pimenta

39. Web-Based Solution for Acquisition, Processing, Archiving and Diffusion of Endoscopy Studies
Isabel Laranjo, Joel Braga, Domingos Assunção, Andreia Silva, Carla Rolanda, Luís Lopes, Jorge Correia-Pinto, Victor Alves

40. Texture Classification with Neural Networks
William Raveane, María Angélica González Arrieta

41. A Context Aware Architecture to Support People with Partial Visual Impairments
João Fernandes, João Laranjeira, Paulo Novais, Goreti Marreiros, José Neves

42. Automatic Prediction of Poisonous Mushrooms by Connectionist Systems
María Navarro Cáceres, María Angélica González Arrieta

43. Adaptive Learning in Games: Defining Profiles of Competitor Players
Tiago Pinto, Zita Vale

44. Associative Learning for Enhancing Autonomous Bots in Videogame Design
Sergio Moreno, Manuel G. Bedia, Francisco J. Serón, Luis Fernando Castillo, Gustavo Isaza

45. An Integral System Based on Open Organization of Agents for Improving the Labour Inclusion of Disabled People
Alejandro Sánchez, Carolina Zato, Gabriel Villarrubia-González, Javier Bajo, Juan Francisco Paz

46. +Cloud: An Agent-Based Cloud Computing Platform
Roberto González, Daniel Hernández, Fernando Prieta, Ana Belén Gil

47. Representation of Propositional Data for Collaborative Filtering
Andrzej Szwabe, Pawel Misiorek, Michal Ciesielczyk

48. Face Identification by Real-Time Connectionist System
Pedro Galdámez, Angélica González

49. QoS Synchronization of Web Services: A Multi Agent-Based Model
Jaber Kouki, Walid Chainbi, Khaled Ghedira

50. Comparing Basic Design Options for Management Accounting Systems with an Agent-Based Simulation
Friederike Wall

51. Potential Norms Detection in Social Agent Societies
Moamin A. Mahmoud, Aida Mustapha, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Azhana Ahmad, Mohd Zaliman M. Yusoff, Nurzeatul Hamimah Abdul Hamid

52. Collision Avoidance of Mobile Robots Using Multi-Agent Systems
Angel Soriano, Enrique J. Bernabeu, Angel Valera, Marina Vallés

53. Multi-agent Architecture for Intelligent Insurance Systems
Egons Lavendelis

54. Evaluation Framework for Statistical User Models
Javier Calle, Leonardo Castaño, Elena Castro, Dolores Cuadra

55. Agent Mediated Electronic Market Enhanced with Ontology Matching Services and Emergent Social Networks
Virgínia Nascimento, Maria João Viamonte, Alda Canito, Nuno Silva

56. Semantic Multi-agent Architecture to Road Traffic Information Retrieval on the Web of Data
José Javier Samper-Zapater, Dolores M. Llidó Escrivá, Juan José Martínez Durá, Ramon V. Cirilo

57. Personalised Advertising Supported by Agents
Bruno Veloso, Luís Sousa, Benedita Malheiro

58. Two Approaches to Bounded Model Checking for a Soft Real-Time Epistemic Computation Tree Logic
Artur Męski, Bożena Woźna-Szcześniak, Agnieszka M. Zbrzezny, Andrzej Zbrzezny

59. Towards an AOSE: Game Development Methodology
Rula Al-Azawi, Aladdin Ayesh, Ian Kenny, Khalfan Abdullah AL-Masruri

60. Periodic Chemotherapy Dose Schedule Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm
Nadia Alam, Munira Sultana, M. S. Alam, M. A. Al-Mamun, M. A. Hossain

61. Mobile-Agent Based Delay-Tolerant Network Architecture for Non-critical Aeronautical Data Communications
Rubén Martínez-Vidal, Sergio Castillo-Pérez, Sergi Robles, Miguel Cordero, Antidio Viguria, Nicolás Giuditta

62. A Preliminary Study on Early Diagnosis of Illnesses Based on Activity Disturbances
Silvia González, José R. Villar, Javier Sedano, Camelia Chira

63. Towards an Adaptable Mobile Agents’ Management System
Mohammad Bashir Uddin Khan, Ghada Abaza, Peter Göhner

64. Glove-Based Input for Reusing Everyday Objects as Interfaces in Smart Environments
Ionuţ-Alexandru Zaiţi, Ştefan-Gheorghe Pentiuc

65. Suboptimal Restraint Use as an Emergent Norm via Social Influence
Felicitas Mokom, Ziad Kobti

66. Implementing MAS Agreement Processes Based on Consensus Networks
Alberto Palomares, Carlos Carrascosa, Miguel Rebollo, Yolanda Gómez

67. Agent-Based Interoperability for e-Government
Fábio Marques, Gonęalo Paiva Dias, André Zúquete

68. Context- and Social-Aware User Profiling for Audiovisual Recommender Systems
César A. Mantilla, Víctor Torres-Padrosa, Ramón Fabregat

69. Current Trends in Bio-Ontologies and Data Integration
Rafael Pereira, Rui Mendes

70. Challenges in Development of Real Time Multi-Robot System Using Behaviour Based Agents
Aleksis Liekna, Egons Lavendelis, Agris Nikitenko

71. Application of Hybrid Agents to Smart Energy Management of a Prosumer Node
Pasquale Caianiello, Stefania Costantini, Giovanni Gasperis, Niva Florio, Federico Gobbo

72. Structuring and Exploring the Biomedical Literature Using Latent Semantics
Sérgio Matos, Hugo Araújo, José Luís Oliveiras

73. Upper Ontology for Multi-Agent Energy Systems’ Applications
Gabriel Santos, Tiago Pinto, Zita Vale, Hugo Morais, Isabel Praça

74. A Practical Mobile Robot Agent Implementation Based on a Google Android Smartphone
Dani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Davinia Font, Marcel Tresanchez, Tomàs Pallejà, Mercè Teixidó, Jordi Palacín

75. Cloud-Based Platform to Labor Integration of Deaf People
Amparo Jiménez, Amparo Casado, Javier Bajo, Fernando Prieta, Juan Francisco Paz

76. Erratum: Mobile-Agent Based Delay-Tolerant Network Architecture for Non-critical Aeronautical Data Communications
Rubén Martínez-Vidal, Sergio Castillo-Pérez, Sergi Robles, Miguel Cordero, Antidio Viguria, Nicolás Giuditta

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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