Klapp, Jaime

Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics with Applications to Physics, Engineering and the Environment

Klapp, Jaime - Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics with Applications to Physics, Engineering and the Environment, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Lectures

1. Environmental Fluid Mechanics: Applications to Weather Forecast and Climate Change
Leonardo Di. G. Sigalotti, Eloy Sira, Jaime Klapp, Leonardo Trujillo

2. Turbulent Diffusion of Heat at High Rayleigh Numbers
Joseph J. Niemela

3. Numerical Simulation of Sliding Drops on an Inclined Solid Surface
Marco Maglio, Dominique Legendre

4. Fluids in Cosmology
Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota, Jaime Klapp

5. Fluid Mechanics and Systems Biology for Understanding the Cosmic Distribution of Life: A Review
Julián Chela-Flores

6. The Impact of Computational Fluid Mechanics on Cancer Research
Dimas C. Belisario, Leonardo Di. G. Sigalotti

7. Growth of Bubbles in Reservoirs and its Consequences on the Foam Formation
Abel López-Villa, Abraham Medina

8. Theoretical Physics of Granular Fluids and Solids
Leonardo Trujillo, Leonardo Di. G. Sigalotti

9. Shock Structure and Acoustic Waves in a Supersonic Jet
Catalina Stern Forgach, José Manuel Alvarado Reyes

10. Complex Fluids, Soft Matter and the Jamming Transition Problem
Alberto A. Díaz, Leonardo Trujillo

11. A Multiphase Approach to Model Blood Flow in Micro-tubes
T. M. Mubita, L. R. Rojas-Solórzano, J. B. Moreno

12. Perspective: The Breakup of Liquid Jets and the Formation of Droplets
José R. Castrejón-Pita, Ian M. Hutchings

13. Experimental Investigation of Thermal Diffusion in Binary Fluid Mixtures
Humberto Cabrera

14. Stellar Mass Accretion Rates from Fragmentation of a Rotating Core
Jaime Klapp, Leonardo Di G. Sigalotti, Miguel Zavala

15. Biocompatible Treatment of Extra Heavy Oil Produced in Venezuela
Ledys Y. Sánchez, Efrén D. J. Andrades, Erick A. Pacheco, Hilda C. Grassi, Carlos R. Vera-Lagos, Victor J. Andrades-Grassi

16. Dynamical Behaviour of As(V) and Se(IV) Adsorption in Biofilters: Analysis of Dimensions, Flux and Removal Percentage
Jaime Klapp, Carlos E. Alvarado-Rodríguez, Elizabeth Teresita Romero-Guzmán

Part II. Drops, Particles and Waves

17. The Geometry of Drop-Formed Vortex Rings
Franklin Peña-Polo, Armando Blanco, Leonardo Di G. Sigalotti

18. Hydrodynamics of Multiple Coalescence Collisions of Liquid Drops: From the Modelling of the Coalescence Phenomenon to Flocculation of Drops in 3D Using the SPH Formalism
Alejandro Acevedo-Malavé

19. A Three-Dimensional SPH Approach for Modelling the Collision Process Between Liquid Drops: The Formation of Clusters of Unequal-Sized Drops
Alejandro Acevedo-Malavé

20. Numerical Simulations of Freely Oscillating Drops
Jorge Troconis, Armando Blanco, Dominique Legendre, Leonardo Trujillo, Leonardo Di G. Sigalotti

21. Brownian Dynamics Simulation by Reticular Mapping Matrix Method
Eric Plaza

22. Faraday Wave Patterns on a Triangular CellNetwork
Franklin Peña-Polo, Iván Sánchez, Leonardo Di G. Sigalotti

Part III. Multiphase and Multicomponent Flow

23. Gas-Liquid-Solid Volumetric Phase Distribution Estimation in a Cold Slurry Bubble Column System for Hydro-Conversion Processes
Miguel V. Paiva-Rojas, Virginia Contreras-Andrade, Solange C. Araujo

24. Feasibility of Slug Flow Simulation Using the Commercial Code CFX
Mauricio A. Labarca, Juan J. González, Carlos Araujo

25. Heavy Oil Transportation as a Solid-Liquid Dispersion
Adriana Brito, H. Salazar, Ramón Cabello, Jorge Trujillo, L. Mendoza, L. Alvarez

26. Comprehensive Evaluation of Gas-Liquid Cyclonic Separation Technologies
Yessica Arellano, Adriana Brito, Jorge Trujillo, Ramón Cabello

27. Geometric Design Optimization of a Prototype Axial Gas-Liquid Cyclonic Separator
Luis D. Peréz Guerra, Jorge Trujillo , William Blanco

28. Effect of Hydrotreating Reaction Conditions on Viscosity, API Gravity and Specific Gravity of Maya Crude Oil
Yanet Villasana, Sergio Ramírez, Jorge Ancheyta, Joaquín L. Brito

29. Mechanistic Model for Eccentric Annular Gas-Liquid Flow in Horizontal Pipelines
Adriana Brito, Nelson MacQuhae, Francisco García, Nelson Fernández, José Colmenares

30. Scaling Properties in the Adsorption of Ionic Polymeric Surfactants on Generic Nanoparticles of Metallic Oxides by Mesoscopic Simulation
Estela Mayoral, Eduardo Nahmad-Achar

31. Effect of Mixtures of Polysorbate 80 and Low Molecular Weight Alcohols on Density and ^circ


API Gravity of Treated Venezuelan Extra Heavy Oil
Efrén D. J. Andrades, Ledys Y. Sánchez, Hilda C. Grassi, Erick A. Pacheco, Silvia E. Andrades-Grassi, Gerardo E. Medina-Ramírez

Part IV. Granular and Porous-Media Flow

32. On the Construction of a Continuous Theory for Granular Flows
Juan C. Petit, Juan F. Marín, Leonardo Trujillo

33. Integral Representation for Continuous Matter Fields in Granular Dynamics
Juan F. Marín, Juan C. Petit, Leonardo Di. G. Sigalotti, Leonardo Trujillo

34. Numerical SPH Calculations of Fluid Flow Through Saturated and Non-saturated Porous Media
Estela Mayoral, Mario A. Rodríguez-Meza, Eduardo de la Cruz-Sánchez, Jaime Klapp, Francisco Solórzano-Araujo, César Ruiz-Ferrel, Leonardo Di. G. Sigalotti

Part V. Astrophysical and Relativistic Flow

35. Propagation of Longitudinal Waves in Super-Radially Expanding Solar Plumes
Leonardo Di. G. Sigalotti, Jordan A. Guerra, Hailleen Varela

36. Comparing Accretion Centres Between Rotating and Turbulent Cloud Cores
Guillermo Arreaga-García, Jaime Klapp

37. Statistical Methods for the Detection of Flows in Active Galactic Nuclei Using X-Ray Spectral Lines
Luis F. Pérez, José M. Ramírez

38. Reproducing the X-Ray Soft Step @ 0.9 keV Observed in the Spectrum of Ark 564 Using Reflection Models
José M. Ramírez, Snell Rojas

39. Dynamics of Relativistic, Dissipative and Anisotropic Self-Gravitating Fluids
Orlenys Troconis

40. Hydrodynamic Version of the Equation of Motion of a Charged Complex Scalar Field
Mario A. Rodríguez-Meza, Tonatiuh Matos

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geophysics and Environmental Physics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

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