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Classroom-oriented Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Individual Variation

1. Age and the Classroom Learning of Additional Languages
David Singleton, Agnieszka Skrzypek

2. The Sociolinguistic Parameters of L2 Speaking Anxiety
Christina Gkonou

3. Stability and Variability in Pre-Service Language Teachers’ Beliefs
Dorota Werbińska

4. The Relationship Between Learning Strategies and Speaking Performance
Agnieszka Pietrzykowska

5. Strategy Training and its Application in the Process of Foreign Language Learning
Olga Trendak

Part II. Teaching and Learning to Teach

6. On the Role of Teacher Questions in EFL Classrooms: Analysing Lesson Videos
Petra Kirchhoff, Friederike Klippel

7. Teacher Interpersonal Communication Abilities in the Classroom with Regard to Perceived Classroom Justice and Teacher Credibility
Hadrian Lankiewicz

8. Action Research and Teacher Development: MA Students’ Perspective
Aleksandra Wach

9. Communicating Solidarity with the Reader: Linguistic Politeness Strategies in EFL Methodology Textbooks
Joanna Nijakowska

Part III. Instructional Practices

10. Micro- and Macro-Perspectives on Students’ Attitudes to Online Classes
Anna Turula

11. The Use of Internet Resources in Developing Autonomy in Learning English Pronunciation: A Qualitative Study
Mariusz Kruk, Mirosław Pawlak

12. Intercultural Teaching in the Polish Context
Paweł Sobkowiak

13. Getting Closer to Native Speaker Competence: How Psycholinguistic Experiments Can Enrich Language Learning and Teaching
Mirja Gruhn, Nina Reshöft

14. Using Dynamic Assessment to Improve L2 Learners’ Knowledge of Grammar: Evidence from the Tenses
Reza Barzegar, Rana Azarizad

15. How to Teach in CLIL? Some Remarks on CLIL Methodology
Katarzyna Papaja

Part IV. Research Tools

16. Teacher Narratives in Teacher Development: Focus on Diary Studies
Danuta Gabryś-Barker

17. Observations: The Eyes and Ears of Foreign Language Lessons
Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska

18. The Why and How of Using Mixed Methods in Research on EFL Teaching and Learning
Danuta Wiśniewska

19. Triangulation in Researching Autonomy: A Post-Research Analysis
Anna Czura

Keywords: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Language Education

Publication year
Second Language Learning and Teaching
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17 pages

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