Piątkowska, Katarzyna

Correspondences and Contrasts in Foreign Language Pedagogy and Translation Studies

Piątkowska, Katarzyna - Correspondences and Contrasts in Foreign Language Pedagogy and Translation Studies, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Correspondences and Contrasts in Foreign Language Pedagogy

1. English as a Lingua Franca in International Educational Projects in Europe
Anna Niżegorodcew

2. A Usage-Based Model of Linguistic Metaphors. Inferences for the Cognitive Theory of Metaphor and Teacher Education
Ariadna Strugielska, Teresa Siek-Piskozub

3. Self-Efficacy in L2: A Research Proposal
Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel

4. Another Look at the Effect of Gender on the Use of Language Learning Strategies: The Case of Advanced Polish Learners of English
Mirosław Pawlak

5. Communication Apprehension and Self-Perceived Communication Competence as Variables Underlying Willingness to Communicate
Dagmara Gałajda

6. The Correlation Between Foreign Language Motivation and Classroom Anxiety at Various Proficiency Levels
Elżbieta Krawczyk-Neifar

7. Correspondences and Differentiation in the Teaching Concerns of Pre-Service Teachers
Danuta Gabryś-Barker

8. Effective Teacher Training: Teacher Lectures in Comparison with Student Power Point Presentations
Liliana Piasecka

9. Comparing and Contrasting Teachers’ and Teacher Trainees’ Attitudes Towards Learning and Teaching Intercultural Competence
Katarzyna Piątkowska

10. ‘And Now Think in Pairs’: The Case of Prominence in Teacher Instructions at the Pre-Service Level
Piotr Steinbrich, Ewa Guz

Part II. Correspondences and Contrasts in Translation Studies

11. Lawrence Venuti in Reference to Polish-English Translation and Cultural Politics
Aniela Korzeniowska

12. The Stifling of Edna O’Brien in the People’s Republic of Poland
Robert Looby

13. Target Culture Ethno-Philosophy in the Source Culture: Czesław Miłosz’s Zniewolony Umysł and its English Translation
Bartłomiej Biegajło

14. Quantifying English and Polish Lolitas: A Corpus-Driven Stylistic Comparison
Łukasz Grabowski

15. A Question of Values: Translation Preferences Among Polish Readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Dorota Guttfeld

16. Researching Translation Competence: The Expert Problem
Ewa Kościałkowska-Okońska

17. Divergent Goals: Teaching Language for General and Translation Purposes in Contrast
Paulina Pietrzak

18. Do Dictionaries Really Convey the Meaning? The Influence of the Microstructure of Selected Dictionaries on the Quality of Student Translations
Magdalena Kopczyńska

19. From English into Polish, from Polish into English: On Errors in Students’ Literary Translations
Marcin Zabawa

20. A Model of Training Translators/Interpreters at Academic Level in Poland in the Light of the Research Conducted and the Latest Legal Regulations
Izabela Lis-Lemańska

Keywords: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Language Education, Translation

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Second Language Learning and Teaching
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