Ostwald, Michael J.

Architecture and Mathematics from Antiquity to the Future

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Table of contents

1. The Revolutionary, The Reactionary and The Revivalist: Architecture and Mathematics After 1500
Michael J. Ostwald, Kim Williams

Part VII. Theories of Representation

2. Architecture, Mathematics and Theology in Raphael’s Paintings
David Speiser

3. Raphael and the Pantheon’s Interior: A Pivotal Moment in Architectural Representation
Kristina Luce

4. Design and Perspective Construction: Why Is the Chalice the Shape It Is?
Richard Talbot

5. Perspective in António Rodrigues’s Tratado de Arquitectura

João Pedro Xavier

Part VIII. 1500 a.d.–1900 a.d.

6. Ottoman Architecture: Relationships between Architectural Design and Mathematics in Sinan’s Works
Zafer Sağdiç

7. The Mathematics of Palladio’s Villas
Stephen R. Wassell

8. Golden Proportions in a Great House: Palladio’s Villa Emo
Rachel Fletcher

9. The Hidden Pavement Designs of the Laurentian Library
Ben Nicholson, Jay Kappraff, Saori Hisano

10. Measuring up to Michelangelo: A Methodology
Paul A. Calter, Kim Williams

11. António Rodrigues, a Portuguese Architect with a Scientific Inclination
João Pedro Xavier

12. Villalpando’s Sacred Architecture in the Light of Isaac Newton’s Commentary
Tessa Morrison

Coelum Britannicum: Inigo Jones and Symbolic Geometry
Rumiko Handa

14. The Science Behind Francesco Borromini’s Divine Geometry
John G. Hatch

15. Transformational Geometry and the Central European Baroque Church
John Clagett

16. Are There Connections Between the Mathematical Thought and Architecture of Sir Christopher Wren?
Maria Zack

17. Robert Hooke’s Fire Monument: Architecture as a Scientific Instrument
Maria Zack

18. Practical and Theoretical Applications of Geometry at Claude Perrault’s Observatoire de Paris (1667–1672)
Randy S. Swanson

Part IX. 1800–2000

19. Geomantic (Re)Creation: Magic Squares and Claude Bragdon’s Theosophic Architecture
Eugenia Victoria Ellis

20. Mathematics and Music in the Art Glass Windows of Frank Lloyd Wright
Leonard K. Eaton

21. Fractal Geometry in the Late Work of Frank Lloyd Wright: The Palmer House
Leonard K. Eaton

22. Characteristic Visual Complexity: Fractal Dimensions in the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier
Michael J. Ostwald, Josephine Vaughan, Chris Tucker

23. From Cosmic City to Esoteric Cinema: Pythagorean Mathematics and Design in Australia
Graham Pont, Peter Proudfoot

24. The Ruled Geometries of Marcel Breuer
John Poros

25. Conoids and Hyperbolic Paraboloids in Le Corbusier’s Philips Pavilion
Alessandra Capanna

26. Oscar Niemeyer Curved Lines: Few Words Many Sentences
Benamy Turkienicz, Rosirene Mayer

27. Dom Hans van der Laan and the Plastic Number
Richard Padovan

28. Louis Kahn’s Platonic Approach to Number and Geometry
Steven Fleming

29. The Salk: A Geometrical Analysis Supported by Historical Evidence
Steven Fleming, Mark A. Reynolds

Part X. Contemporary Approaches to Design and Analysis

30. Architecture and Mathematics: Soap Bubbles and Soap Films
Michele Emmer

31. Aperiodic Tiling, Penrose Tiling and the Generation of Architectural Forms
Michael J. Ostwald

32. Paving the Alexanderplatz Efficiently with a Quasi-Periodic Tiling
Ulrich Kortenkamp

33. Generation of Architectural Forms Through Linear Algebra
Franca Caliò, Elena Marchetti

34. The Praxis of Roman Geometrical Ordering in the Design of a New American Prairie House
Donald J. Watts

35. Exploring Architectural Form in Perspective: A Fractal Hypercube-Building
Tomás García-Salgado

36. The Compass, the Ruler and the Computer: An Analysis of the Design of the Amphitheatre of Pompeii
Sylvie Duvernoy, Paul L. Rosin

37. Correlation of Laser-Scan Surveys of Irish Classical Architecture with Historic Documentation from Architectural Pattern Books
Maurice Murphy, Sara Pavia, Eugene McGovern

Part XI. Theories and Applications of Computer Sciences

38. Mathematics and Architecture Since 1960
Lionel March

39. BiOrganic Design: A New Method for Architecture and the City
Alessandra Capanna

40. Formal Mutations: Variation, Constraint, Selection
Andrzej Zarzycki

41. The Role of Mathematics in the Design Process Under the Influence of Computational and Information Technologies
Arzu Gönenç Sorguç

42. Generative Design Grammars: An Intelligent Approach Towards Dynamic and Autonomous Design
Ning Gu

43. Ethics and Geometry: Computational Transformations and the Curved Surface in Architecture
Michael J. Ostwald

44. Equiangular Numbers
Henry Crapo, Claude Le Conte Poly-Barbut

Architecture as Verb and the Ethics of Making
Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematics in Art and Architecture, History of Mathematical Sciences

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