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Experimental and Computational Fluid Mechanics

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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Lectures

1. Symmetry Breaking Instability in a Mixed Convection Problem
J. C. Cajas, L. Martínez-Suástegui, C. Treviño

2. The Boundary Element Method in Fluid Mechanics: Application to Bubble Growth
A. López-Villa, Luis S. Zamudio, A. Medina

3. Effect of Surface Contamination on the Drag of a Bubble Rising in a Line
Jorge Ramírez-Muñoz, Sergio Baz-Rodríguez, Alberto Soria, Elizabeth Salinas-Rodríguez, Sergio Martínez-Delgadillo

4. Hydrodynamic Interactions in Charged Vesicles Suspensions
C. Haro-Pérez, M. Quesada-Pérez, J. Callejas-Fernández, R. Hidalgo-Álvarez, J. Estelrich, L. F. Rojas-Ochoa

5. Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Stratified Wakes
Patrice Meunier

6. Flows Driven by Harmonic Forcing in Planetary Atmospheres and Cores
Michael Le Bars

7. Numerical Simulation of Ocean Response by Offshore Wind Stress Events
F. A. Velazquez-Muñoz, J. A. Martínez, R. Durazo

8. Quasi-Steady Endless Vortices with Chaotic Streamlines
Oscar Velasco Fuentes

9. Minimum Resistance in a Rare Medium
J. Cruz-Sampedro, M. Tetlalmatzi-Montiel

10. Competitive Adsorption of Surfactants and Polymers on Colloids by Means of Mesoscopic Simulations
Armando Gama Goicochea

11. Annular Two-Phase Flow Regimen in Direct Steam Generation for a Low-Power Solar System
Iván Martínez, Rafael Almanza, María Dolores Durán, Miriam Sánchez

12. Random Forces on Obstacles in Channels with Grains: A Mechanical Analogy of Crowd Disasters
A. Medina, A. López-Villa, G. J. Gutiérrez

Part II. Multiphase Flow and Granular Media

13. Experimental Study of the Growth of Bubbles in Corrugated Tubes
U. Romero, A. López-Villa, A. Medina, G. Domínguez Zacarías

14. The Cooling of a Granular Material in a Rotating Horizontal Cylinder
Ever Góngora-Leyva, Gerardo Ruiz-Chavarría, Ángel Columbié-Navarro, Yoalbis Retirado-Mediacejas

15. Experimental Study of Mass Flow Rate in a Silo Under the Wall Width Influence
D. A. Serrano, D. Cabrera, G. J. Gutiérrez, A. Medina

16. Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension Measurements in Water-Surfactant-Oil Systems Using Pendant Drop Technique
A. H. Cortés-Estrada, L. A. Ibarra-Bracamontes, A. Aguilar-Corona, G. Viramontes-Gamboa, G. Carbajal-De la Torre

17. Experimental Measurement Process of a Volume Displacement of Oil Caught in a Fractured Rock by Gravity and Using Surfactant Foam
Arnulfo Ortíz Gómez

18. Modeling, Simulation and Scale-up of a Batch Reactor
René O. Vargas, Francisco López-Serrano

19. Fluid Flow Modelling Through Fractured Soils
Roberto González-Galán, Jaime Klapp-Escribano, Estela Mayoral-Villa, Eduardo de la Cruz-Sánchez, Leonardo Di G. Sigalotti

Part III. Convection and Diffusion

20. Numerical Analysis of the Conjugate Convection in an Open Cavity with and Without an Obstruction Inside
G. E. Ovando-Chacón, S. L. Ovando-Chacón, J. C. Prince-Avelino, A. Servín-Martínez, J. A. Hernández-Zarate

21. Experimental Studies of a Steam Front in a Radial Porous Cell
A. Torres, S. Peralta, F. Aragón, A. Medina

22. Transport of Particles in a Periodically Forced Flow
Erick Javier Lopez-Sanchez, Gerardo Ruiz-Chavarria

23. Experimental Study of Heat and Mass Transfer During Steam Injection in Homogeneous Porous Media
S. Peralta, A. Torres, F. Aragón, G. Domínguez Zacarías, A. Medina, A. López-Villa

24. Numerical Simulations of the Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability with the Gadget-2 SPH Code
Ruslan F. Gabbasov, Jaime Klapp-Escribano, Joel Suárez-Cansino, Leonardo Di G. Sigalotti

Part IV. Vortex, Oceanography and Meteorology

25. Effect of the Inlet Flow Angle on the Vortex Induced Vibration of a Collinear Array of Flexible Cylinders
F. Oviedo-Tolentino, R. Romero-Méndez, F. G. Pérez-Gutiérrez, G. Gutiérrez-Urueta, H. Méndez-Azúa

26. Forced Dynamics by Wind Normal to the Boundary
Alma Delia Ortíz Bañuelos, Federico Ángel Velázquez Muñoz

27. Focusing of Surface Waves
Gerardo Ruiz-Chavarria, Michael Le Bars, Patrice Le Gal

28. Numerical Experiments of Wind Circulation off Baja California Coast
Torres-Navarrete Carlos, Larios-Castillo Sergio, Mejia-Trejo Adán, García-Toscano Jaime, Macias-Carballo Mariana, Gil-Silva Eduardo

29. Wake Patterns Behind a Flapping Foil
Alejandro Camilo Espinosa Ramírez, Anne Cros

30. Environmental Fluid Dynamics
Elizabeth Teresita Romero-Guzmán, Lázaro Raymundo Reyes-Gutiérrez, Jaime Lázaro Klapp-Escribano

Part V. General Fluid Dynamics and Applications

31. Inductionless Magnetohydrodynamic Laminar Flow in a Narrow-Gap Annular Duct
Raúl A. Ávalos-Zúñiga, Martín J. Nieto-Pérez, Gonzalo A. Ramos-López

32. Surface Waves Generated on Electrolytes by a Traveling Electromagnetic Force
Gerardo Alcalá, Sergio Cuevas

33. Study of a Surface of a Liquid Layer in Evaporation
Julio César Rubén Romo Cruz, Sergio Hernández Zapata, Gerardo Ruiz Chavarría

34. Analysis of the Performance of a Seven-Stage Axial Compressor Carried Out with a Numerical Simulation
I. González, M. Toledo, L. A. Moreno, G. Tolentino

35. The Drag Coefficient and the Navier-Stokes Fractional Equation
J. R. Mercado-Escalante, P. Guido-Aldana, W. Ojeda-Bustamante, J. Sánchez-Sesma

36. Numerical Solution of the Swift–Hohenberg Equation
S. Sánchez Pérez-Moreno, S. Ruiz Chavarría, G. Ruiz Chavarría

37. Experiments of Mercury Jets Impinging on Water
F. Wong, A. Medina, A. López Villa, G. J. Gutiérrez

38. Velocity Estimation of a Vertically Falling SoapFilm
Salvador Galindo-Uribarri, María Dolores Duran-García, Jaime Klapp-Escribano

39. Designing Biodegradable Surfactants and Effective Biomolecules with Dissipative Particle Dynamics
Armando Gama Goicochea

40. Uranyl Transport in the Unsaturated Zone of the Toluca Valley, State of Mexico
Lázaro Raymundo Reyes-Gutiérrez, Elizabeth Teresita Romero-Guzmán, Jaime Lázaro Klapp-Escribano

41. Aromatics Extraction in Hydrocarbon Mixtures
Miguel Ángel Balderas Altamirano, Blanca E. García, Arturo Trejo

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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