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Opening Science

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Table of contents

Part I. Basics/Background

1. Towards Another Scientific Revolution
Sönke Bartling, Sascha Friesike

2. Open Science: One Term, Five Schools of Thought
Benedikt Fecher, Sascha Friesike

3. Excellence by Nonsense: The Competition for Publications in Modern Science
Mathias Binswanger

4. Science Caught Flat-Footed: How Academia Struggles with Open Science Communication
Alexander Gerber

5. Open Science and the Three Cultures: Expanding Open Science to all Domains of Knowledge Creation
Michelle Sidler

Part II. Tools

6. (Micro)Blogging Science? Notes on Potentials and Constraints of New Forms of Scholarly Communication
Cornelius Puschmann

7. Academia Goes Facebook? The Potential of Social Network Sites in the Scholarly Realm
Michael Nentwich, René König

8. Reference Management
Martin Fenner, Kaja Scheliga, Sönke Bartling

9. Open Access: A State of the Art
Dagmar Sitek, Roland Bertelmann

10. Novel Scholarly Journal Concepts
Peter Binfield

11. The Public Knowledge Project: Open Source Tools for Open Access to Scholarly Communication
James MacGregor, Kevin Stranack, John Willinsky

Part III. Vision

12. Altmetrics and Other Novel Measures for Scientific Impact
Martin Fenner

13. Dynamic Publication Formats and Collaborative Authoring
Lambert Heller, Ronald The, Sönke Bartling

14. Open Research Data: From Vision to Practice
Heinz Pampel, Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen

15. Intellectual Property and Computational Science
Victoria Stodden

16. Research Funding in Open Science
Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke, Ulrich Herb, Karsten Wenzlaff

17. Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing in the Sciences
Thomas Schildhauer, Hilger Voss

18. The Social Factor of Open Science
Tobias Fries

Part IV. Cases, Recipes and How-Tos

19. Creative Commons Licences
Sascha Friesike

20. Organizing Collaboration on Scientific Publications: From Email Lists to Cloud Services
Sönke Bartling

21. Unique Identifiers for Researchers
Martin Fenner, Laure Haak

22. Challenges of Open Data in Medical Research
Ralf Floca

23. On the Sociology of Science 2.0
Vladimir B. Teif

24. How This Book was Created Using Collaborative Authoring and Cloud Tools
Sönke Bartling

25. History II.O
Luka Orešković

26. Making Data Citeable: DataCite
Jan Brase

Keywords: Engineering, Job Careers in Science and Engineering, Computers and Society, Communication Studies

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