Codignola, Luca

Humans in Outer Space — Interdisciplinary Odysseys

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Setting The Scene

1. Summary
Luca Codignola

2. Micro-organisms and extraterrestrial travel
Alfred W. Crosby

3. Future encounters: learning from the past?
Luca Codignola

4. Are we alone? Searching for life in the universe and its creation
Gerhard Haerendel

5. What’s the story, mother? Some thoughts on Science Fiction Film and Space Travel
Thomas Ballhausen

6. Aiming ahead: next generation visions for the next 50 years in space
Agnieszka Lukaszczyk

Chapter 2. Can We Compare?

7. Summary
Monique Donzel

Inter caetero and outer space: some rules of engagement
James Muldoon

9. Celestial bodies: Lucy in the sky
Gísli Pálsson

10. Why we had better drop analogies when discussing the role of humans in space
Sven Grahn

Chapter 3. ’Spatiality’ — Space As A Source of Inspiration

11. Summary
Olivier Francis

12. Missing the impossible: how we talk and write about space
Ulrike Landfester

13. Towards a new inspiring era of collaborative space exploration
Nicolas Peter

Chapter 4. First Odyssey: Humans in Earth Orbit: what Effect does It Have?

14. Summary
Marcel Egli

15. With the eyes of an astronaut
Claude Nicollier

16. Human spaceflight, technology development and innovation
Richard Tremayne-Smith

17. Human—machine cooperation in space environments
Gabriella Cortellessa, Amedeo Cesta, Angelo Oddi

18. Space law in the age of the International Space Station
Frans G. Dunk

Chapter 5. Second Odyssey: Humans in Space Exploration: What Effects Will It Have?

19. Summary
Jean-Pierre Swings

20. Humans — more than the better robots for exploration?
Wolfgang Baumjohann

21. Humans leaving the Earth — a philosopher’s view
Jacques Arnould

22. Human spaceflight as a matter of culture and national vision
Stephan Lingner

23. The need of a legal framework for space exploration
Ulrike M. Bohlmann

Chapter 6. Third Odyssey: Humans Migrating the Earth: How Will It Affect Human Thought?

24. Summary
Jean-Claude Worms

25. Mars as a place to live? Past, present and future
Gerda Horneck

26. Philosophical and religious implications of extraterrestrial intelligent life
Paolo Musso

27. ET culture
Debbora Battaglia

Chapter 7. The Vienna Vision on Humans in Outer Space

28. Humans in Outer Space

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Political Science

Publication year
Studies in Space Policy
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272 pages
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