Arena, Paolo

Dynamical Systems, Wave-Based Computation and Neuro-Inspired Robots

Arena, Paolo - Dynamical Systems, Wave-Based Computation and Neuro-Inspired Robots, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations of Neurodynamics and wave based computation for locomotion modeling

1. Overview of Motor Systems. Types of Movements: Reflexes, Rhythmical and Voluntary Movements
Tatiana G. Deliagina

2. Initiation and generation of Movements: 1. Central Pattern Generators
Tatiana G. Deliagina

3. Initiation and Generation of Movements: 2. Command Systems
Tatiana G. Deliagina

4. Stabilization of Posture
Tatiana G. Deliagina

5. Locomotion as a Spatial-temporal Phenomenon: Models of the Central Pattern Generator
Paolo Arena

6. Design of CPGs via spatial distributed non linear dynamical systems
Paolo Arena

7. Realization of bio-inspired locomotion machines via nonlinear dynamical circuits
Paolo Arena

8. Using robots to model biological behaviour
Barbara Webb

Part II. From sensing toward perception

9. Spiking neuron controllers for a sound localising robot
Barbara Webb

10. Combining several sensorimotor systems: from insects to robot implementations
Barbara Webb

11. Sensory Feedback in locomotion control
Paolo Arena, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca, Luca Patané

12. A looming detector for collision avoidance
Paolo Arena, Luca Patané

13. Hearing: recognition and localization of sound
Paolo Arena, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca, Luca Patané

14. Perception and robot behavior
Paolo Arena, Davide Lombardo, Luca Patané

Part III. Practical Issues

15. Practical Issues of “Dynamical Systems, Wave based Computation and Neuro-Inspired Robots” — Introduction
Adriano Basile, Mattia Frasca

16. Locomotion control of a hexapod by Turing patterns
Marco Pavone, Michael Stich, Bernhard Streibl

17. Visual Control of a Roving Robot based on Turing Patterns
Paola Brunetto, Arturo Buscarino, Alberta Latteri

18. Wave-based control of a bio-inspired hexapod robot
Fabio Danieli, Donato Melita

19. Cricket phonotaxis: simple Lego implementation
Paolo Crucitti, Gaetana Ganci

20. CNN-based control of a robot inspired to snakeboard locomotion
Peppe Aprile, Matthieu Porez, Marcus Wrabel

21. Cooperative behavior of robots controlled by CNN autowaves
Paolo Crucitti, Giuseppe Dimartino, Marco Pavone, Calogero D. Presti

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences
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