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Music that works

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Music that works
Roland Haas

2. Sonification: listen to brain activity
Gerold Baier, Thomas Hermann

3. Chronobiology — as a foundation for and an approach to a new understanding of the influence of music
Hans-Ullrich Balzer

4. Music as medicine: incorporating scalable music-based interventions into standard medical practice
Vera Brandes

5. A perspective on evidence-based practice
Cheryl Dileo, Joke Bradt

6. The audio-vocal system in song and speech development
Wilfried Gruhn

7. The significance of exposure to music for the formation and stabilisation of complex neuronal relationship matrices in the human brain: implications for the salutogenetic effects of intervention by means of music therapy
Gerald Hüther

8. Music and the self
Petr Janata

9. Neural substrates of processing syntax and semantics in music
Stefan Koelsch

10. A City Upon a Hill: making scientific progress in brain-based music research in typical development, autism and other disorders
Nicholas Lange, Janet E. Lainhart

11. The rhythm of the heart — the tempus of music — Mozart, Ligeti and the Rat
Björn Lemmer

12. Music and child neurology: a developmental perspective
Luisa Lopez

13. Prenatal “experience” and the phylogenesis and ontogenesis of music
Richard Parncutt

14. Music and the evolution of human brain function
Juan G. Roederer

15. Clinical applications of music therapy in neurologic rehabilitation
Concetta M. Tomaino

16. Human biochronology: on the source and functions of ‘musicality’
Colwyn Trevarthen

17. A study of synchronisation behaviour in a group of test persons during Baksy and Dhikr exercises via psycho-physiological monitoring
Gerhard Tucek, Elisabeth Ferstl, Florentina Maria Fritz

18. Resonance and silence — the significance in medicine
Rolf Verres

19. Emotion modulation by means of music and coping behaviour
Richard Georgi, Miriam Göbel, Stefan Gebhardt

20. Identifying the effectiveness of a music-based auditory stimulation method, on children with sensory integration and auditory processing concerns: a pilot study
John Esteves, Sheri Stein-Blum, Jonathan Cohen, Allison Tischler

21. Music as a medicine: incorporating music into standard hospital care
Vera Brandes

Keywords: Psychology, General Psychology, Neuropsychology, Biological Psychology, Psychotherapy, Neurology, Medicine/Public Health, general

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