Schlickewei, Hans Peter

Diophantine Approximation

Diophantine Approximation


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Table of contents

1. The Mathematical Work of Wolfgang Schmidt
Hans Peter Schlickewei

2. Schäffer’s Determinant Argument
Roger C. Baker

3. Arithmetic Progressions and Tic-Tac-Toe Games
József Beck

4. Metric Discrepancy Results for Sequences {n k x} and Diophantine Equations
István Berkes, Walter Philipp, Robert F. Tichy

5. Mahler’s Classification of Numbers Compared with Koksma’s, II
Yann Bugeaud

6. Rational Approximations to a q-Analogue of p and some other q-Series
Peter Bundschuh, Wadim Zudilin

7. Orthogonality and Digit Shifts in the Classical Mean Squares Problem in Irregularities of Point Distribution
William W. L. Chen, Maxim M. Skriganov

8. Applications of the Subspace Theorem to Certain Diophantine Problems
Pietro Corvaja, Umberto Zannier

9. A Generalization of the Subspace Theorem with Polynomials of Higher Degree
Jan-Hendrik Evertse, Roberto G. Ferretti

10. On the Diophantine Equation G n (x) = G m (y) with Q(x, y) = 0
Clemens Fuchs, Attila Petho, Robert F. Tichy

11. A Criterion for Polynomials to Divide Infinitely Many k-Nomials
Lajos Hajdu, Robert Tijdeman

12. Approximants de Padé des q-polylogarithmes
Christian Krattenthaler, Tanguy Rivoal

13. The Set of Solutions of Some Equation for Linear Recurrence Sequences
Viktor Losert

14. Counting Algebraic Numbers with Large Height I
David Masser, Jeffrey D. Vaaler

15. Class Number Conditions for the Diagonal Case of the Equation of Nagell and Ljunggren
Preda Mihailescu

16. Construction of Approximations to Zeta-Values
Yuri V. Nesterenko

17. Quelques Aspects Diophantiens Des Variétés Toriques Projectives
Patrice Philippon, Martín Sombra

18. Une Inégalité de Lojasiewicz Arithmétique
Gaël Rémond

19. On the Continued Fraction Expansion of a Class of Numbers
Damien Roy

20. The Number of Solutions of a Linear Homogeneous Congruence
Andrzej Schinzel

21. A Note on Lyapunov Theory for Brun Algorithm
Fritz Schweiger

22. Orbit Sums and Modular Vector Invariants
Serguei A. Stepanov

23. New Irrationality Results for Dilogarithms of Rational Numbers
Carlo Viola


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