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How to Improve the Results of Peripheral Nerve Surgery

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Table of contents

1. The potential of electrical stimulation to promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve injury — comparisons between rats and humans
T. Gordon, T. M. Brushart, N. Amirjani, K. M. Chan

2. Surgical technique for the treatment of C5 and C6 root avulsion
J. Gousheh

3. Lumbosacral plexus lesions
G. Stevanato, L. Vazzana, S. Daramaras, G. Trincia, G. C. Saggioro, G. Squintani

4. Microsurgical management of penetrating peripheral nerve injuries: pre, intra-and postoperative analysis and results
S. Rochkind, G. Filmar, Y. Kluger, M. Alon

5. An evaluation using techniques to assess muscle and nerve regeneration of a flexible glass wrap in the repair of peripheral nerves
L. Jeans, D. Healy, T. Gilchrist

6. Analysis of the dose-response of N-acetylcysteine in the prevention of sensory neuronal loss after peripheral nerve injury
C. A. West, A. M. Hart1, G. Terenghi, M. Wiberg

7. Did the partial contralateral C7-transfer fulfil our expectations? Results after 5 year experience
R. Hierner, A. K. Berger

8. Bridging defects: autologous nerve grafts
H. Millesi

9. The allogenic nerve graft
A. Berger, R. Hierner, G. F. Walter

10. Alternative techniques for peripheral nerve repair: conduits and end-to-side neurorrhaphy
B. Battiston, P. Tos, L. G. Conforti, S. Geuna

11. The beneficial effect of genetically engineered Schwann cells with enhanced motility in peripheral nerve regeneration: review
A. I. Gravvanis, A. A. Lavdas, A. Papalois, D. A. Tsoutsos, R. Matsas

12. Schwann cells, acutely dissociated from a predegenerated nerve trunk, can be applied into a matrix used to bridge nerve defects in rats
L. Dahlin, J. Brandt, A. Nilsson, G. Lundborg, M. Kanje

13. Comparative neuro tissue engineering using different nerve guide implants
N. Sinis, H.-E. Schaller, C. Schulte-Eversum, T. Lanaras, B. Schlosshauer, M. Doser, K. Dietz, H. Rösner, H.-W. Müller, M. Haerle

14. The “bioartificial living nerve graft”.
A. Berger, R. Hierner, J. Lohmeyer, Z. Shen, G. F. Walter

15. Nerve regeneration using tubular scaffolds from biodegradable Polyurethane
T. Hausner, R. Schmidhammer, S. Zandieh, R. Hopf, A. Schultz, S. Gogolewski, H. Hertz, H. Redl

16. A new technique of autogenous conduits for bridging short nerve defects. An experimental study in the rabbit
I. A. Ignatiadis, V. A. Tsiampa, C. K. Yiannakopoulos, S. F. Xeinis, A. E. Papalois, T. H. Xenakis, A. E. Beris, P. N. Soucacos

17. End-to-side nerve neurorrhaphy: critical appraisal of experimental and clinical data
E. Fernandez, L. Lauretti, T. Tufo, M. D’Ercole, A. Ciampini, F. Doglietto

18. Ingrowth of sensory axons into an end-to-side coapted nerve stump after donor nerve crush in the rat
P. Zorman, U. Kovacic, J. Sketelj, F. F. Bajrovic

19. Which myelinated sensory axons sprout into an end-to-side coapted peripheral nerve in the rat?
U. Kovacic, A. Cör, M. Tomšic, T. Žele, J. Sketelj, F.F. Bajrovic

20. Functional recovery and mechanisms in end-to-side nerve repair in rats
L.B. Dahlin, E. Bontioti, K. Kataoka, M. Kanje

21. Synergistic terminal motor end-to-side nerve graft repair: investigation in a non-human primate model
R. Schmidhammer, H. Redl, R. Hopf, D. G. Nest, H. Millesi

22. End-to-side coaptation — controversial research issue or important tool in human patients
H. Millesi, R. Schmidhammer

23. Cortical reintegration of a replanted hand and an osseointegrated thumb prosthesis
A. Björkman, A. Waites, B. Rosén, E.-M. Larsson, G. Lundborg

24. Cortical motor activation patterns following hand transplantation and replantation
H. Piza-Katzer, C. Brenneis, W. N. Löscher, T. Benke, M. Schocke, M. F. Gabl, G. Wechselberger, H. Hussl, R. Margreiter

25. Coordinated function oriented movements after multiple root avulsion
H. Millesi

26. Enhanced sensory relearning after nerve repair by using repeated forearm anaesthesia: aspects on time dynamics of treatment
G. Lundborg, A. Björkman, B. Rosén

27. Enhanced sensory re-learning after nerve repair using 3D audio-visual signals and kinaesthesia — preliminary results
R. Schmidhammer, T. Hausner, A. Kröpfl, W. Huber, R. Hopf, M. Leixnering, H. Herz, H. Redl

28. Anatomical structures to provide passive motility of peripheral nerve trunks and fascicles
H. Millesi, T. Hausner, R. Schmidhammer, S. Trattnig, M. Tschabitscher

29. Critical review of pathophysiologic mechanisms in thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)
J. Bahm

30. TOS-surgery via a single supraclavicular incision
G. Weigel, M. Schmidt, B. Gradl, W. Girsch

31. Thoracic outlet syndrome: a multidisciplinary problem with a perspective for microsurgical management without rib resection
S. Rochkind, M. Shemesh, H. Patish, M. Graif, Y. Segev, K. Salame, E. Shifrin, M. Alon

32. Neurosurgical prevention of ulceration and amputation by decompression of lower extremity peripheral nerves in diabetic neuropathy: update 2006
A. L. Dellon

33. IMF®-Therapy (Intention controlled Myo-Feedback) — an innovative method in the treatment of peripheral nerve lesions
K. Hall, U. Schmidt, R. Schmidhammer

34. In peripheral nerve regeneration environment enriched with activity stimulating factors improves functional recovery
R. Schmidhammer, T. Hausner, R. Hopf, S. Zandieh, H. Redl

35. Cognitive re-education and early functional mobilisation in hand therapy after bilateral hand transplantation and heterotopic hand replantation — two case reports
H. Piza-Katzer, D. Estermann

36. Functional, morphological and biomolecular assessment of posttraumatic neuro-muscular recovery in the rat forelimb model
S. Geuna, P. Tos, S. Raimondo, J. M. Lee, G. Gambarotta, S. Nicolino, M. Fornaro, I. Papalia, I. Perroteau, B. Battiston

37. Surgery on muscles in consequence of peripheral nerve lesions
H. Millesi


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